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User Reviews for MyNBA2K22

Game changer

It would be nice if you allowed us to touch to focus… For example If there’s bright light shinning on your forehead you can tap and hold on your face and it will adjust the lighting on its own. I think that might help tremendously. Also I was trying to scan my face on the iPhone 13 pro, and it didn’t work that much. I had to do it literally like 10 times and it didn’t even come out good, I used my moms iPhone 11 and it worked instantly first try.

4ngel303, Dec 22, 2021
Face scan still doesn’t work

Been trying to do a face scan for 2 days tried natural light bathroom light and not once has it worked. It just keeps saying there was an issue with your scan. Please start again and pay close attention to the instructions on the app. I’ve tried at least 50 times. Please fix this! Will change review when fixed

adavis1000072, Sep 14, 2021
Back camera option!

Can we PLEASE have a back camera option for face scans? It makes everything so much easier.

AMCisgoated, Sep 18, 2021
Can’t even log in

This app makes no sense I never had an issue trying to log into the nba 2k21 app when I was playing that through steam but now when I try and log into the nba 2k22 app using my Xbox live account it just says log in failed. It’s a joke and it’s been doing this all year. I figured it was a bug and I didn’t really care because the app is awful anyways, but I started playing again and was creating a new MyPlayer since I’ve gotta use the VC that doesn’t transfer over anyways, and wanted to try and put my face in but instead this app acts like my account doesn’t exist. Just trash overall. Not even worth it if it really worked anyways. With all fifa’s flaws at least you can manage your FUT team through that. You can’t even manage your myteam in this app so what is it companioning?

CMS2281, May 23, 2022
Great app

Problem is that they released it nearly a week after the game itself came out just kind of annoying

DeSynth, Sep 18, 2021
It’s actually nice

Take your lamp shade off sit in front of your lamp with the light lined up with the top of your head on a dresser or table whatever.. did mine a couple of times and it looked great it looks better if your turn your head slower.

DIAZCRAN, Sep 17, 2021
Wont keep me signed in

Everytime i go to open the app, it tells me to sign into my console account. The first time it worked and the app worked great (face scan did me dirty tho). But the next time, it never worked. I had to delete the app and start over, then it worked again. I dont want to have to keep deleting and installing the app to put in locker codes and other stuff. Please fix it

Drewisboss2468, May 26, 2022

Absolutely terrible. Bought this game on the market place and played it for a few weeks, paid for VC and all that. My PS4 then broke beyond repair, so I bought a used one. Redownloaded all my stuff from the online storage and all that. My log in is expired and 2k says my account needs reverified. So I Can no longer play on my career, 2k customer support says that I would literally have to find the previous user of the ps4 and get the account names for 2k so they could remove them since they “think” there’s nba acct’s linked to the ps4 ( yes I wiped it clean and reset it and still nothing) and add my account in. LIKE I KNOW WHO HAS OWNED THE ps4 before I got it. They can’t just send me a re-verification email. This system is so flawed it’s ridiculous, 2k support is an absolute joke and have no idea what they’re doing. Not even adding a new Sony account to the ps4 did anything. Sincerely, A long time customer switching to madden or NHL

macjamminn, Jan 27, 2022

Even though whites are not patched on this game, it’s still a good mobile app. If you actually use it for the game then what are you doing with your life. You’re supposed to use this for one thing and one thing only. For the face scan. If you don’t like your facescan, then just make a cute lightskin. It’s not that hard. Ronnie. Fix the whites for Playmaking Shot Creators please. Thank you. The app is ehh overall. Like it does what its supposed to do. Put you in the game.

P3n1$ûćkīñg, Sep 14, 2021
Face scan does not work

I have done it 20+ times over a span of now 4 hours and still this app has not adequately provided not one decent fave scan; the images upload but the face scan never downloads to my player it always says error...if this is how the games developers are going to rush a product and it not even work then maybe patience should be a virtue.

pharaoh HK, Sep 15, 2021


The new NBA 2K companion app has arrived. Download MyNBA 2K22 for free and start creating your legacy! Use face scan to personalize your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Steam and Switch using your mobile device.

Check your VC balance. Redeem locker codes. Keep up with the latest news and follow daily schedule and upcoming event posters at home or on the go. MyNBA 2K22 is just one of the many titles brought to you by 2K including NBA 2K22, the upcoming WWE 2K22, PGA Tour 2K21, Bioshock, Borderlands, XCOM, Mafia, Civilization, and more! Do Not Sell My Info: https://www.take2games.com/ccpa

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