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Don't like it anymore--too big.

Unfortunately, as they warned, iOS 9 basically broke the app. I can't play Triple Triad on my iPhone 6 anymore because it crashes every time I try to load it. It's a data hog. Sorta cool portal app otherwise though. It's like a virtual magazine/catalog! Really the only reason to have it is when they feature in-game monthly bonuses for logging in though. The interface is terrible and as I said, it should take up half the hard drive space it does.

CellarDoor82, Dec 29, 2017
Can’t Even Make an Account

I wanted to play Triple Triad. After downloading this burdensome cluttered app for one simple game I was directed that I needed to make an account and that it could only be made on the “official website.” What website? That would be nice info for them to include! There’s no direct link and it doesn’t tell you anywhere what the website is. I made an account in the Square Enix website, but apparently that isn’t what they were looking for. I tried to go to the Final Fantasy portal website but couldn’t even find a place to try and make an account. Then I gave up, it isn’t worth it.Fix this app! Or better yet make a dedicated Triple Triad app, that’s the only reason anyone bothers to download this thing. Most apps don’t force you to make an account and if they do you can make it in the app or at least get to the website through the app. These are hilariously simple design flaws that should have been fixed before this app was even released.

Cpt. Rob, Jul 11, 2022
Not worth it

I downloaded it because I was able to plat Triple Triad and it was fun, got to play it for a bit but once I closed the app that’s when it all went bad. Now I can’t even play it anymore, I click play and the app freezes. Going to uninstall it after this

Eathiper, Feb 13, 2018
I cant seem to play online???

Why cant i find anybody to play against online, ever????

Gravity rock, Mar 14, 2022
Can't access my purchases

I can no longer access the games I purchased without buying them again. Also when I try to recover them it says I need to try again somewhere with better reception...

Iamserrated, Aug 16, 2017
Too much junk, looks like a website from 1998

Please, separate ALL the games living within app. At the very least, free Triple Triad from its grasp, or link it to the FFXIV companion and your in-game cards.For what it’s worth, if your app has to have a “how to use this app” banner. You’ve done something wrong.

Ishbar, May 31, 2021
Why is it so much money?!?!

I only play this for Triple Triad. The app crashes sometimes when trying to start up the game. It has improved since my original review.I still don’t like the stamina Crystal system. I think crystals should only be lost if the game ends in a draw or a loss. Buying stamina crystals is ridiculous. It’s basically $1 = 1 Crystal, and 1 game is 1 Crystal. It’s basically $1 for 2 minutes at best.UPDATE: For some reason, they upped the difficulty on playing against CPU. I’m winning only 2-3 times per 5 games. Playing on easy feels like playing against normal difficulty. It’s less enjoyable.And why does Triple Triad keep crashing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

maishengher, May 15, 2021
Love triple triad

Not sure why it’s got so many bad reviews, it runs perfectly fine on my phone. I love triple triad! There’s 700+ cards from almost all the FF, and although it’s stamina based, you can play a match every 15 minutes and it stacks up to 5 times. You can play against others or AI. I like because it’s fun but also not time consuming, and it doesn’t take time away from playing real video games :)

Merechan, Jun 21, 2020
Why such a low rating?? This is a great app

I only use this for Triple Triad, but just recently I downloaded FFVIII Remastered! If it weren't for this Portal App I would’ve never known about the release of FFVIII Remastered for mobile! Honestly, I’ve never had any problems with this app. I get all my final fantasy updates from here and play triple triad with my friends via Bluetooth... again read my title, I’m not exactly sure why this app has a low rating. I guess some of the fan base gets triggered when something small is outta place.

Mimmihopps, Apr 20, 2021
Can’t login anyways

What are the main things I have with my main square ENix account is that I can’t login using my email address and password anymore. The only way I can actually login to my account and thank God that I did this was that I linked it to my Steam account which now makes that the only way I can get in to my square Enix account. I can’t log on to this app because they don’t have that feature implemented it in this.

XIIIRoxasKeyblades, Jun 10, 2020


This is a general portal app for information on FINAL FANTASY and related products. ◆ Get the latest info on all things FINAL FANTASY! View the latest information on FINAL FANTASY games, books, music, merchandise, events, and more! ◆ Point system By logging in through your Square Enix account, you can acquire points, which you can in turn exchange for various items. There are many ways in which points can be acquired: - Daily login points - Points for viewing news - Points for viewing videos - Points for viewing FF Topics and more! ◆ Save up and exchange your points!

Acquired points can be exchanged for digital content, such as wallpapers for your smartphone! ◆ Play the in-app games! You can acquire and play the card game "Triple Triad," or the original classics "FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version)" and "FINAL FANTASY II (Portal Version)." * Specified in-game apps are made specifically to launch from this portal app only. * "FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version)" and "FINAL FANTASY II (Portal Version)" are not compatible with the non-Portal version apps of the same name. ◆ Compatibility - iPhone 6 or later - iOS 11.0 and later

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