Icon Escape Challenge 14:Escape the red room games

Escape Challenge 14:Escape the red room games

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Escape Challenge 14:Escape the red room games

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eescape Room
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User Reviews for Escape Challenge 14:Escape the red room games

Too many ads!

I know free games run on ads, but seriously? An ad pops up every 30 seconds, usually when you’re in the middle of figuring something out. It’s a good game, but there are way too many ads. Also, the game doesn’t save your progress! I have to start over every time I restart the app! It is so annoying! Developer, if you’re reading this, please try to get that fixed. I don’t even play the game anymore because of the problems with it.

aquapeacock21, Nov 11, 2018
much better!!

i played this game after another game that this developer produced, and it is much more streamlined! the ads close automatically when they’re done, and there’s also an unobtrusive banner ad near the bottom. the clues are reasonable and able to be followed from one to another, and no clues are for multiple puzzles like it was in the previous game. this is a marked improvement from the last one i played, and i’m excited to see where this dev goes!! keep it up!!

ddjksjsjdkskskd, Mar 25, 2020
Not the best but entertaining

This game isn’t the best puzzle game I’ve played, but it is still entertaining. It takes a while to understand some of the clues and some are unclear also. Sometimes it gets hard having to navigate through so many different pages.

hdyer629, Dec 18, 2020
Great game

Ok I’ve played all 3 levels, and finally made sense of the shape puzzle in level one that at first made no sense to me but Since I figured it out I,vet changed my rating to 5 stars. Bummer there are no more challenges. I’ve completed all 14.

iTakeU2War, May 26, 2019
Ads annoying and no save on the level

The clues and puzzles are fun with some difficulties but the game itself is terrible. Seriously the ads are enough to make you throw your phone. Can’t even solve a quick problem without a ad popping up interrupting you in the middle of your puzzle. Extremely annoying. I am fine with ads but not while I am in the middle of doing a puzzle. And literally every 10 to 15 secs a ad. The more advance into the game you go the worst it gets. Also do NOT close your game out in the middle of the level you are on bc if you do you have to start completely from the begging of that level. Again very aggravating especially when you are about finished. So 1 star rating is all it gets

JPoff1224, Oct 19, 2018
Navigation oversight, can't save progress

Like the rest of these games, you can't save progress. I did notice in navigation error/oversight: when you navigate between rooms, if you go from left to tight, do you see four rooms. When you go from right to left, it skips the third room and goes to the second (kitchen is skipped, you go directly from bedroom to bedroom).

Kim1966., Nov 24, 2017

This was really a great game. It actually took me several tries to complete it as I kept getting stuck on one puzzle but I really did enjoy the game. Hint: the actual 'words' are clues to solving some puzzles that I'm sure a lot of people get stuck on! Going to download the next game.

Ladylifesaver, Sep 06, 2017
Too many ads

The constant interruption by ads that came about every 30-45 seconds whether I was actively working a clue or sitting idle was really aggravating and the primary reason I gave you 2 stars. I had already solved the puzzles given on the first 3 clues so watching those videos for points was wasted. When I needed the next clue, I had to wait over 30 minutes because the video wasn’t ready! I saw it through to the end because I like room escape puzzles, but I didn’t enjoy this one.

Murfecat, Dec 21, 2017
No logic to the puzzles

The puzzles make no sense, there is no clear line of logic from a clue to its solution, and the hints don’t help because whoever translated them into English didn’t do so correctly— it is unintelligible. Also, it is very clunky, you can’t move from room to room without accidentally touching any of several puzzles you’ve already solved and being brought up close to that instead of going to the room you were trying to get to. And while you’re trying to figure out the puzzles that make no sense while unable to navigate inside the game, you are interrupted by ads every 45 seconds. This is obviously a cash grab game. I also suspect that the app developer is forging 4 and 5 star reviews. If you check the reviews, a ridiculous number of them have a basic name followed by 4 random numbers.

NsOrgel, Mar 26, 2018
Escape challenge 14

This is my first time playing an eescape game. I really enjoyed it. I was able to play without any ads. It must be a setting on my phone. The game was challenging enough without being frustrating. I plan to play more of these games. This is my favorite genre.

Suzieq0702, Aug 12, 2017


You woke up in the room, came out of the noisy footsteps, what happened? You have to hurry out of this room to find out. * Exquisite picture * Clever digital puzzles * From easy to difficult, suitable for all players

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