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Professional Photo Editor App

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Retouchit LLC
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User Reviews for Professional Photo Editor App

Trying it out

So I downloaded the app looking to see if thwy could edit my daughters picture for her birthday that I took. App advertising that edit would be completed within 2 hours. I submitted it before 11 am. It is now 2pm. With no picture completed. So far advertising needs to change. Let's see how professional the edit is. Please keep in mind I purchased the custom order...Here is my update, the artist did a wonderful job with my daughters picture smoothing it out and removed the shine from her face. Just as I requested. I definitely think the time promised to customer should be removed and instead adviced would be longer. There's nothing like this in another app. So I give it 3.5 stars closer to 4

ArelynJosuemom, Oct 06, 2020
Pics still look Real

I have had an excellent experience with Retouchify. You decide how much you want you photo altered & what you want done. They also have spots for notes so you can be specific and explain what you are wanting In alittle more detail than just selecting the areas of the body, face, or Hair U want done. I have stray hairs, blemishes removed, any wrinkles still visible just not as dark or as many. My pics still look natural which I love. Also can take wrinkles out of clothes. I recommend I personally have never experienced a single issue.

AshDJu, May 17, 2019
What a letdown!!!

Have turned in 2 pictures that needed some help but not much for a pro. The last picture I submitted my face was turned to the side with hair swept across some of the face it caused my face to look misshapen however the picture was a nice picture. I had requested that the hair be thicker in that area to cover the odd shape that was happening. The picture came back with my entire body so smoothed out you couldn’t distinguish the straps of my heels and the skin of my ankles. What in the world! I didn’t even want the body touched. There was a piece of hair cut off of the back I will compare it to the size of a quarter. I did not ask for this either and it is rather odd in most cases to have hair hanging that isn’t attached to your head in any way. My pictures have been edited by the same artist to bad there’s not an option to try a new one. I don’t know if it is her inability or if the entire app is a complete bust either way enough of my money wasted. Next time I’ll just deal with the flaw in the picture.

Christyki, Jun 12, 2018
Haven’t been disappointed

I have used the app for the past year about ten times now and each time, the touch-ups were great and looked like the original picture. I just submitted the same picture to another app Retouch men, asked for the same touch-ups, and the finished product looked like it had been photoshopped and took about a full 24 hours. Submitted the same pic to this app yesterday, the finished product looked authentic and took less than a hour.

DrQue1990, May 28, 2019
Great results!

I sent a picture because I wanted the background blurred and the results were great. Also, the editor is super responsive. I noticed that my hair was a little blurred out when I got the results and asked the editor to fix it, and she fixed it within minutes. Only thing is that the app itself is somewhat slow and takes a bit to load at times. Will definitely continue using this app!

Evss_1, Dec 22, 2020
Very pleased

I submitted pics T 10pm and by 5 am next morning they were done. I had pics of my daughters wedding retouched. I was very happy. I wore a dress with some spanx and wasnt aware my boobs were crooked. Looked very odd and really bothered me. Also my eyes were very small and squinty. The retouch was really great. Another older picture included the entire family and my daughters ex-Fiance. I liked the pic but she would t let me display. They removed him completely and now I can display the picture without upsetting my daughter. A third was sort of orange for whatever reason like a bad filter. They adjusted it to look normal. Will use again.

gaga aueen, Oct 31, 2019
My pic

Awesome job. You guys did more than I could ask.

Isla-Luis, May 17, 2023
Professional and top notch quality!

I just submitted few of my photos and when I received them back, I was simply amazed at how stunning they looked! The quality of the edits was absolutely top-notch and exceeded my expectations in every way. I could not be happier with the results. One of the things I loved most about using Retouchify was that their editors really cared about making sure that I was completely happy with the final result. They were incredibly patient and willing to make any changes I requested, no matter how small. Thank you!

Jopajest, Mar 31, 2023
Brought me to tears! 😭

I’ve had skin and health issues all my life. I look 20 years older than what I actually am. I paid to have a photo I like of myself touched up and the result brought me to tears. It’s bittersweet because I wish I really looked like that but I’m so happy with my purchase. I couldn’t do it myself because i no longer have my adobe software plus I’m insanely busy and wouldn’t have the time to do it anyway. So paying a few bucks for someone else to do it was more than worth it for me. I work online and I needed this for my profile picture so customers can see who they’re talking to. But when you get paid only on commission, you need to look good for people to like you (unfortunately). I know this will improve my sales because it’s been proven people are more likely to buy from an attractive person. Now that I have flawless looking skin, I’m gonna go make some money! Thank you so much!!!!

Justniina, Aug 27, 2019
There is no photo crop designer like them! 🙌🏾

I have been using this app now for over a year now. Their work is like no other. They are extremely professional and phenomenal at their craft. They will absolutely not disappoint you. Thank you so much guys for what you do! I have referred this app to so many people within the organization I work for. They are the truth! Thank you Retouchify! 🙌🏾💎

Manny - New York Life, May 17, 2019


Retouchify is the ultimate photo editing app that can help you achieve perfection in your pictures. With our app, your photos are edited by professional photo designers who have years of experience in high-end Photoshop retouching. In just 30 minutes to 2 hours, you will receive a professionally edited photo with face and body corrections, skin smoothing, and photo restoration.

Our designers can do wonders with Photoshop, so you can ask for as many changes as you want until you are fully satisfied with the results. Retouchify offers two types of editing options: EXPRESS and CUSTOM. With EXPRESS, you don't need any instructions, as our designers will adjust the exposure and color, perform basic skin cleanup and smoothing, as well as reduce noise to make your photo look its best. CUSTOM editing lets you choose from a range of options to make your photos even more stunning. You can type your requests in the "note" field to let your designer know what you want edited or select from our pre-set options. You can remove wrinkles, blemishes, red-eye, braces, stray hair, under-eye bags, and even alter your nose. Additionally, you can resize your breasts, waist, hips, legs, and height, define your abs, increase your tan, and straighten clothing. Finally, you can blur the background, remove people/objects, and reduce shadows to make your photos stand out. Download Retouchify today and let us help you bring your photos to perfection!

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