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Abandoned Mine - Escape Room

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User Reviews for Abandoned Mine - Escape Room

Keep the game going

The only thing that any escape room needs is the ability to make one rage and your game is great at that. I’m leaving a four of five stars because it needs updates and I will be able to keep playing this game until I die of a stroke or something like that. I’m not going to say that I’m too happy with playing it because that’s the point. You did good.

2432456330, Dec 06, 2020
Abandoned Mine

Fun game so far with some playability issues. Throughout the game there are clues and objects to collect. Objects are sometimes so hidden in the appearance of a scene and repeated area clicking does not always reveal them. I clicked on an certain area at least 5 times before a tool (lets call it a wrench) appeared. Related, objects dont seemto always find their home or purpose very easily, even when you "know" where they belong. Example: I tried using a key card on a specific door at least four times before it worked. More troubling are written diagram clues which when you use the "magnifying glass" to view them are still so incredibly small on a mobile device (iphone 11) that they are nearly impossible to read. Idea is interesting, the art and puzzles are fun. The game design and coding, testing behind the game could be better.

AcmeAssets, Jun 28, 2021
Great Game

Noting others comments that items are hard to find, yep, they are. Did you want it to be easier? Another comment mentions going back and forth as you find clues, pick up items. Again, would you prefer that everything and all clues were in the same room?As far as the guy who says haiku games are better, I also disagree, those haiku games are not layered like this one, they auto-populate clues in a notebook, most of the tasks are linear, and the puzzles aren’t integrated into the game like this one... there are simply puzzles for the sake of a puzzle. As well, the graphics are on the cheesy side.I would rate this game similar to Glitch Games work... deep, layered, hard, puzzles are clever and fit well into gameplay with well done art. My only issue is that the game occasionally freezes on my iPhone X.Great game!

Blichty, Jan 28, 2019
Great escape room/puzzle game!

Make sure to turn your brightness up full!! The first level really turned me off as far as game play with items being very difficult to select, I’m talking within 25-50 pixels. Fire the first level I’d rate the gameplay a four star and the graphics and puzzles a five. The remaining levels get a 5 all across the board! After the first level you start to really understand what the developer is looking for. The puzzles are great and really make you think. Had to get out the pen and paper a few times.

bparker02, Dec 03, 2019

This game is REEAAALLY fun. But one level has like ... a chess puzzle, I guess? It’s super confusing especially since i don’t play chess. The first level I always have to watch a video to skip the electric generator puzzle. And in the second level the one with all the switches annoy me cuz I get it once then can never remember what it was. I need more levels. Like , soon or I will offload it . It takes up to many gigs to sit on my home screen all the time and do nothing. Please!!! Can you just hurry up and make a new one? I would HIIIGHLY appreciate it 😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗

happygamer14, Mar 27, 2021
Fun but glitchy

I really like escape games like this, but the glitchiness makes it really frustrating. The clues/items don’t always connect to each other logically and like others said the color scheme makes it hard to see things at times. But the biggest issue is that it seems glitchy. I had a lot of trouble getting the gear puzzle to work even though I was doing it perfectly. It suddenly worked after multiple attempts and restarts and I have no idea why. And now I’m stuck on Ore Pass because even though I have the lights on and both valves, I can’t get the switch that floods the tunnel to move. It’s so frustrating!

MJG145, Jul 27, 2019
It’s ok

I’ve played better escape games (Haiku brand and others) but it’s not bad. I find that with this developer’s games, many of the challenges lack rationale or logical thought progression. Additionally there is a lot of needless back and forth between areas (ie: part “A” from area “5” is required to open a box in area “3” to retrieve an item required in area “4”) and I generally stumble upon >75% of the items/puzzles by accident. Overall it’s a decent time killer, just not as good as others that are available for free. Try it, perhaps my line of thinking is not attune with this developer and yours may well be. Happy escaping!

Nursecmc, Aug 07, 2018

I wasn’t wild about this game from the beginning when it started up with pretty much everything in the same sepia tone - I get it, it’s a mine, stuff is going to be grey-beige. This just makes it harder to see anything unless I switch to full brightness on my screen. I gave up when I got to the padlock in level one (!!!) for what is likely a glitch that prevented me from moving forward. I understood the clues and solved the puzzles, but the padlock would not open. I even used up all my free clues just in case I was missing something, then went to a tutorial video, but no, just a glitch. It was even more annoying when the clues, as another review pointed out, showed how to solve steps I had already passed. Too bad.

Or do they?, Sep 29, 2018
Not a fan at all.

I downloaded this game because it was recommended by another escape room app that I finished and enjoyed (Skyscraper Escape), but I was quickly disappointed. I only played Abandoned Mine for about 20 minutes before deleting out of frustration - not because I could solve the puzzles, but because the graphics were animated and two-dimensional. Because of the lack of depth and the monochromatic colors this theme called for, it was very hard to tell what I was looking at a lot of the time. I could barely make out objects I had to pick up, so I just started tapping everywhere until something popped into my inventory, and hoped whatever I picked up was going to give me an inkling of what to do next. There seemed to be no flow between steps, so I found myself undergoing a lot of unnecessary back and forth.Additionally, one of the three clues I used recapped a step I’d already completed and was no help at all.My suggestion: don’t waste your time.

RachelKatz, Aug 17, 2018
Four stars because...

It’s not a bad game. The atmosphere is great. I like the art style. I like that the items are difficult to find; it’s supposed to be a challenge. The only thing I don’t like about this game is that it’s too difficult to know what you can interact with. I missed items because they were hidden behind things that I didn’t know could be moved because they looked too much like their surroundings. I got stuck because of a switch that looked too much like its surroundings. Anytime I had a problem was because the items/puzzle elements looked too much like their surroundings. I’m not saying that things need to sparkle when you can interact with them (I find that unrealistic and annoying), but some kind of indication would make this a better experience. Maybe a slightly heavier outline or slightly brighter color? Something subtle to keep with the game’s aesthetic, but something that can set interactables apart from the background.

Tawni Pettit, Jun 29, 2020


Ever been trapped in abandoned mines? Buckle it up and get ready for the most adventurous escape of your life! “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is designed with thrilling abandoned mine scenes with killing 3D graphics and lots of stories hidden behind the old mines. Discover the hidden clues and solve the puzzles to find the only way out to escape from the abandoned mines.

This is your only chance. Stay focused. Keep your eyes and minds open.! “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” gives the best experience while investigating the scenes with mysterious and thrilling sound effects. The game is perfect for all age group players from kids to teens to adults who love solving logical puzzles. The game is best mind exercising game and requires complete concentration skills. Analyze every clue you discover and find the way out to solve puzzles, crack the number puzzles, open combination locks, remove the rocks and lot more exciting puzzles to finally discover the only escape route. The game comes with simple touch mode gaming controls and fascinating background scenes to investigate different objects in the abandoned mines. “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is the most addictive theatrical gameplay with lots of exciting and countless puzzles to solve. Play the thrilling stress buster game anytime and anywhere. The game is super exciting and will never let you get bored. The game will help your brain to work faster and efficiently. ************************ FEATURES ************************ - Great user interface with thrilling graphics and mysterious sound effects - Fascinating abandoned scenes and background - Loads of hidden puzzles to discover the only escape route - Countless clues to crack before finding the exit - Exciting and addictive gameplay With deep hidden stories and lots of adventurous levels coming up you will have the ultimate fun. Get the game now and get your mind working to unlock the hidden clues, find suspicious hidden objects. Download the game “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” and enjoy the unlimited adventures. The only way to get out of the dark abandoned mines is to solve the puzzles, find the solution and discover the only escape route out to the fresh air. Put on your logical thinking hat and use your powerful analyzing skills to solve the thrilling levels. The game will improve your concentration skills, analyzing skills and logical thinking. You will surely love playing the game investigating clues to get out of the dark abandoned mine! ************************ SAY HELLO ************************ We are constantly working hard on making the “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” game better with more advanced and thrilling features. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to contribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” game, do not forget to rate us on play store and share among your friends.

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