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Escape Room:Can you escape?

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Escape Room:Can you escape?

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Zhihao Ma
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User Reviews for Escape Room:Can you escape?

Love it!!!

I love this game! It’s definitely a boredom reliever. Though, some of the levels are confusing and when I need to use hints, they are all out, and for some reason the ads aren’t working? Every time I need more hints I go to click on the button but it doesn’t load or work. But overall great game! I have played the other versions and I can say that this version is by far my favorite! I definitely would recommend for some of my other friends that love logic puzzles!

AnotherWeeb(:, Jul 16, 2021
Good but…..

I love this game. It has a lot of levels and a variety of puzzles. It’s fun because there are so many different rooms and I know I’m not finishing this game in like 2 days, BUT i can BARELY see anything in the game most of the time. Some levels are dark so you find the way to turn in the lights as part of the puzzle, which I understand. However, after the lights go on or in other rooms where lights are already on I can usually still not see anything. I turn phone brightness up and it’s still to dark. Then I have to make the effort to play in darkness or squint really hard. I love the game, but whats the point if I can’t see what I want to do?

arushi_app, Aug 19, 2021
Why so DARK?

Most of the rooms are so dark that sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. There’s also no way to enlarge what you have, so you can’t always tell what you picked up. And there is no photo option, other than to take a screenshot — otherwise, you have to remember. Yes, they’re simple patterns, but by the time you know what you need it for, you’ve forgotten it and have to go back and forth to where it was. But biggest irritation is that you’re walking through so many dark rooms.

batchiri, Aug 09, 2021
Glowing review for 3 hints

If you’ve played all the other series of 50 Rooms and/or 100 Rooms, it all looks the same tho you get less hints in this system and it’s EXTREMELY unintuitive. I’m not super far (level 8ish), and I know the stupid ‘idk what I’m supposed to do’ puzzles, or the ones you do know, but are just absolutely wayyyyy too time consuming, in the other 50 Rooms I-XII or XIII’s, but I’m sure they’ll come. Also, the rooms themselves are not very interesting and not much color, so they all look alike. I’ll probably play, but if I get to those ridiculous levels or run out of hints (which NEVER happened in the others...be careful tho, it’s same as other where it takes a hint if you need to simply back up and it circles the back out symbol).I’d say it’s 2-3 stars right now. Update if better. Won’t if quit and delete. Anyone into these games will try it out anyway, as I did despite the less than stellar reviews, but just don’t get excited that there are these 2 ‘New’ 50 Rooms I & II. Not sure if same dev involved, cuz names are different.

Greypatchesoreo, Mar 15, 2021
Too dark

I’ve played a lot of escape room games and this one has good actual games and clues, but it’s so dark and often the clues are so tiny with no way to zoom. And yes I have my display brightness turned all the way up. I’ve also had issues where I’ve clicked in places and nothing happens so I finally use a clue and it tells me to click where I’ve already tried. It would also help if the mini games at least told you what the objective was. I’m in version 3 right now and there are so many errors. I use a clue to see the answer and it doesn’t match with the number of things it’s referring to. Not just once. At least five times now. Someone needs to review the clues vs the actual items in the rooms. Particularly on 3. I’m in IV now and there are SOOOO many wrong answers. You have to use clues to get the answer. Look at room 46. If circle is 2 then your answer to the others doesn’t work. Circle has to be six for it to work. Nonsense.

Jillllllxxxxxxghhwjjeneh, Apr 17, 2022
I would give more stars, but…

Everything is so dark onscreen. Unless you’re in a dark room while playing you can’t see what or where anything is, nor can you see the items you’ve collected against the black background in the boxes unless you tap on them. I actually got completely stumped once simply because I didn’t even know something was in the sidebar that I could have used. It was a tiny key that blended right into the background of the box. Way too frustrating. It's a shame because the puzzles are okay. Stopped at level 15 because I don’t want to have to wait until night time when it’s dark enough to see the details on the screen. I’m busy in the evenings and don’t have the time then.[edit] I even have the brightness on my screen set all the way up.

JudyQFU, Jun 15, 2021
enjoyable, side panel too dark,

- Like the challenges with the varying level of difficulty, although some don’t really make sense even with the hint - Biggest issue is that side panel that holds objects is way too dark- Update: advancing through levels seeing more hints that don’t make sense to solve clue- Use of the pushpin for the object selected is very nice. - For items that are multiple parts to make one thing would be nice to have the object pop open so you can see the parts coming together

Labemw, Aug 18, 2021
Buggy, but very fun and entertaining!

The game itself is pretty fun. It’s one of the better escape puzzles. My only issue is that the game is sometimes impossible. For example, the clues don’t match up with the solution. The puzzle’s solution might be off by a couple numbers, in a slightly wrong order... etc. Even if your answer is “right,” it’s wrong in the game. I ended up having to look up a lot of the solutions. All in all, I loved the game. I just wish the answers to the solutions were consistently accurate.

MarcellaMarie, Feb 10, 2021
Okay for a while, then too many errors

I was enjoying this game for a while, the slew of commercials every few minutes notwithstanding (standard for a free game). But when I got to about level 24, there were major issues with each level. The puzzles went from enjoyably tricky to impossible. It wasn’t that the puzzles were hard, it was that there were errors in the level. For example, the colors in the clues didn’t match the color in the lock (level 24) and the number of triangles didn’t match the numbers in the lock (level 28). I got sick of having to look up solutions because the game didn’t give me the proper clues to solve the puzzles and deleted the game. Won’t be playing anything from this group anymore.

memememememe33, Feb 07, 2021
I need help

I'm stuck at level 35, which by means that I can't reset it, nor clicking on anything, i tried to close all the apps including the game and I restarted it but it's still glitching at room 35. I also tried to go back to level 34 and when I finished it for the second time, and went to room 35 next, I'm still stuck at where l was stopped at (I found the hammer then it suddenly stopped and it's not letting me click on anything on the screen), it doesn't even want to click on the setting icon nor the hints icon, etc.. please someone help!!

violetta bb, May 05, 2021


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