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User Reviews for Postparty

It didn’t let me do anything

I wanted an app where I can transfer my videos from ps5 to my phone without doing all that other stuff like downloading editing apps and doing that I wanted to just save it and put it on my TikTok account and stuff so I found this app and when I signed in it didn’t let me do anything it did nothing! I don’t like it I feel like they just take your info and I can’t even disable the account or anything and when I tried to delete the account it took me to the epic games and I didn’t try it because I was afraid that if I did that it would delete my Fortnite account. Its terrible don’t recommend at all.

babybear🐻🐼, Feb 11, 2023
Pretty hit and miss if you ask me

I got this app so i could post stuff on my YT channel (SullyCo) and,I started to realize that sometimes it doesn’t save clips that you saved. The clip icon usually appears when you get a kill or a win in Fortnite, but my suspicions were confirmed when last night I was playing solo squads and I was the last person versus a whole squad and I slowly killed everyone in the squad and clipped all of the kills,and I clipped the win but me waiting minutes never received the clips I have no problems with this app it’s just sometimes I don’t get clips that I save. All I’m asking is that you guys fix the issue there has been a few times where I clipped a win and I didn’t get it. I would much rather use the built in clip system in console or pc but this is great for thirty second clips (when it works) but aside all the issues I have no problem with this app.

Forget clash royale, Feb 20, 2023
Best for Switch Players

Haven’t had any problems with the time it takes with clips to send or game quality. I play on Nintendo Switch and being unable to capture clips through the console, this is a great option. I use this every time I play fortnite now. Being able to save and send clips from my game to friends within seconds is such a great feature. Only change i would make to this app is the ability to save party and game chat. The audio of you and your friends after a funny moment in game makes a clip so much better.

Mase Bono, May 04, 2023
The app is great! Just a couple suggestions

Just like I said, the app is great, but I have some suggestions to make the app feel more immersive and friendly: change your notification to say something like "You have 10 clips, feel free to share them" and make it an option to make 1 min clips, you can clip them (maybe as for as 5 min or have a separate option to "record what happened"). I hope the team will try these options out. I will also update the review if I have any more questions or problems with Postparty. Cordially, Imwithaction AKA MasterRacer22.

MasterRacer22, Feb 16, 2023
AMAZING concept held poorly

The concept of being able to save any clip of the past 30 seconds of my fortnite game DIRECTLY to my phone is revolutionary. I play with friends a lot and saving funny clips is nice. But while it does it’s job most of the time, it takes forever to load and the app is very slow. I could have full bars on my 5G Wi-Fi and it would take minutes for me to be able to even pull up the share screen on the already loaded video. And it’s even worse when you don’t have good internet. Watching videos while on the go is a nightmare

MaxdebombYT, Feb 22, 2023

This app Postparty is great no only because it’s helping me grow my TikTok but because before this app came out I couldn’t get my cool Fortnite gameplay since I play on Nintendo switch so I can’t get clips. Know with this app I can get my cool clips and share it. But two things are a little annoying which areMe not being able to name my clips in the app and the pop up in game telling you to get the clip for this one if you can make the pop up not show while editing and having your clip that would be great Summary- the app is great but the fact that the pop up to get the clip shows in Postparty is annoying and the fact that I can’t name the clipsMy Review -JamesFortnite account- Modernhamster

Modernhamster, Mar 29, 2023

This app takes two days just to upload a clip and it drops my upload speed in Fortnite matches to such a ridiculous level that my game is unplayable… it also seems to only want to upload when I'm in the middle of a match. Also, since about a week ago when you clip something it will just continue clipping every single elimination without your consent so it's now trying to upload multiple things when I don't want it to. I have to restart my game just to get it to stop.You can't stop the uploads I can't even figure out how to pause or disrupt the upload so I can play my game. I figured out how to stop it from recording and to stop the prompt to capture a clip so once these current uploads finish I won't have to deal with it anymore, (hopefully) but if you want to delete this you have to delete your whole Epic Games account. I get that Epic Games games owns this app so they'll kind of hold your account hostage with it but the gun wrap is not worth screwing up your game like this just to record gameplay when you can just record your matches inside of Fortnite and get your clips that way. Yes, it's more work but it's worth it not to have your entire gameplay completely screwed up.Epic, if you want people to use this app at least allow them to unlink it from the main account if they don't like it. Don't hold our accounts hostage with this app it's not fair.

nikanico, Mar 02, 2023
Amazing clipping app!!!

Postparty is an awesome app that allows you to clip amazing Rocket League/Fortnite moments! I use it all the time to show my friends some of the wackiest moments, or cool kills from Fortnite! There is one problem though. It doesn’t work for X-box, which is sad because I use X-box more than other devices. (Mainly the Nintendo Switch) I can understand that, because X-box already has a clipping mechanism, but still, I’m sad it doesn’t work. But it’s perfect for the good old Nintendo (and hopefully PC and PS5) so I highly recommend this app.

SpiderGamerX, Jun 23, 2023
Higher resolution and a warning.

Love being able to easily save all the victory royales and fun elims. My only complaint is how low of a resolution it gives you. Would love for at least 1080p. 720p in 2023 isn't really good enough for sharing or posting.I also noticed if I close out Fortnite before the says it was sent the clip will never be sent. A warning message when you go to close Fortnite letting the player know they have a pending clip would be great because I don't always think about if the clip has been sent or not, I just expect it to.

Tommydanielthompson, Jun 03, 2023
Postparty is one of the easiest clipping apps for console and PC.

Postparty is a really easy and great app to have. Being able to clip some of the most popular games in the world is amazing. The app is super simple to set up: just log into your account and start clipping. I personally have been pretty confused about clipping on consoles like Xbox, you need to worry about storage and all that. With postparty, from what I can tell, the clips don’t take up any “storage”. There’s no premium plan or ads, it’s just a simple app to capture and save clips.

TravisV_, Feb 12, 2023


Postparty is the simplest way to capture, store and share epic gaming moments with friends and followers. How? Well, you know greatness when you see it, but you may not always think to save it.

Postparty will fix that. And save your personal highlight reel in an easily accessible place. Whether you’re a pro streamer looking to quickly share a victory with your followers on social media, or a casual gamer just trying to save a memorable moment with your squad - sharing gameplay clips, regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox, Playstation, PC or Switch has never been easier. Now when you make an awe-inspiring move during a game, Postparty won’t just be there to save it for you, it will even remind you to clip your awesomeness to share with others. After clipping it, you can use Postparty to edit the clip and then easily share it through social media (or messages or email or however you want) so you can get the recognition you deserve. Or you can save it to share later. With Postparty, you can store clips so they are easily accessible when you are ready to share them or just rewatch them over and over again for your own personal enjoyment. How does Postparty work? 1. Login to Postparty with your Epic Games account in order to directly upload content to the Postparty app. 2. Capture moments from Fortnite or Rocket League with the press and hold of a button on your controller. Postparty will save, store and even organize your content in the app. 3. When you’re ready, you can easily trim your clips and share them however you like.

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