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Body Editor.

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User Reviews for Body Editor.

Great app so far

Good for one photo for sure could do better explaining how features work Don’t know if they are going to throw a charge on May here in a minute or not so far so good

bamafan1972, Oct 02, 2022
Poor trial usage

Every time you try to use a feature to see how it works, it blocks you and puts an ad up for a paid membership. Plus, it wants a review within 2 seconds of using. And then 2 seconds later. And then..Well, considering I couldn’t use any features and you kept asking for a review - here you go! I will be deleting it, it’s not fun to try it & see if it’s worth adding as a Vision building app when you can’t even start to use it without interruption after interruption. It could have been a great tool for Vision building as I work on my body, but now it’s just a waste of time & I will find an old pic.

cmb713, Jul 28, 2020
Good game

This game is so sexy and I can’t stop playing it it’s a good game but could you add more pretty girls on to and a twerking motions so I can see what the girl looks like and could you do a 360 turn around mode and I could take off the girls clothes

dickingirlsass's, Jul 23, 2023

It’s great and all but, very five seconds it’s asking,”are you enjoying?” Or “wanna write a review?” But the quality is actually pretty good. There aren’t many ads either so,,,, it’s actually a really good app! I would give five stars but I just can’t, but I’m sure you will! And it’s completely free too! So you don’t have to worry out money.

Epic Aubz, Jun 15, 2021
Overall fine app, but needs work on just 1 thing

I like the app, it’s fun! I would just recommend for the background not making us color it, but I think that if we pick the background, you should automatically put it to that background. It’s a cute app, but could be more realistic.

fried fam, Dec 12, 2020
Pleasant surprise

I figured this was just gonna be another App. like all the rest. Where you have to pay money to do anything with the application that you want to do. Every once in a while I come across a good app that actually offers interesting and entertaining options. For free, that makes you then want to spend money on their app because they gave me so much for free. This is one of those abs I’m happy with availability of the features on the application. I’m happy with it.

Gjfbfhh, Jun 13, 2022

Ok first of all the app is NOTHING it says it will be. My editing skills aren’t great, so when you just give me a box to move around that picks what to make smaller or larger, that does not help me. Second, you can’t do makeup like it says or lots of things that it says you can do. Like when I click on “hair” it just gives you a sticker. Third, it had this thing that pops up every 5 seconds that is wanting me to rate the app. I was really disappointed. Thank you for reading, please fix this.

Hermione Granger🪄, Nov 02, 2021
Nice App

Used it for a while now and it really works. Get it. I use it for editing my pictures especially retouches. It’s free, I hope you will get it. It’s very simple to use and gets the job done . Cool app 5 stars.

MAK NEW YORK, Aug 12, 2020
Good game

This game is so sexy and I can’t stop playing it it’s a good game but could you add more pretty girls on to and a twerking motions so I can see what the girl looks like and could you do a 360 turn around mode and I could take off the girls clothes

MTLLAKE11, Jul 23, 2023

Does the job. I use it for styling purposes not on my actual photos so it does what I need it to do if I’m trying to cinch the waist on a dress & it’s free unlike other apps. Only downside is the watermark on the photo after you save it but I just crop it out

Nickname1829292@9:&/@!!&, Jan 24, 2021


A dynamic face and body editor app with tonnes of editing options for the perfect face or body. Transform your photo in minutes. You can enhance your abs, colour, height, waist, muscles, abdominal, chest, face, hair, beard, mouth, nose, eyes, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, glasses and tattoos and more.

A quick and easy way to retouch your face or body to make you thin. FEATURES SIX PACK ABS - Transform your body by adding 6 pack abs LARGE SELECTION - Choose from a selection of 60 different 6 Pack Abs TATOO - Add, Alter and even erase parts of Tattoos AB CRACK ABS - Tone to the perfect shape of your Ab Crack Abs FACE - Enhance your face with choosing facemarks, hair, beard, mouth, nose, eyes and face BODY - Enhance your body with choosing different skin color, height, waist, muscles, abdominals, chest ACCESSORIES - Add Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, glasses and tattoo Download the App now and start using this powerful video editor for the perfect body and face today. Subscription: Monthly: $9.99 with 3 days free trial Yearly: $49.99 with 3 days free trial Privacy Policy: https://bestcoolappsllc.wordpress.com/privacy-policy/ Terms & Conditions: https://bestcoolappsllc.wordpress.com/terms-of-use/

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