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PanoraSplit for Instagram

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PanoraSplit for Instagram

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for PanoraSplit for Instagram

good app

good app but why cant i save the pictures to my camera roll instead of forcing me to post to instagram from the app only twice and then it tells me i have to buy the pro version to do so?

Bando Hendrix, Oct 03, 2021
It works!

It works! I was using Ps to split my pics for IG but this takes seconds 🤙🤙

BlueLipsNH, Mar 14, 2022
App Ok, Disappointed w/ $

I like the idea of this app and its basic execution, but I don’t like that you need to pay for Pro to make more than 2 splits in a pic, and also that they don’t inform of this upfront, and that you can’t use the app once you’ve tried to use 3-split option (w/o knowing that’s Pro only); I had to delete app and go in again to try the 2-photo split

BusterMark, Jan 06, 2021
Easy to use

I thought this app was a scam but it worked perfectly. I only needed to split one photo in two and the app was really easy to use.

CatalinaRellih, Oct 08, 2023
Won’t open after use

App is awesome and I paid for the pro version but after using it once I have to uninstall and reinstall for the app to open properly which is a huge inconvenience

FruadNewsHunter, Nov 15, 2021
Why did it have to be a surprise it was only functional if paid for?

The app would be much improved if the developers were up front about the 2 picture limit. Totally understandable that the app costs money and I would have been happy to pay for a full version if that was clear before downloading, but just felt like an underhand way to get people to purchase by not sharing that up front. Deleted

Helenas17946, Sep 16, 2023

I say it awsome!! At night i installed more related app's but this app is classic and work well! Tnx programmer

ID Insta:Amir0121, Feb 28, 2020
Only lets you split twice

Deceiving app. Presents itself as free, only lets you use it twice then locks. This is deceptive. It’s fine to charge in app to unlock additional features, but it’s not ok to give then take away.

jkbrwn, May 31, 2021
It works but...

It works as described with no problems, but it’s a bit misleading as you can only do 2 images with the app as is. If you want to continue, you have to go into a subscription mode for $96 a year.There’s no option to just buy it. The app works, but quite frankly, unless 85%+ of someone’s work is panoramas, this is just not worth it.

MS-Chicago7, Oct 29, 2020
Unusable after 2 seconds

I downloaded this app to split a photo and couldn’t decide if I liked it one way or another. After trying to split a photo twice WITHOUT EVEN SAVING THE PHOTO SPLIT, I can now no longer use the app because it is saying I maxed my limit of splitting photos and is asking me to pay. I literally didn’t even get a photo saved to use before it asking me for $16. Absolutely ridiculous

Musiclova1517, May 09, 2023


PanoraSplit makes it super easy to create swipeable panoramas for your Instagram by splitting any photo. PanoraSplit lets you split any photo into 2 to 9 photos without losing high-resolution quality. Once split, post your photos in Instagram using "Select Multiple" option.

Why crop out important details from your beautiful landscape or panoramic photos when you can show it all with PanoraSplit. With PanoraSplit, you can preview your swipeable panorama before posting it to Instagram to make sure it looks exactly how you want it. Why PanoraSplit? • Split into up to 9 photos for an awesome panoramic effect • Move, zoom, and rotate your photo for perfection • Keeps resulting photos in high resolution. No loss in quality. • Split into square, horizontal and vertical aspect ratios ranging from 9:16 to 5:4 • Preview your panorama split before posting • Saves split photos to your gallery in proper order for easy posting on Instagram. Watch app video walkthrough at https://youtu.be/Y1vLBAiIsU4

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