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Growth: baby & child charts

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Growth: baby & child charts

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User Reviews for Growth: baby & child charts

A pleasant surprise

How often is it that an app does exactly what you wanted to do without any hidden surprises? That is what Ruth does. I've been using it to charge my one year-old growth from the beginning, and like to look back and forth between the CDC scales and the WHO scales. I have fought investing in it, out of pure stubbornness, but will be upgrading using the in app purchase today.

angelclover, Mar 02, 2017
Does not back up to cloud or sync between devices

Pros:- Several charts/growth “standards” to choose from: WHO, CDC, etc. - calculated percentile given in a bubble when you click on the data point on the chart (very nice)- internet connection not required (great for iPads!)- preterm adjustment (easy, just enter due date)- head circumference (WHO and CDC)- BMI (WHO standard)- export data to spreadsheet- change units (global setting) and mixed units allowed- decimal values allowed (oz, lb, ft, etc)- you can forecast by entering data in the future - table of all data entered with ability to editCons:- does not sync across your devices- data does not back up on cloud (must do a full system backup and restore)- no way to import data from spreadsheet- only calculates BMI on dates where both height and weight are entered (won’t extrapolate) - not a big con, understandable for accuracyFeatures I would like to see added: - auto cloud backup and sync across devices- able to import data file- ‘hide’ certain data points, instead of only delete- zoom with pinch/pull- set range on x and y axis- change size of data points and thickness of connector lines- able to switch units while entering data

Avid book-listener, mom, Dec 15, 2017
Disappointed when I changed phones.

I am very disappointed that nothing transferred when I changed phones. I had changed phones before and the transfer was seem less. Yesterday I got a new phone and we to open the app and everything was gone. I can’t even find how to restore my previous purchase of the upgrade. My youngest is on a feeding tube and keeping all her weights is vital. But also lost everything since my 3 year old was born.

Chystina, Oct 06, 2017
Love this app

I’ve only had one issue, and that’s that one of my children’s stats all disappeared. The file remained, just all the info inside disappeared. And all 5 of my other children’s files were unaffected. Other than this this app has been amazing.

jadetigr7, Aug 03, 2020
Perfect for doctors appointments

I have a baby with feeding difficulties, therefore growth difficulties. We see a lot of doctors that don't always have access to his chart. I like having a record in my pocket that is easy to use. Once at an ER visit the resident used my personal chart to look of his history. The app is easy to use and edit. Excellent tool.

kombuchadrunk, Apr 21, 2017
Great App

I’ve used this app since the day my daughter was born and she 2.5 now. This app allows you to track your child’s growth according to their growth curve. Also, it’s a helpful reference for when you are at doctors appointments or filling out paperwork that requires your child’s height and weight.

NellLee720, Apr 11, 2019
Almost perfect:)

I love having a place to keep up with my three kids health stats. My only regret is that the information does not back up to the cloud. My phone died, and they were not able to restore my new phone to the latest back up. I lost six years worth of data. Luckily their doctors gave me charts but I had to input it all manually. Otherwise have really enjoyed having this information at my fingertips.

One Tired mama, Nov 28, 2017
Exactly what I hoped for

A simple app that helps me track all three of my children's growth. So much better than keeping a boring list of numbers. I have been using this since 2012, and I still love it. It also helps me guess if I should start buying up a size or not based on their trends. So, in a way, it also saves me money. :-). What more could you ask for?

Sarah Bragdon, Feb 19, 2017
5 Star app - 0 star backup

This app is great in itself. I had all my kids in it and it was perfect for bringing up during checkups to track growth. However iPhones do crash and have to be restored. This app does not backup individual data. It has no way of importing exported data. If you restore a phone from a clean slate instead of a general backup you have to re-enter all your data manually. Makes this app rather worthless in the long run.

xygbnklkngfb, Apr 02, 2017
Anxious Mamas Unite

If you are like me and tend to fall on the anxious side of things this is a wonderful app so that you can monitor your child's weight height and head circumference without having to rely on memory or your pediatricians notes.This app would've come in handy with my first child who is medically fragile and chronically ill and wait was a constant concern. I have not had any bugs or app failures at this point. So far this is been a great app and I'm recommending.

Yzrelb, Nov 04, 2017


Be confident that your baby or child is growing at the right pace. This app plots your child's growth curves and calculates exact percentiles using the most authoritative growth reference data. • All ages: perfect for newborns and older children • WHO and CDC growth charts (birth to up to 20 years) • Also includes preterm charts (Fenton) and corrected age • Metric (kg, cm) and US (lb, oz, ft, inches) units • Exact percentiles of your child's measurements • Official paper templates and custom-fit charts • Email your charts and your list of measurements • Transfer your data to other devices • Export as CSV for use in spreadsheets or backups • Printing and PDF export If you like this free app, upgrade to get: • Unlimited number of children. Plot them together to compare their growth. • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.

BMI chart with WHO percentiles. • External file storage. Use iCloud Drive or another cloud service to sync, backup and share your data.

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