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User Reviews for Cupify

Just what I needed!

I track my food daily and often need to change from cup to ounce or grams. This app does that perfectly, thank you!

-JNu-, May 19, 2017
Very cool little kitchen app. Nice UI.

Note: this is a real review. I have no association with the developers or anybody even remotely connected with this app. It was just a lucky find, because I was updating their Print to Size app, and saw this. I frequently have to do "ballpark estimates" for cooking, to turn a recipe for 4-6 into a recipe for two, and Cupify fits the bill. The UI took about 20 seconds to figure out: rather than typing in the amount in weight or cups, you tap on the headline (the kind of stuff, white rice, brown rice, lentils, etc.) to choose the food to be measured/ converted, then you sweep up or down on the weight (left screen) or volume (right screen) side, like when you set the clock alarm, and you sweep up/down on the screen to set hours and minutes. Very Simple & Easy UI that uses the normal sweep and select motions. The list of measurable foods is not so long as to be hard to find things, but covers "almond butter" to "wild rice", nicely alphabetized. Very slick, with a 45 second learning curve. So far, no glitches, crashes, or hassles.

alwaysmprest, May 20, 2016
Thank you for making this app

Love this app it's amazing sometimes u can't carry measuring cups and spoons around and this app is a miracle for those times.

Ash@&-&$$, Aug 04, 2017
Has potential....

I loved the interface. However the ingredient list is very limited (no eggs, really?) and the inaccuracy is glaring. For instance, when you slide the calculator to 1 cup, if you slide it slowly and look at the weight while doing so, you see the weight changes by an ounce or more while the cup measurement stays the same. So according to this app, a cup of sugar can weigh anywhere from 7-8 ounces. This makes the app totally unusable for me (a professional chef) and the limited number of ingredients makes it unusable as well.

chefpeon, Aug 16, 2019
Very limited

This app is helpful by all means but it is limited on the items on its list. It needs a refreshing and it would be nice if it measured up too 8 cup’s so I can convert it to what ever I need. It’s nice to have for a freebie

dgyjchjgg, Nov 22, 2021
Easy to Use

I had a recipe that only showed measurements in grams. There are no good apps out there that works as easy as this one. Only was missing one item from the list but they allow feedback and I can’t wait for more updates to come.

Imablonde22, Nov 20, 2018
Easy to use

I'm always confused about converting most when I think to bake something Because of previous mistakes. I find this app really good and easy to use and really clear for me to understand and don't make more mistakes at the kitchen.

Ov RH, Jun 28, 2017
Sharing recipes: very helpful for sharing recipes with friends who use metric only.

Very helpful for sharing recipes with friends who exclusively use metric m

Passporthater, Jan 23, 2021
Nice App. Limited Ingredients

This would be a very nice app to use; unfortunately, the ingredients database is severely limited and overall is not very useful other than basics. If the database items were increased, this could be a very useful app. It’s a start.

PowerWizard, Jan 19, 2019
A cooking must have

As someone that loves baking some of the recipes I find use grams and milliliters and this takes out all the guess work

Sammi Watson, Apr 24, 2017


Some recipes are by weight, others are by cups or volume. Cupify converts from one to the other. Pick the ingredient and scroll for instant conversion.

Ideal if you prefer recipes in cups. A lifesaver if you don't have weighing scales. INGREDIENTS BUILT-IN Includes conversion tables by the USDA National Nutrient Database for most common ingredients. INSTANT TWO-WAY CONVERSION Drag to view the volume in cups, milliliters, and fluid ounces (US or imperial) and the equivalent weight in grams, pounds and ounces for the ingredient selected. CUSTOMIZABLE UNITS Did you know that different cup sizes are used in the US, Europe, and the UK? Or that fluid ounces differ between the US and the UK? Choose the standard that applies to you. NO ADS Converting ingredients to volume units isn't new. Measuring jugs with weight marks for flour, sugar and other basics are commonplace. Cupify expands on this idea, so you can skip the weighing.

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