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User Reviews for GodoxPhoto

Utter garbage

Neat to be able to control setting from phone, but the controls are much faster just using the X2T.As far as the camera app to use flashes with your phone, garbage. No real sync with the camera shutter. Tried multiple settings, delays, etc.I have a lot of Godox equipment and have been happy until now. Going forward, I’m going to reconsider them because this app and the X2T are garbage compared to the X Pro I use. Adding Bluetooth is worthless if it doesn’t sync correctly and the only positive is the passthru hotshoe, which I don’t need since I have studio lights and multiple speed lights that have wireless triggers built in.

CorreAktor, Dec 25, 2019
Doesn’t link with XPro-c

Doesn’t link with XPro-c. Bluetooth just searches for a connection. Both are set on same channel.

Frosted Consumer, Feb 04, 2022
Just needs a faster shutter speed for raw images

Love the app and the features it has. But a much faster shutter speed than 1/35 would be amazing! Especially something close to the normal sync speed of a dslr. If you could make it go into hss mode and get super fast shutters would be phenomenal!!!

JPadenPhoto, Aug 28, 2018
Doesn’t work with XS Max

Just got this flash. Doesn’t work with the iPhone XS Max. I got it to work with the demo model in store I bought it from. It had outdated firmware on the demo. It worked for a few shots but I figured it was user error.I Updated the firmware when I got home on mine and not the demo model, and the flash goes off, but isn’t timed with the photo being taken. Flash syncing never works and I’ve tried everything. Even restored it. Waste of money. Can only use it as a continuous light and can’t experiment with different shutter speedsEdit: I just downloaded the app from the play store on my Galaxy S9 Plus. It works completely fine on that phone. It also has a higher sync speed. It is completely useless for flash synching on the IPhone XS Max and probably doesn’t work on the XS either since they have the same camera.Summary: Only works with Samsung S9 plus and not the XS Max.

Kareemcheeese, Nov 06, 2018
Nice features but

The app got great features. I wish the UI develops overtime and so foes the camera app. It would be even great if godox comes up with a way to fire godox flashes using phones native camera app. I am using a X2T and AD600 to take pictures with the godox app’s camera but the quality is not as good as that of the iPhones camera app.

NahianKhondoker, Sep 26, 2019
Easier than the flash interface

The physical flash interface is hard to use (confusing menus and buttons), so I appreciate having the Bluetooth connection and app to use instead. It’s much more intuitive. I’d just love to see a more polished UI design for the app — it feels a bit unfinished.

pburtchaell, Nov 28, 2021
Godox loses credibility by abandoning these flashes

As mentioned, the A1 and M1 Mini flashes no longer sync as of iOS 13. Godox made a decision to not update the apps or firmware, perhaps thinking they could walk away from this relatively small user group. Wrong. I will no longer trust Godox/Flashpoint to provide ongoing support for ANY of their products. I was considering a multi-unit purchase of their larger pro moonlights, that is no off the table.

psartman, Oct 30, 2020
Bad shutter sync

I bought the A1 since I'm a big fan of off camera flash and thought it would be fun to add some to my iPhone. I own a bunch of Godox products (two speedlights, AD200, Pro 600, X R2) and am really happy with the brand. Since I've owned my iPhone 11 Pro, the A1 flash misses the shutter sync every time. Making it useless as an off camera flash for my iPhone. Which was the reason I purchased in the first place.

SpankyNineNiner, Sep 02, 2020
Horrible app no proper user guide or instruction

Dissapointing app no instructions watsoever

Spirifinga, Apr 13, 2022
Won’t connect and no instructions

I have tried every number printed on the X2T transmitter and none of them work for the required password to connect bluer to the app. There are absolutely no instructions in the app or in the XT2 manual to explain how to connect other than how to turn on Bluetooth. The wireless control of lights is the main reason I bought the X2T... this app is worthless in its current state. Developers... Make it clear how to connect and where to find the password!

Taylorabeel, Nov 04, 2019


该APP是一款摄影与闪光灯完美结合的软件,也可控制神牛闪光灯和LED。有以下特点: 1.与外置神牛氙气闪光灯A1进行拍照; 2.可以控制神牛无线X系统的闪光灯; 3.可以控制神牛带无线的LED摄影灯; Features: This APP is a software to combine photography with flash. It can also be used to control Godox flashes and LED video lights. It offers: 1.Shooting with external xenon flash A1; 2.Control the Godox flashes that has built-in Godox wireless X system; 3.Control the Godox LED video lights with wireless transmission.

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