Icon Prison Escape games-the room's secret 14

Prison Escape games-the room's secret 14

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Prison Escape games-the room's secret 14

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艾玲 李
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User Reviews for Prison Escape games-the room's secret 14

Had to give 5

I have to give five to get coins to get clue, bad thing is I think I’m far enough along that I’ll need to buy more hints then I need to catch up to where I really am

batluva72, May 21, 2019
Good overall

This was pretty easy in general, and since there is only two levels and the second one was even easier it could use some work. I did get very annoyed with the ads but that is where airplane mode became very handy. The experience I had before I turned it on was maddening, but overall good game!

DeathByKiwi, Aug 04, 2019

I love escape rooms so this was up my alley. There were a free clues that were IMPOSSIBLE to figure out in the second level. Also the ads were ALOT. So it’s almost inevitable that you’ll send the $ to stop ads and/or get clues. It would be more beneficial to charge that $5 upfront so the game is more enjoyable for players and it’s profitable for the gamemaster/manufacturer. Otherwise, solid game!

EbonyJFord, Mar 04, 2022
Super fun!!! But....

I personally really enjoyed both levels! Yes it’s inconvenient to have to restart when you get kicked out but not a big deal. With that said, the constant ads are frustrating and deter from the experience. Also.... I wish there were more than 2 levels. I see have written the same from a while back which leads me to believe more may not be on the way, but overall I liked it!

Heidi 'Jane' Nicholls, May 29, 2021
For hints

Basically they scan you into giving them a five star review to get a hint. P. S they have 11 hints and you cant get hint number 8 without 7, 6, 5 and so on. Which basically means in order to get the hint all these five star reviews are trying to get they cant. Gotta pay to get the hint. Don't be fooled.

HintScam, Sep 29, 2018
More levels please

I really enjoy these games, loved the puzzles. Some made me really have to think but I’m proud of myself I didn’t use any hints and was able to get through both levels. I need more levels 2 is not enough!

Lavely831, Dec 22, 2019
Needs work

I think that if you want this game to have any real success that you need to add a lot more levels and make it easier to get coins and more stuff to tap to try and help you finish a level and don’t make people pay for the second level wait till they get to five levels and then ask them to pay for the next level. P.s. the first level should be easier than it is.

llocho, Oct 29, 2019
The hints

I only gave it a 3 because you have to watch 3 ads to get 1 hint, and because if you figure the first part out by yourself you’ll have to watch even more ads just to get a hint to where you are. They also don’t work most of the time it’s always saying ad isn’t ready after I already watched 1 ad.

MaryIsland3Seas, Jul 26, 2019

Game is fun and really a perfect degree of difficulty but it is absolutely ruined by way too many ads! Also, You cannot save your progress. I was half way through level 2 and one of the way too many ads bumped me out of the game! I would have to start all over but I’m not going to waste my time. It’s a shame because it could be really good.

Space Cat from Space, Aug 26, 2019
Prison Escape game

I loved the game and with 2 wonderful levels but people who love to play escape room games should get way more levels than 2 if I were you I would put 10 levels on this game so the people who love to play escape room games like me I love love love these games but I would want way more than 2 levels. Sincerely,Gamer to your game

tilaticila, Dec 29, 2018


You woke up in the room, came out of the noisy footsteps, what happened? You have to hurry out of this room to find out. * Exquisite picture * Clever digital puzzles * From easy to difficult, suitable for all players

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