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Escape Challenge:secret room17

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Escape Challenge:secret room17

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eescape Room
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User Reviews for Escape Challenge:secret room17

Convoluted. Don’t waste your time.

This game didn’t make any sense. All the one star comments are accurate. Too many ads, have to buy hints that start from square one (which you’ve already solved), the buttons don’t work half the time, and the color/number puzzles have no logic to solving them. It’s virtually impossible to figure out without a walk through. This game feels like it was made to be impossible on purpose so you’ll pay for clues and to get rid of the ads. Don’t waste your time. There are so many games out there that are far better than this one.

All study, no play, Jan 08, 2020
Too hard!

Okay, in the beginning this game was actually pretty fun to try and look for the clues in the escape room. But, after about 10 tries it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to get past the very first level! I have had this game for about 5 months now and I haven’t even gotten past the first level! Now whenever I scroll through my games app section I immediately skip this game because it’s honestly hard and a little boring. Also, after ever three minutes or so a video ad pops up and when it’s like 30 seconds long I’m forced to watch the whole thing rather than trying to figure out the clues. Overall, please just make it easier, no ads, and finally, not as boring. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but I just think the game could be fixed. Thank you!- Ava

AvAjOhNs08, Mar 07, 2020
Um ok

Ok so I loved this game it was challenging and fun. But yes there are a lot of adds and I understand bc they’re giving this game to people for free. Which putting adds in is their way of making money. But my question for the developer isare there only 2 levels?? If there is then I think that they need to put more levels into one game. Bc I don’t want to download every single version of this app just to play more than 2 levels. When there can be plenty of levels in one app.

avebud, Nov 19, 2019
Great Game

The overall concept of the game is great, which not most games I seen have, While I waited on the app to download I read a lot of concerns about ads and I do agree, But I understand because This game is FREE so the creators have to find someway to earn money to expand the game and make the levels Better. I would have to say they do show a Lot of ads, including why your playing a level, I don’t really like the Art of the way the game looks, But that is just my opinion. 📱👋🥳

Emily Kemp, Jan 13, 2019
Good at first...

The game was very challenging and fun at first. I used a couple of hints, and I doing really good. I got frustrated so many times with the amount of ads that popped up. I got to the part with the book with the colorful numbers and the drawer...then I was so confused. I watched like three ads to get to the hint I needed....but it STILL did not make any sense. I asked my friend, and my sister, and they both did not know either. Also, it does not even save your progress. Don’t waste your time. Nice try though!!😁

goodygamergirl❤️, Feb 21, 2019
Lack of saving & ad inundation are dealbreakers for me

Despite the warnings of too many ads, I had to check this game out since people noted that the puzzle itself was really good... and it was. However, the excessive ads (I’m talking at least 1 per minute) and having to restart every time I had to put the game down were deal breakers for me. I expect to see ads in a free game, but the ridiculous frequency in this game were beyond aggravating. Coupled with the inability to save my progress, I deleted it. Unless you have hours upon hours to just sit & play the game uninterrupted, just move along. It’s a shame, b/c game was decent otherwise.

Hurlgirl1718, Jan 27, 2019
Good game and good clues

After reading the reviews I decided to give this game a try anyway. I thought it was great. The clues were very helpful and some took quite a bit of thought and time to find. I think the ones complaining about the number of ads need to realize that the developers need to pay for the time and cost of the game somehow and they were able to offer for FREE to us by the way of having the ads. Also the more hints you buy (by way of watching an ad) increases the number you have to watch. Would you rather they offer no hints at all? As for the ones that were upset because the game has no save.....ummmm why close the game? Leave it running in the background. Not like it is going to eat many resources doing it that way. I started the game while at work and had to leave it several times due to work. I left it running in the background and even used the phone several times and was still able to finish it as time allowed with out a hiccup in the game. Great Job guys on the game. Look forward of more to come from you!! Irongod

Irongod72, Oct 16, 2019
Deleting this crap

It’s true, there are too many ads. I get it though, it’s a free game so I oblige and purchase the ad-free option. I figured out level one fairly quick, but seemed stuck on 4x4 multi-color clue hanging on the wall behind the bed. I understood that there was a clue in each room (R4, G2, Y1, and P3). I also saw that the dots colored for Yellow and Purple did not correspond to numbers shown (yellow had 3 and purple 1). I obliged again and watched ads for the clues (despite paying for the ad-free version) and discover I have to watch close to 30 ads to get to clue 13 of 16. The clue says “According to the prompt on the color of the location to get the password.” Huh? Password is shown to be G2, P8, R3, and Y1. How sway??? So I basically spent money for an ad-free version only to be coaxed into watching ads to get a hint for an unsolvable puzzle. Got it. Deleted!

jnsutton, Jan 09, 2020
Stop complaining

I love escape games and this was one of my favorite. I see on the reviews a lot of people complaining about the complications of getting hints. I played the entire game without using a single hint. The game is challenging and I thought the point of playing escape games is yo be challenged therefore I truly do not understand all these people complaining about the game being difficult. I love the fact that the game was so challenging. Give it a try everyone. A lot of fun!

MrsPonthieux, Nov 15, 2017
First part bad clue, second part great

First level yellow dots bad clue, 3 dots appeared to be flanked by other rows of numbers. Only way I solved was getting the 3 other color numbers, then entered yellow number by default. Imagine my annoyance to find yellow number is 1, which is an end row, not flanked by other rows. Made no sense. Second level very challenging, moving colored squares to cover color buttons took a while. Tip: Get the green first. Very good game.

Sunsett, Jan 07, 2019


You woke up in the room, came out of the noisy footsteps, what happened? You have to quickly escape this room to find out. * Exquisite picture * Clever digital puzzles * From easy to difficult, suitable for all players