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Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters

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Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters

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User Reviews for Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters

Server issues

Yesterday the game was working fine, now every time I try to connect a message pops up saying 'Can't connect to game servers'. My internet is fine, no issues on that front, so can you fix whatever's wrong with the servers?

Arkhm, Jul 19, 2018
Game looks cool but please fix the bugs

It looks awesome but I can’t play because it says multiplayer disabled please try again that is vary annoying please fix it.

dj cool scholl, Jan 10, 2019
Can’t play cause of servers

I can’t even play the game cause it keeps saying I cannot to the servers. I have good internet and I really can’t see what is causing this issue. I really wanna play this game since I played all the previous ones while growing up and grew fond of the serie. So seeing this app I just knew that I had to download it but was met with disappointment unfortunately....... plz fix this issue ;-;

DynastyKiller76, Jul 28, 2018
Not everyone can pay

One when you are going to play many things are for payment method only the basic is free. They should make that if it comes even high level or something like other difficult missions can unlock the payment method Haci is easier

gran centinental, Aug 24, 2020

I really enjoyed playing this game and had a lot of fun. I deleted it a while back and recently downloaded it again. I had the premium version of this game, and now it wants me to pay another 2.99 in order to have something that I already payed for. It said 1 time payment, but what they forgot to say was every time you download the game again.

HeroicStrikez, Sep 29, 2017
Awesome game

This game is an awesome one, the only problem I did not like at all is that I have to pay money just so that I can keep on playing the game.

InfernoEagle, Jun 24, 2021
Phoenix (to the creator)

I was catching a Phoenix and put down a trap card. When I defeated it the Phoenix did not get trapped. Can this be fixed? Or can you explain why this happened? This is an amazing game, I just want to know why this happened. Thank you.

Kipt, Nov 27, 2017
Support for iPhone X?

I have no audio. Loading time is easy to long after a match is over. Other than that the game is a lot more interesting than the console versions. Almost as good as the one on the PSP. However you should probably think of another mobile version like it was for the PSP. Make it better than Pokémon Go and all other AR mobile games.

Luivision1, Aug 10, 2018
Is this a scam?!!!!!! 😨

PlayStation I don't own any of your systems but I want to see what MANY games like any Ratchet and Clank games except for before the nexus which I don't think is a scam but this potentially good game is not working because when I try to Finnish my registration it doesn't work and says something temporarily disabled. I can't remember the first few words as of writing this review but I feel like you're trying to scam people. If you're not update it but if it is then take it off the store.

Marcuskb13, Sep 18, 2018
Great! But..

The games great but then there’s merely one problem (the sound) playing the game it’s really nothing but dead silence. No music/no sounds to the characters at all. It’s just really silent I was hoping if you could fix this bug or glitch? In the game. Also when you win or lose the game takes a long time to load to the next phase of the screen.

Stupendous-D, Mar 12, 2022


Welcome to the amazing world of the Invizimals™, hunter! Invizimals™ are invisible mythical creatures made of energy that live all over the world. Hunters worldwide use their mobile devices to locate them, hunt them, and make them grow through battle.

Join the characters of the Invizimals™ saga and TV show on a brand-new adventure. This is a free trial version limited to 6 creatures and 25 cards. An additional, one-time purchase is needed to unlock the full content which includes over 170 creatures. * Join the Alliance of Invizimals™ Hunters. * Explore the world setting up radars that detect Invizimals™ energy. * Capture them using traps, and use them in battle. * Find and defeat the evil Xtractor robots. * Train your Invizimals™ so they become stronger, level up, and evolve. * Earn and use battle cards that unleash spectacular attacks on your enemies. * Discover and battle through over 40 unique landmarks around the world. * Collect unique creatures that hide in the jungle, in the ocean, across the desert. * Set up your defence tower to defend your Invizimals™ village. * Attack players around the world, and raid their villages. * Make friends, compete against them, see yourself in worldwide rankings. * Become the best Invizimal™ Hunter. Discover a world of fantasy and adventure. The world of Invizimals™. Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese.

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