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Apphi: Social Media Scheduler

  • Social Networking
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Apphi: Social Media Scheduler

  • Social Networking
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Apphi, Inc.
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User Reviews for Apphi: Social Media Scheduler

Once A great App

This app was so great with managing different platforms at one time. You could sign into different social accounts and didn’t to log in through facebook. Now it requires you to log in through facebook to connect your instagram which is ridiculous. I am not a fan of facebook and don’t use it, so for me is a waste of time now that i have to use facebook to log in, and then still not even be able to add any other social media accounts. Even after logging in! I manage an instagram account for my job, in addition to my own and this app used to help me so much. I had a paid account and waited patiently after this group just disappeared, with no notice, for months to return. Only for them to come back with less features and complications. Bring back the previous features! that is what made the app great and brought so many people to it.

:) :D :) b,, Oct 29, 2020

Seriously. This is IT! If you’re looking for an app to manage all your social media in one place, this is it. I’ve tested and tried many others like it and this is the one I’ve chose to stick with because it’s super easy to use. Schedule posts to several social media platforms simultaneously, format your instagram grid before posting, add comments, tag users, full size IG images and carousel...the list GOES ON! 😍 Customer support is beyond stellar and always quick to respond whenever I have any how-to questions or need help. My life is so much easier because of Apphi and I’m able to enjoy my life beyond sticking to my phone every hour to post for our business. I’m extremely grateful for this app. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Apphi team! You have 10 stars from me 🙌🏼⭐️

99TAHCHIN, May 23, 2020
Loved this app until..

I seriously loved this app! It is different from any other app for Instagram scheduling, omg he way that you do not have to physically go into Instagram to post your content. It’s a true auto post all. Which helps a lot... the problem is. They recently did an update, or were under maintenance, and it’s been down for over a week.... I cannot log in, and when I emailed them TWICE I’ve gotten no response. I don’t want to cancel my sub, but it seems I have to since I’m not getting any help or reply, and it hasn’t been fixed.. wish I could get some help, because there really seems to be no other app like it:(

bishassiah, Aug 14, 2020
I love this app

I tried this app today, and I LOVE that I get to post on Instagram from it without having followers and without following anyone.. I love the freedom this app affords me and I love the scheduling options as well! This is an empath’s dream! Thank you thank you to developers, I have been raving about this app on my Instagram page and I know most people would hide that they’re not always sitting there posting, but I am not afraid of saying what I think and of showing that I appreciate a product no matter where I am or who I speak toThis app has been soooo inspiring partly because it is technically disconnected from Instagram and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner! Thank you for giving me my peace of mind back, I am GRATEFUL

Blahzadablah, Mar 03, 2019

So update from my last review.... You updated the app, great cool. It no longer says that Instagram is under maintenance. But it will only let me try and sign in through Facebook but won’t actually link the account cause after I do it, it tells me that my Instagram isn’t a business account. That’s very confusing, I have been using this app since 2016 and I never needed any special Instagram for this app to work. I have never paid to use this app as well, so I hope that’s not going to now be a thing. I’m really hoping you are able to get this fixed and working again. I miss this app. It was so amazing and it just stopped working and it’s been a couple of months now!!!!Reviewed September 22nd 2020 gave 3 stars!I have been using this app for years now and have been loving it. But it has like completely stopped working in the last month. I can’t even sign in to Instagram anymore. It won’t let me do anything. I really hope you get it fixed soon!!!!!! I miss this app!!!!

ciaras89, Oct 12, 2020
Great App

This app has helped me a lot with scheduling posts and stories. It really helped me get organized and gave me peace of mind I bought the most expensive package which I highly recommend getting if you need to post regularly. However I am wondering if a few things can be changed, is it possible to have the interactive options for stories (like polls, etc)? Also when I try to schedule a reoccurring story it won’t work (example: repeat every Sunday). Also when I need to go in an edit a post can it keep the tags without me having to reapply the tags after I’ve changed the picture? That would make this app a dream come true. I hope in their updates version some of these changes could be implemented! Thank you APPHI 😁

Marketing Wizard, Mar 18, 2019
Love the app!

I love the app. I love the ability to post automatically unlike most apps where you still have to manually upload your post. After you’ve already planned out your post that you’re posting. I would suggest probably a more accurate timing on best to upload based on followers and usage of IG during certain times. It seems that every Thursday has the same set of times to upload. Instead of being more personal best times. Also a issue I’ve ran into is that everytime I log into this app. I get an email from Instagram notifying that my phone along with another phone of Samsung “SM-A720F” is logged in at the same time. Not sure what is going on there. Or how that can get fixed. But it’s frightening to know that your info got around to log into another phone that you don’t even have. Other than those issue. The app is amazing. And I hope to see these issues fixed in the future.

Music is my Best Friend, Jul 16, 2020
From great to worst to thieves

I have an instagram account with 65K followers and we promote local business on it. We had all our posts scheduled on this app and all of a sudden they disappeared. They simply deactivated their social media, removed the app from the App Store and deactivated their website. There was no way to contact them. We went to Twitter and to our surprise a lot of people were in the same situation. There were people that had 100 clients accounts with posts scheduled for the next couple months and their posts simply vanished as they had no way to access the app. Some people had paid 1 year in advanced and lost their money. We were on a monthly plan so we immediately canceled it. However, the damage was done. We lost a lot of good clients because of Apphi. After a lot of research my best guess is that instagram discontinued their Legacy API and that messed them up due to their lack of planning and in turn they turned our lives upside down without notice. We tired to contact the owner but he does not reply. Now they are back with little to no features and with no excuse other than we give you 3 months for free. What a joke!Please be aware that if you place your business in their hand you will end up disappointed. They really don’t care and they can at any moment vanish with your money and content and quite possibly get your social accounts blocked.

pcl_hou, Oct 18, 2020
Best Social Media Management

Social Media has been such a necessity & a chore in today’s marketing for any business. Managing numerous accounts for different clients can be overwhelming. After numerous trials on different platform, I couldn’t be more please that I’ve found APPHI Post. It has all the perfect elements you wished u had on other social media platforms all in one. Ability to not only have unlimited post with the upgraded plans, but to able to schedule / repeat both post & story makes it a powerful platform. My favorite feature is the ability to able to save your photo tags for future post & captions has truly made my workflow a lot easier. I am so stoked now too to have the desktop platform available to use. Don’t get me wrong I am a new user but through my testing prior to upgrading I look forward to integrate all my social media workflow through APPHI Post! At least give it a try for me I’m please to have a tool that best fits my needs! Thank you for building such a powerful platform! 💪🏼👌🏼

Photos With Joel, May 02, 2019

The shelter in place mandate created a whole new set of challenges for everyone. For me one of the challenges was a huge spike in social media posting at our nonprofit which was hugely impacted financially by covid19. With the help of Apphi staff, I purchased the plus plan as a donation to the business. The app allows me to easily schedule as many posts as I need at any time. It’s clear to see what you’ve got queued up and notifications are received confirming posts are done. Statistics are also available. Lots of other helpful features along the way as well. Can’t say enough about the app, and it’s developer supporting the little nonprofit. 👍🏼

Porter1092, Apr 10, 2020


Schedule, manage and autopost for your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Google Business. Trusted & used by thousands of Instagram influencers, brands, agencies. Managing Instagram account requires a lot of efforts.

Apphi lets you schedule and manage unlimited Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin accounts. Apphi for iOS: • Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest • Schedule, manage, auto publish your Instagram in advance from your phone. • Manage unlimited social accounts at same time • Schedule Story • Preview and design your grid with drag & drop • Suggested hashtags • Bulk Schedule • Support schedule multiple photos and videos in one post • First comment • Tag people and location • Saved captions & hashtags for easy add next time. • @mentions, #hashtags & Emojis. • Assign members to manage Our users include: Artists, Actors, Bloggers, Brands, Businesses, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Models, MUAs, Photographers and Organizations.

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