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User Reviews for Capture Pilot

Too unreliable

Paid for the camera control add-on which is too unreliable to use. It will work for a few minutes and then fail. I can't imagine how unprofessional I would look with a client in my studio and my remote control software regularly interrupts my shoot.Even when it does work, the camera controls are rather limited (even compared to the desktop software). For example, you can't change the shutter mode or set a timer.

Capnar, Aug 26, 2021
Fuji - Mac - Capture One

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked with my Fuji system and Capture One on a Mac running Catalina. Downloaded the app, started the server in Capture One, opened the app and it found the server instantly. $15 to add camera controls...and these work seamlessly as well. Very pleased so far!!

Chaz-19, Dec 07, 2019
Super Useful Tool

I’ve worked with C1 Pro for years now and just added Pilot to my sets. It’s an incredibly useful tool when working with stylists who can walk around with my ipad and make adjustments to the set. Also great to have it on my iphone so I can view images when my laptop is not accessible. What would put this app over the top is it they made it live view compatible for Nikon. That would be a game changer.

DRA 11, Aug 03, 2020
Completely Useless App

What is the point of having this app for the iPad when it requires a computer running Capture One?Please give us an app that at least allows you to control your camera from your iPad while previewing the image on the iPad screen.This should be able to work in the field without WiFi, just Bluetooth.Manfrotto had something like this for a while but it seems that they have stopped supporting it.By the way, I purchased a license for Capture One Pro v11 and have found it to be of little use. Considering that Capture One did not honor their promise of free upgrades for a year as one month after purchase and installation they went to v12 and I would have to pay another $300 to get the upgrade. Needless to say I will not be renewing my license when my current license expires.If you must have a pro image editing package, go with Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop.Myself, I refuse to be held hostage to a perpetual subscription model.I now use GIMP in place of photoshop and it’s completely free.

FFFFail, Apr 08, 2019
The latest revision seems to work great

Few years ago it didn’t work so good but now it seems to be working really well.Thank you.I wish I could send a live view

Jcdonelson999, May 28, 2020
Very basic, but it works as a gateway to AppleTV

This app is extremely basic, it only has the ability to rate photos and strangely enough, set the white balance point, the sole editing tool on hand. I use it as a way to play back my photos on AppleTV and a projector and for that it works very well.The app allows you to zoom around the photo in full res, loading more of the original RAW file as required to fill in detail, which is something that is not possible via Photos or Aperture.It would be great if we could access all your editing tools in Capture One remotely and perform edits as you review photos, maybe some day. As it stands this app feels like a side-hobby project and slightly like abandonware, but perhaps Capture One will take it seriously and make it a differentiator for their product over Lightroom, but i do feel that it is better than their current 2.2 star rating.

JoeTheAppleGuy, Jul 24, 2019
Not great on M1 iPad Pro

Really upset by this app. Currently trying to run on M1 iPad Pro and the app is constantly shutting off and force quitting itself while working with larger files. I paid to upgrade the app to use the camera functions but really not usable unless you just leave the app on one page and don’t click any images.

jovideephotog, Dec 19, 2021
Capture Pilot crashes consistently with newer OS

When trying to use pilot to preview images, while images are still ingesting from tethered camera, swiping through images will freeze pilot. If I attempt to edit images from the same folder as capture pilot previews-while someone else swipes, capture pilot freezes. Never an issue with older generation iPads…as a long time user of capture one and capture pilot, it’s frustrating to see that a newer iPad makes pilot worthless.

pleased plebe, Aug 25, 2021
Great when it works, but extremely unreliable.

When capture pilot works, it’s a brilliant technology to have on set with clients so they can view incoming images, make selects, and the photo team can work uninterrupted. However, it’s more often than not that my digital tech is spending upwards of 30 minutes each day setting it up, troubleshooting dropped connections, restarting the pilot server, etc. For studio days, it’s almost easier to have a second monitor connected to our computer and hard wired to the client area. I wish Phase One would devote some resources into Capture One and Pilot so that they work seamlessly instead of useless things such as film-emulation presets.

Terence Patrick, Apr 29, 2018
Good idea but not as solid as desktop client

The app is barebones, but I don’t require much more functionality than letting the client view and rate / make selects, however it is painfully hindered by its reliability in keeping good connection with the local image server from the computer. Out of all the features of this program, I wish Phase One would put more attention to amending the reliability of this feature especially with the upstart of sets in the COVID era.

WillAzcona, Sep 23, 2020


Use your iOS device to remotely view, zoom, rate, and tag high-resolution images during a photography shoot. Plus, combine Capture Pilot with the additional “Camera Control” in-app purchase to transform your iOS device into a virtual camera display, so you can remotely fire your camera and control essential capture parameters from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For use with photo editing software Capture One Pro, Capture Pilot is the perfect tool for teams and multi-user shoots, while clients can use it to review shots in real-time and better communicate with photographers. “Whether it is clients, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists or photographers, or anyone who needs to keep an eye on the shoot, Capture Pilot allows them to see every detail of what is being shot.

Most importantly, it successfully engages the entire team in the photographic process." - Daryn Labier, Blast Digital Studio “In all, I’m extremely impressed with Phase One’s iOS application Capture Pilot. It enhances the creative process in ways that you won’t be able to predict.” - Mike Hagen, Nikonians --------------- KEY FEATURES --------------- VIEW AND BROWSE - Wirelessly view, zoom and pan high-resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images during a shoot. - Unique and easy-to-use rating and tagging feature enables clients or staff in the studio or on remote locations to participate in the shoot and to provide instant feedback. LIVE VIEW WITH PHASE ONE IQ250 and IQ3 (CMOS) DIGITAL BACKS - Work wirelessly with remote live viewing functionality with a Phase One IQ250 and IQ3 50MP camera system, turning your mobile device into an electronic viewfinder. GEOTAGGING OF IMAGES WITH PHASE ONE IQ CAMERA SYSTEMS - Record location data and geotag your images 'CAMERA CONTROL' IN-APP PURCHASE - Connect directly to a Phase One IQ2 or IQ3 series digital back to remotely fire and control your camera and check capture previews directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Free for Phase One Digital Back users. - Connect your camera to a Mac or Windows computer running Capture One Pro and use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to remotely fire and control your Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One, Leaf or Mamiya camera. - Control your camera’s most important capture parameters on a virtual camera display: ISO sensitivity, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation. ------- NOTES ------- To check for supported cameras and tethering support visit: https://www.captureone.com/features/supported-cameras Capture One Pro (11.1 or later) with supported camera tethered connection is required when pairing the camera control app with a Sony camera. Capture Pilot can connect directly over Wi-Fi to a Phase One IQ2 or IQ3 Digital back. Focus controls is currently only supported when used directly with a Wi-Fi capable IQ Digital Back running Feature Update 4. Capture Pilot can also connect over Wi-Fi to Capture One Pro (versions 20, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6) for browsing Capture One collections, or for control of supported cameras tethered to Capture One. Capture Pilot can use the GPS unit in your device to access and record location data. Synchronization of the recorded location data with images can happen either simultaneously when Capture Pilot is connected to a Phase One IQ2 or IQ3 digital back, or when the Capture Pilot connection is re-established later. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, therefore a “Turn Geo tagging Off” timer option is available in the Capture Pilot preferences. You can download a trial version of Capture One Pro from www.captureone.com/en/download-trial

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