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Kaeria Sarl
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User Reviews for Face & Body Photo editor

Give new body a try

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this app. First of all, it really helps a deal to decide whether you should go for a surgery. Moreover, it's easy to use

AlexKingCool, Apr 09, 2017
Absolutely amazing and useful.

I first see the app of such a plan. it will be interesting even more for adults than for children. and for future doctors.

Barbara-)), Apr 09, 2017
I nearly died of laughter

Great app for fun and pranks. It's always interesting to change something in appearance and see the results, sometimes unexpected. Face distortion is just hilarious

CatherinaV, Apr 09, 2017
Needs more zoom, smaller diameter, better quality save

I like this app overall but get frustrated sometimes that I can't zoom in more and that the diameter for growing, shrinking or moving can't go smaller, like for pics where subject is farther back and facial features like eyes or nose are smaller but those being the areas you want to adjust.Also I agree with other reviews: please improve the quality of photo once you save and export!

Cleverclaus, Dec 30, 2016
This app is awesome!

I love the features. The morph to video that you can save to your camera roll. A neat little app. I get excited when I see updates, hoping it will include a new feature.

HonestReviewTrue, Sep 07, 2017
Very realistic, huh :)

Wow, this gives an opportunity to see how you or your friends will look after plastic surgery. It's funny and can amuse a few times. This app is worth its money!

JosephLewis322, Apr 12, 2017
Hilarious time killer!

This app is so much fun! It can be used to plan your body transformations, but I use it to laugh:) I love to mess with photos and give people some interesting updates. The dual screen feature is really cool, it allows to see how big a difference there is.

KeiraB56, Apr 07, 2017
Waste of $2

You can’t exactly edit anything. It’s just a single tool to reshape, which makes it extremely tough to get the desired result. I was expecting there to be “retouch” options like face, body, etc., not a single circle to move parts of the body is different directions. But I guess that’s my fault for not reading up before purchasing.

LuluG.18, Aug 20, 2018
Great entertaining app

It's an app that gives me a lot of fun. It's rather simple but has many tools to change appearance. Can't stop laughing at what I've done.

Xander_Gaarza, Apr 08, 2017
Something new!

Finally, I can brag about my friends with muscles that I do not have in real life :) And seriously, an excellent application, now it is unnecessary to work in Photoshop for hours.

XearthcrisisX, Apr 08, 2017


This is a simple but powerful photo distortion App. You can use it to simulate body transformations, improve your appearance on social networks, or have fun warping people. All you need to do is drag, grow or shrink the body parts you want to distort.

Find out how you would look like with a different nose, chin, buttock, less weight... Our app, downloaded 10 million times on all platforms worldwide stands out because of 2 particular features: 1) The distortion algorithm we are using produce very smooth image distortions, such as the ones you find in 100x more expensive professional liquify apps. 
2) Our dual display mode, which clones your image into the other half of the screen when you rotate your device, allows you to modify your image without the encumbrance of your finger hiding the area you are working on. This is ideal for small touch devices such as your phone !! - New Feature: You can now save morphing animations as videos! ************************ WHAT CAN THE APP DO? ************************ With this photo distortion app you can transform any face and body part: • Nose reshaping • Lips augmentation • Chin and face contouring • Weight loss • Muscle augmentation • anything you can reshape or shrink! For fun or simply because you are curious about how you would look with a differently shaped body part, this app will help you. ************************ HOW TO USE THE APP? ************************ Using the app is very easy, even on small screens: • Import a head-shot or full body picture from your camera or device image library. Preferably the subject should be photographed on a unified color background and well lit, so the contours are clearly visible. • Use your finger to drag or shrink the body parts that you want distorted. For example you can crush this bump on your nose, or even make you slimmer. • Undo latest changes if you are not satisfied with latest modifications. • By rotating your device, switch from single to dual view, to easily compare the before / after images on the same screen. • Zoom in, and use the dual view to see your changes on a real time workspace mirror without your finger in the way. This is a great solution to perform precise distortions on small screens!! • Launch a morphing animation between the original photo and the modified one to see the old you transforming into the new you! Download our app now. Then see how those changes you’ve been wanting to see might look.

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