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User Reviews for Tracker Network Stats

Good but doesn’t contain ALL the gaming platforms

Look so I downloaded this app 2 days ago and I like the thought that you can see what’s in the daily item shop in Fortnite without the game. But since yesterday I noticed that the stats for Fortnite on the mobile platforms aren’t in the platform list, not even if you put “epic games” in the platform list, it won’t show your stats. So I’m just saying this for people that play on mobile, cause then they’ll be just as confused as I am, and I’m saying this from the point that I want to see my actual stats. Please take this as a suggestion for whoever the creator of this app is.

-RCF101-, Jan 14, 2019
App is awesome but...

Love the app very helpful an useful an I hopeMany more stats come out. But on the another hand.. recently I’ve been opening it to check my stats an within 2 seconds of entering the app it just goes to a black screen. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and same thing, I’ve tried closing the application, restarting my phone STILL the same thing.. not sure why it’s doing this or what to do to fix it but I would love to be able to check my stats again. Thank you

B ICELEE, Aug 09, 2019
Needs To Get Rainbow Six Siege stats to update correctly

The RS6 stats are still down. Have been for over a month roughly now. I understand that there may be more going on behind the scenes preventing a fix, but I know myself (along with many others) only really use this for the in-depth siege stats. We like the other offerings in the app that it’ll track, but the siege stat tracker was better than anything else we are aware of out there. Love the layout and individual operator KD’s. Only reason this is rated lower is due to the fact that the RS6 portion of the app only has partial support or function at the moment. Love what you guys are doing though! Keep it up and best of luck!

Dalton Wentz, Jan 03, 2022
Possibly Inaccuate

Sure, the app gives you an idea of where your stats are on a game like Fortnite Along with anybody else’s stats you’re interested in seeing. However, I Just began playing Fortnite, I have played a few solo matches and my most recent match I killed four people but the app says I’ve only killed one out of six games played. I don’t know if it takes an hour or 24 hours for the stats to refresh police said I just played one minute ago after I checked. I have a good idea that out of the six games of solos I’ve probably killed 10 people. This is why I gave it a 3 stars.

DubzEast., Apr 18, 2018

Pretty obvious that Fortnite is the main focus of this app. It’s literally the one game in the home screen that has anything to display on said screen. Also the info given when searching usernames for different games is helpful, but no where near as good as the website. Plz add more info including loadouts, comp and valor score, and many of the other features on the (destiny) website, or plz update website to be less glitchy on mobile. I can’t even count how many times you have to click the search bar for the keyboard to stay up and be able to search someone’s name, which makes it really hard to quickly search peoples stats and loadouts while loading into a comp game.

G•$•907, Apr 06, 2019
Like the app, don’t like being prompted for money

Let me start by clarifying, this app is very good and has everything you would ever need for any popular competitive game (Destiny2 for me). I do not mind the ads because that’s the way developers make money or even having an option to get rid of the ads. However, what I dislike is the constant, “don’t want to see ads, pay “x” once to get rid of them,” honestly the most annoying ad is their own. Which resulted me in deleting the app, I’ll use the desktop version instead. It’s a bit nit-picky, but that’s my preference.

Not_my_idea_008, Feb 28, 2020
So useful, highly recommend

It is very underrated, I hardly think that there is a negative to owning this app. It is like magic, I use this a lot to search up people stats on games where I think they’re capping on how good they actually are. Also the overall statistics is impressive but on the website I did find that the kill trackers and stuff were slightly off, but no complaints.Also, I don’t write reviews often, but Tracker Network deserved this one.

Orphan🤬, Nov 20, 2021

So I downloaded this when all it had was fortnite and destiny so I’ve been here for a while and it has been great so far. I can easily pull up my stats and other things extremely quickly so while I’m in game I can quickly check my stats and get back to my game. And with new game support and platform support happening almost every 1 to 3 weeks, I’d have to say this is not bad. My only problem is that when I go check my stats I can’t get graph info or any info, even though it has it on the front page. But that’s it. 8/10. Would recommend.

PoisonNadeshot, Mar 09, 2018
App is awesome but...

Love the app very helpful an useful an I hopeMany more stats come out. But on the another hand.. recently I’ve been opening it to check my stats an within 2 seconds of entering the app it just goes to a black screen. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and same thing, I’ve tried closing the application, restarting my phone STILL the same thing.. not sure why it’s doing this or what to do to fix it but I would love to be able to check my stats again. Thank you

Pricelxss, Aug 09, 2019
Use the website instead

Ironically, the website is a far better app than this. Among its shortcomings, it is not an iPad app, so be prepared to watch it sideways with huge block letters and low on screen content. It only tracks your data while you are running it, and it doesn’t share data with the website, or other instances of itself, so good luck trying to get a coherent long term picture. The interface is confusing and initially only seems to support XBox players, which is crazy considering it’s an iPhone app, which it should default to.Etc., etc. Basically, just a low quality generic app with minimum effort put into multi platform support.

Rbyoung, Apr 03, 2020


Track your stats in League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, R6: Siege, Call of Duty Warzone, Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Rocket League and Halo Infinite. Easily switch between games with the tap of a button. This stats tracker is the ideal companion to keep an eye on your performance.

Every game we support has great features that get to the core of player performance: LEADERBOARDS: Track the top players by rank, K/D and more. See who ranks among the best in the world. We rank players by the most valuable stats by default, but we offer a broad range of filters for each game. See who's the best in your region. Valorant leaderboards can be filtered by region and episode. MY PROFILE: Sign In to get a more personalized experience. Sign in and you'll receive a session report when you've finished playing. Session Reports offer insight into your performance over your recent matches and include helpful tips for improvement. R6: Siege profiles show stats summaries for every season including MMR. OVERVIEW/SKILL RATING: View a summary of a player based on their recent matches. Our overview pages include graphs and allow you to filter data by season, playlists, stats, characters and more. League of Legends shows detailed champion masteries, including LP gains and losses for specific champions, laning stats vs. opponents and more. RECENT MATCHES: Track details about matches you've played recently. Every game we support has a custom match details view that shows you valuable information about the matches we've tracked. Usually this includes a roster, post-match stats, player ratings, performance graphs and more. Valorant matches show a detailed breakdown of your team's economy. Tap a player to view their profile. FAVORITES: Save player profiles for easy access later. Favorites can be saved for every game we support. They appear on the Favorites page, and when searching for players for quick access. The Favorites page makes it easy to compare yourself to friends and foes. Every game we support brings something unique to the table. Below are some unique features you can find in our app. League of Legends: - Champion Tier Lists, Recommended Builds, Matchup Statistics, Ability Previews, Skins and Lore - Live Match roster + ranks - Match reports with damage and gold graphs, player ranks, and builds - LP gains and losses over time in Solo and Flex queues - Champion mastery details including LP changes for specific champions, best and worst matchups, and your "Laning @ 14 mins" stats, which are the same stats used to track pros' performance Fortnite: - View daily shop and get optional notifications when the shop updates - Fortnite Events: track your team's movements in tournaments in real time and view upcoming events in the calendar - View Fortnite Tracker's Power Rankings in the profile Events tab and see how your PR is improving over time - Fortnite esports news R6: Siege: - View Operator insights: see the best attackers and defenders in the current meta - Seasonal breakdowns of various stats including Max MMR, win rate and much more - MMR history: View changes in your MMR by match as they happen - Personal operator performance including K/D, win rate, headshot %, time played and more Warzone: - View detailed breakdowns of every lobby you play in including lobby K/D and stats for every player in the lobby Valorant: - Detailed match history and match reports with graphs and player comparisons - View your top agents and track stats including win rate, time played, K/D and more Apex: - Legend Insights: See what legends are dominating the current meta - Personal legend performance: Track your performance for each legend you play Rocket League: - Detailed MMR tracking for every playlist - Daily performance graphs and tracking - View MMR changes per match Destiny 2: - Trials Lookup gives you a really great breakdown of Trials Fireteams - Elo tracking for each match and every playlist https://thetrackernetwork.com/home/tos

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