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User Reviews for PlayStation App

Great new update BUT...

I love the brand new UI, a completely renovated look, easy accessible to what I need and where I need it except, I feel like you guys missed out HUGELY on the Capture Gallery. This was that one feature I was looking forward to ever since I made the switch to Playstation. As of right now I can edit and share captured screenshots/videos exclusively only on the console itself and nowhere else. I'd understand if editing would have to be done on the console but sharing clips from my library/profile should be an option on the app! Especially with the new PS5 coming out it'd be a great addition to the PS app to be able to seamlessly share our content/trophies etc. to any social media or be able to forward to our friends. Except there's only one option and that too on console, which is Twitter. It's really sad to see how much Playstation emphasizes on 'Sharing' to the point where there's a dedicated button on the controller for it, yet no support on the app itself. It still has the basic most features the last PS App did, but this time it was just revamped with a nice and clean look. I'm hoping that changes once the PS5 is officially released but I'd love to see a sharing/editing feature integrated within the app. I know it's 100% possible and definitely can be done. Overall, great work on the app so far. Hope I'm heard and can expect something out of it in the near future!

Abdii7, Oct 29, 2020
PlayStation Is a Scam

If I knew my first amendment rights were going to be violated without a hearing of either side, having robots that are the “best” at looking at detail while a report is in, and it doesn’t matter if one is reported first after also the other sending links to hack my account and also acts like he is a minor. And then there isn’t a way to appeal the fact it’s a short amount of days… but it’s something I paid to use. I pay a monthly fee. So this removal of some days should be refunded. But there isn’t also a way to call them or start a Robot chat. The app is honestly trash. Use the crap console instead of this app. Use the trash plastic junk Until it either sounds like it’s finna explode or it just doesn’t work because honestly it’ll be outdated once ps69 comes out. Honestly the developers of this could’ve been used to fix the gaming community and the toxicity. Maybe separate the age gap in matches and less cross play because fps is another issue. but instead heres a app that is honestly like, there’s better phone calls apps then this. It’s also weird how they go back and fourth with the message app which is also trash. For whoever who doesn’t have a McDonalds drive through headset use it, but honestly use a different app or switch to pc or crap Xbox.

Bummer;), May 17, 2023
I would like to add something to PS

(Warning the grammar is not good) I know this is the app but idk how to make suggestions anywhere else so here I am I love this app and the PS everything great about it 5 stars but I would like yo add something if your interested so I know we have things to make your privacy feel more private and things like that but I would like to be able to select friends who and see my friends list of who I can trust and who I am comfortable with to see my friends list while I am still friends with them I don’t want someone I don’t trust snooping around my friends list and adding everyone I play with of my friends something just don’t seem right there not that I care that they play with each other it’s just I don’t trust em enough for them to be doing that they could be saying stuff that are not true about me for all I know so it would be nice to have a feature like that so I can b friends and see if they can earn my trust or wut not I think they have a feature like that on Facebook I’m just saying it would be nice to have (thank you for making such a wonderful console and for always making PS a wonderful experience for all of us 💛)

Danielle_Pink012, Mar 19, 2023
Looks great, buuut pretty disappointed

1st, there is no wishlist. I don’t know why the felt like this feature was unnecessary. Having a wishlist actually got me to spend MORE money. Now if there’s a game I’ve been waiting to go on sale, I just have to remember which game it was in the first place and scroll through all the deals to probably not find it anyways. It was a nice way to have a list of all the games I thought looked interesting that I might pick up someday. But nope. It’s already hard to find indie games on here so if you come across one you might pick up, you’d better write it down somewhere. Makes me think they want to make it harder to get deals so they can get people to pay full price more often.2nd, it’s glitchy. I’ve put 3 games in my cart, but when I try to pull up the cart it’s just a blank screen. Like nothing on it. In conclusion, it looks nice. It’s easier to scroll through. But I don’t really think they have the consumer as the priority right now. It seems more like they care about the look and pushing the Triple A titles. I hope there are updates that make improvements because PlayStation has always been my go to.

dansington, Nov 13, 2020
Love the app but one suggestion

Hi, I’m kind of new to gaming but I love your app so much, it’s easy to message people back instead of in game with the controller, easy to filter invite spamming to just your phone instead of popping up on the screen repeatedly while you’re in the middle of a game, but why I’m writing this review.. one of the first I’ve ever written without ever being prompted nor asked how I’m enjoying the app (kudos for that too!) is the capture gallery! I love how it saves the clips for a certain amount of time and you can easily just download them to your phone camera roll or send them as a message on play station! I make a lot of random gaming videos to post and the only issue I’ve come across is that they sometimes take days to actually load on the app and be ‘ready’, also (so I guess two things), I can only find the clips from the most recent game I played until I reclip in another game again and then those will pop up. It could be because I clip a lot, but there is an ‘other’ folder at the top now, but it doesn’t lead me anywhere. But overall, 5 stars of awesome for design and ease of use, yes some things are slower but probably one of the best social apps I have! Thank you!

Gena23Marie, Aug 02, 2022
PS Video Review

Apparently the PS Video app is no longer available because Sony does not care about its customers. I have been a life long PlayStation user and began building a library of movies through their store only to have Sony stop selling movies and television in their PlayStation store. Now viewing my purchased movies is a nightmare. Not only am I unable to download my films to my console but even viewing my films through the trash ps video app is terrible. I downloaded some movies to my phone and the film still has issues loading and will frequently restart my movies rather than picking up where I left off. Sonys handling of videos purchased through PS is hot garbage and leaves loyal customers out to dry. This conduct is a huge middle finger to anyone who has purchased tv and film in their store. The more time that passes the harder it gets to view purchased content. Sadly many of the movies I love were purchased through Sony and PS and I will have to buy them again (definitely not through Sony or any extension of Sony). Sony should do the right thing and offer some form of compensation for discontinuing the services that are needed to view purchased content. I shouldn’t have to stream movies I bought and should be able to download them to my console if I choose to. Even one star for this travesty of an app/service.

Gh0st1984, Apr 21, 2022
Not a review of the app it self but more of the PSN network as a whole

The PlayStation app works quite well, as I’ve encountered few glitches or bugs, though it can be hard to navigate compared to the old way. However there are some issues that I have with the PlayStation Network that apply to this app. First, you can no longer change your cover image from the app, or the website for that matter. I have no idea why they removed this feature as now it’s much more difficult to change the cover image, and it often looks worse because you’re having to take a screenshot of something rather than download the image. Second, Playstation does not allow you to delete shared media so if you post anything, it stays on your profile. This is another feature that seems so obvious to have, as sometimes you post something and later don’t want to see it. Third, when you become friends with someone, you automatically follow them and they follow you back. But if you unfriend them they will still be following you, and you can’t make them unfollow you unless you block them. Once again, it seems only logical to have the ability to control who follows you and who doesn’t but Playstation does not allow you that. If PlayStation could give more freedom to users it would make their network much better.

gschraer, Dec 21, 2020
Photo Gallery

I really love the newly designed look and UI of the PS App, a great leap in my opinion, but still lacks behind the Xbox/Game Pass Apps. They have the Photo Gallery right there in the bottom of the interface that lets you see your captures, photos or videos. Just like Stadia. Theirs is right at the bottom of under the games you have. I realize how much work it might take to implement this into an all new designed app, and how much space it could take up to build servers or cloud service to store all photos from the PlayStation family; but your app is behind. 5 stars once it’s added as a feature but it’s just great for now. I only use it rarely because of this lacking (important mind you) feature. Because having to upload to Twitter then save tends to degrade not only the video but wastes time when I could just open the app and save or download the video/photo. Then I’d use this religiously. But still, great job Sony/PlayStation and devs that develop all these, it’s still phenomenal.

Honeyholedazzlr, Jan 25, 2021
wonderful update, but having an issue...

after just recently switching to the ps4 after a long time of my buggy ps3, i’m still new to not only ps4 but also the ps app. the app is useful don’t get me wrong and the update was really nice but as a gamer who’s always on/in a voice chat the update is kind of annoying. i’ve seen a couple other people have the same problem and i really suggest you fix this for people who like to use wireless gear. my problem is that i don’t own any wired headsets, and in order to do my voice chatting from my phone it needs that. i know, i can just go to my nearest store and get a decent wired headset but it’s a waste of money if i spend all this money on wireless gear just for it not to be compatible with playstation.on a good note, the UI is way easier. i used to have a lot of trouble on the older version and often some features wouldn’t even work. (such as buying games) luckily this update is better. and now since we can link our consoles it’s 10x as easier for me to get games since at times of the year i’m across the country from my ps4.

Itz_Dogzforlife, Nov 15, 2020
Don’t bother buying games here

Why did you take away the ability to sort games in the store by release date? Or any other criteria for that matter? Do you not want people to buy games anymore? It sure seems like it. This applies to the PS5 UI too by the way. I really don’t want to see the best selling games and have no way of changing the sorting. In fact, I find myself not browsing for new games at all anymore. I used to buy games all the time on impulse, but now I never do because you have made it so hard to find new games and add-ons. Great job Sony! I hope you are compensating indie developers somehow since you obviously only want people to see the most popular games that everyone already has on the storefront in the app and on PS5. Like for real, maybe let people choose how they want PSN games sorted. The way it is now is total trash and I can promise your losing money because you have made it so hard to look for new releases now. I guess you are selling so many new systems you don’t even care. Cheers! I’ll add this to the growing number of apps that are now less functional for the sake of a new slick user interface. Good designers apparently are in short supply these days in the App world. I’ll pray for you.

jeff806, Apr 27, 2021


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