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User Reviews for Cascable

Great and reliable

I love it and compared to the Fuji app, this is well worth the $24 for paid features(not required but does have neat features; geotagging, ) Other reviews mentioned the price is outrageous but I feel it’s fair because it’s not just a transfer app but offers other features as well. If you’re not a fan of paying the $24 they also have other options like a subscription plan to split up the payments but this isn’t needed if you just want to transfer. I think the subscription would be well worth it. Considering you’re funding for new features that you would get with your subscription once they release.TLDR: Better than Fuji app, well worth it.

FMOrta, Sep 27, 2017
After months of searching, I’ve found the app I wanted

This app is a game-changer for me. And any complaint I have on it is made moot by the fact that it’s the only app I’ve found (after months of searching) that gives me usable tether-like review of my images on the ipad, even using an old 5D Mark II. It’s a little clunky to figure out, and I find myself having to reset my connection more than I’d like, and the zoom in to check sharpness isn’t pixel-perfect. But those are small potatoes compared to the *nothing* option, which is all I had before. If I didn’t need to often unplug and plug back in the usb for the camera connection to reset, this would be a 5 star review. I mainly need the ability to go over my composition on a larger screen than the camera LCD provides, and occasionally remote trigger. This app does all that and more. The camera settings and focus controls are great, the live view function is a super nice option. I’m so happy to have finally found this app.EDIT: Almost forgot… thank you to the developers for including a one-time buy option. Subscription only software is the worst.

Gorbulas Grubb, Jun 28, 2022
Still using it 1 year later

Using Cascable for real estate photography and occasional portrait shoot. Works smoothly with workflow. Wish I knew what WiFi extender could help speed up transfers (currently 4-8 seconds on Nikon D5300. Also I wish there was bracketing feature. Sometimes the image fails to show in preview. Sometimes focus doesn’t work and have to reset. This could be unrelated, could be a power issue with camera. UPDATE: I just went through the recipes tutorial. This type of complex repetitive programming is just what I was hoping for. Could be a game changer. It seems bracketing IS available and much more I just never knew it! Only thing I would fix is the scrolling, I often scroll up/down 2 or 3 stops quickly and go way past the setting I want. Reminds me of Wheel of Fortune. I think they used to have a way to quick scroll by keeping finger on the screen.

JRcameraguy, Sep 06, 2020
An already great app was just made better!

I discovered Cascable almost a year ago now and it totally revolutionized my studio photography workflow. No longer did I need to lug around my laptop to do tethered capturing, but now I could simply connect my iPad and have full control of every setting right from my hand. While the wireless connection through WiFi is convenient, the only thing missing for me was the ability to use wired tethering since that’s faster and more stable…and they just added that into the latest update! I’d absolutely recommend this app for anybody who uses a modern Nikon DSLR and has an iPad. I promise this app will change your whole workflow!

kevintstephens, Oct 20, 2021
Nice concept, not so good execution

I love the concept of this app, but it has several main flaws. 1. It freezes a lot. When connecting to my Fujifilm X-E2. It sometimes works in the beginning, after a while, it freezes, and I have to shut down the app and my camera and reconnect. 2. Shutter and aperture adjustment in the app has a major problem, almost every time I adjust shutter and aperture in Cascable, it first works ok, EV on live view changes, then it just stop working, in my case no matter how I adjust shutter value in Cascable, it jumps back to 25sec, similar situation when I adjust aperture value, and EV won’t change anymore. I’ve tried to set aperture value to ‘auto’, shutter value to ‘auto’ or ‘bulb’ on my Fujifilm X-E2, but still all the same.3. Geotagging in China might have a problem. Chinese government asks map providers to “shift” locations on every map in China for a certain distance (because of national security reason blah blah blah), after geotagging with Cascable, locations where I actually take pictures is a distance away from those on the map in Cascable. I believe the location info is correctly geotagged onto the photos, it’s just shown incorrectly on the map in Cascable due to that Chinese government problem. There’s an app ‘Fog of World’ and it had the same problem before, then the developer solved it, maybe Cascable developer can write FoG a letter.

lionlies, Aug 05, 2018
I love it.

I have a Nikon D750 and a Nikon P900 (bridge camera). Both work with Nikon WMU but barely... which sent me looking and asking around for a better way. In a Facebook Group... someone turned me on to Cascable..... so I got my D750 and headed to Apple Apps. Well it took all of 5 minutes of playing with the free version to convert me. I went all in on the Pro Version. The Shutter Robot is so easy to use and the file transfer to phone is intuitive. It’s just what I needed for my D750. ... I can live with the other camera and it’s app. I can’t wait to get out and do some long exposure work while using Cascable... I don’t have to buy a remote IR now. Nov 2018

Lost-in-The-Clouds, Nov 11, 2018
App crashing upon connection to my camera

Update 2: 3.8.2 update fixes the error. As reported by others, bulb mode doesn’t work, and it cannot copy over raw files. This is a limitation of Fuji and not the app. It may be of some use to people using their camera in a studio and having an iPad as a large screen to help view/frame their image. But I prefer using my camera outside and this app doesn’t help me there. Update: just saw the newer 3.8.2 update, will give it a try tomorrow and see if that fixes the issue.Original review below:iPad Pro 12.9” (1st generation) iOS 12.1.1App version 3.8.1Fuji X100F firmware version 2.11Upon setting up the wifi and clicking ok to connect via the app, the app crashes back to the iOS home screen.Restarted the iPad (holding down power and home button until the Apple logo appears) and tried again. But app still crashes.Camera connects to the standard Fuji app ok, so it’s not the camera or the iPad, but an issue with your app.A previous version of this app worked in the past, but not sure what version it was, and not sure if my Fuji camera was on firmware 2.11 or 2.10.Hope this helps to replicate the problem and provide a fix. Thanks

Sengoku_us, Feb 03, 2019
Problems with Intervalometer Interval SOLVED

Update: The developers quickly responded to me and explained that the bulb timer mode is what works for what I was going for. Awesome customer service and great app, now that it works for astro I’m stoked!Original: Awesome app, way better than other camera control apps. However, I bought the pro version so that I could use the intervalometer for astrophotography, and it doesn’t work how it should. After going to the robot mode and selecting intervalometer, it lets you set a time interval to wait between the set number of exposures (or time, depending on your settings) that you’re taking them. I have found that the only thing that this interval does is wait that amount of time before taking the first picture, and the the other pictures all take back-to-back with no pause to let the sensor cool. Fix this and it would be about perfect!

sethvbeckett, Jul 18, 2020
Issues with Sony A7Riii

This app has serious potential but it doesn’t seem to work quite yet with the Sony A7Riii. I have updated the firmware on my camera to Sony’s latest firmware and the app is still buggy. When using the shutter robot the shutter fires at random times and not at the times set in the app. Often times it will randomly shoot a burst of multiple frames. When the shutter firing does seem to be in sync, the camera locks up and just keeps on shooting regardless of the time or number frames set for the threshold. The camera has to be powered off and then back on in order to get it to respond otherwise it just keeps on shooting indefinitely with no other way to get it to respond. I had serious hopes for this app but it was a big disappointment in the end. Hopefully it gets fixed soon or I can get my $30 back.

stevenshort, Jun 21, 2018
Finally, EXIF geotagging on iOS!

This is the only app that I’ve been able to find that can actually properly geotag the EXIF data on iOS. Many apps can set the geo location in Photos, but that doesn’t actually change the EXIF data. So if you want to import your photos in to Lightroom, you don’t get geo data. Cascable lets you work with images as files in iOS and geotag them that way (manually or via GPX tracks) and THEN import them into Lightroom (or elsewhere). I’ve been using it to download photos from a Canon 5D IV and Fujifilm X100F over WiFi as well as via SD card and geotag the ones from the X100F (5DIV has GPS). Getting the WiFI connection to work took some learning but I can make it work reliabily now. Overall excellent app, thank you!

TranceMist, Apr 26, 2020


Cascable can take a good camera and make it amazing by helping you control and automate its functions right from your iPhone or iPad. You can even transfer your photos from it, all from one app. Compatible with more than 200 different cameras* from the biggest manufacturers, Cascable connects via WiFi and USB* for super-fast image importing and much more.

Whether you're a photography master or an eager hobbyist, Cascable is the app your camera has been missing. Features include: - Full control of your camera's exposure and other settings right from your iPhone or iPad. - Support for timelapses, exposure bracketing, and more with built-in automation tools. - Apple Watch support for controlling your camera's shutter — perfect for capturing those group shots! - TV output via both AirPlay and HDMI, making it easier to share your photos with others. - Built-in calculators for exposure and other features – great for astrophotography and more. - Fast and easy downloading of full resolution images (including RAW**) directly to your iPhone or iPad. - Powerful drag-and-drop automation for creating complex and unique timelapse sequences and so much more. - Support for flash drives and SSDs for more flexible media storage options. - A zero-tap backup option so you'll never lose a photo again. - A single, unified interface regardless of the camera you use — no more learning curves when you buy a new camera! --- * Available features vary depending on camera model and connection method. When using USB, Cascable can import images from any camera that supports the industry-standard PTP protocol, and can fully remote control and automate Canon EOS and Nikon cameras. When using WiFi, Cascable supports WiFi or Ethernet equipped cameras from the following model ranges: - Canon EOS, PowerShot and IXUS/ELPH, - Fujifilm X and Finepix, - Nikon D, - Olympus OM-D, PEN, and SH, - Panasonic LUMIX, - Phase One IQ4 with the XT or XF camera system, - Sony Alpha, HX, RX, and NEX. ** Fujifilm, IXUS/ELPH models and certain older Panasonic/PowerShot models don't support RAW image transfer over WiFi. See the Cascable website for details. --- Cascable Pro is required to unlock some additional features. Cascable Pro is available as a one-time purchase or subscription – whichever you prefer. There are two Cascable Pro subscription periods to choose from. - 1 month costs $4.99. - 1 year costs $29.99. If you choose to subscribe to Cascable Pro the purchase will be charged to your App Store account. The subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before it runs out and you can manage it from User Settings in the App Store. Terms and Privacy Policy: http://cascable.se/privacy --- Canon, EOS, PowerShot, IXUS and ELPH are trademarks of Canon Inc. Fujifilm and Finepix are trademarks of FUJIFILM Corporation. Olympus, Olympus PEN, STYLUS and OM-D are trademarks of Olympus Corporation. Nikon is a trademark of Nikon Corporation. NEX, RX and α are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Uses the Camera Remote API by Sony.

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