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User Reviews for Growth+

Works so nice I bought it twice

The previous review is incorrect. You can use USA, UK or SI units. You can switch back and forth. I bought the in-app upgrade but those are a pain to deal with vs buying the pro version which has identical function. I would have bought the + version from the onset knowing what I know now. In fact, I just bought the "+" version to eliminate that hassle and help out the developer. App Store wouldn't let me post a review here until I bought it. Read my full review on the free version. If you want to keep track of your kids growth this is the only app you want. The fact I bought the in-app purchase then bought another copy as the "+" version just so I could post this review should give you an idea of my level of recommendation. -awr

andrewwynn, Feb 28, 2013
Doesn't keep weight that's inputed

For whatever reason it will not save the correct weight that is inputed. Very frustrating.

Bcruz23513, Oct 04, 2015
Not as advertised

I purchased this app because the description said it has CDC and WHO growth charts for 2-20 years but it does not. I already had the free version. I want a refund or a fix to this app.

daphness, Jun 07, 2019
Best App ever for Moms

I love this app. I have used it since it came out. Even though my son was 2, I was able to add all of his stats from Dr. visit and edit date for each going back to 2009. I have recommended this to everyone I know that is pregnant. I open the app, show them how convenient it is to see your child’s weight and height from day one right in the palm of your hand. The times I can’t make an appointment with the pediatrician and have to take my son to a Doc in a box, I open the app and get ready to add his data. When we see his pediatrician I open the app and email the chart to the Dr and she can update her charts as well. I can’t praise this app enough. IT WORKS FULL CIRCLE!!!!

Dgdsgjj, Sep 14, 2019

I've been using Growth since my daughter was born, and recently upgraded to Growth+. I love them both. It's easy for me to chart every check-up and see when growth spurts have occurred.Also, the developer responded kindly to my request for help exporting my info from Growth to Growth+, and I appreciate that so much!

Dinnercakes, Apr 16, 2014
Best app of its kind

This app is the best of its kind, I tried the 2 other apps, no comparison. The data transfer feature is great!This app helped me stay calm while tracking my premie's growth, as well as helping me validate what the doctors told us. Great app!

KCSquared0623, Nov 03, 2015
Great app!

Perfect way to keep track of kiddos growth!

nkkdeqa, Oct 20, 2015
Great app

I love that it has the WHO chart (as well as CDC). Was especially helpful fir my petite EBF baby. Also love the convenience of mixing measuring units.

Rroquet, Jan 22, 2017
iCloud Sync pls!

why not iCloud Sync?

snow lotus blue, Nov 01, 2016
Beware! Can't change units

This app forces you to use metric units (kg and cm) but the description didn't mention this. Needs to allow the user to Change units to English so I can enter pounds and inches. Would like my $2.99 back now.

Sunnibmd, Aug 24, 2011


Be confident that your baby or child is growing at the right pace. This app plots your child's growth curves and calculates exact percentiles using the most authoritative growth reference data. • All ages: perfect for newborns and older children • WHO and CDC growth charts (birth to up to 20 years) • Also includes preterm charts (Fenton) and corrected age • Metric (kg, cm) and US (lb, oz, ft, inches) units • Exact percentiles of your child's measurements • Official paper templates and custom-fit charts • Email your charts and your list of measurements • Transfer your data to other devices • Export as CSV for use in spreadsheets or backups • Printing and PDF export • Unlimited number of children. Plot them together to compare their growth. • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.

BMI chart with WHO percentiles. • External file storage. Use iCloud Drive or another cloud service to sync, backup and share your data.

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