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Doodle: Easy Scheduling

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Doodle: Easy Scheduling

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for Doodle: Easy Scheduling

Credit for trying: it’s not you it’s me

I was assuming that you knew you sucked, but then I read your reviews and I was like, what?! Oh. I get it. I’m just the dummy that can’t make heads or tails of your app. I mean, I booked a date, shared the deets with my fam and um… couldn’t even click on which dates were best for me? Couldn’t edit the deets on the invite? Couldn’t even *see* the responses? Um hallo? This is an app for people who don’t care if anything gets scheduled, they just want credit for trying. Update: not a single date that I had identified is represented on my link. It’s random and completely unassigned to my requests. Update: my people have been responding to ghost dates that I never requested, this app has actually put me back a decade or two. Paper would have been better. My parents could have arranged this more efficiently. Maybe even my parents’ parents and theirs beforehand. Sheesh.Update: every time I access I have to login one more time than the last? Red flag.

2lane road, Jun 06, 2022
Trouble with e-mail

Problem: after I set up the poll information (using a previous poll with attendees included), Doodle gives me the message that it is unable to complete the task and to “come back later” or some such. However, if I go immediately to my e-mail, there is the notification. The first time this happened, I kept trying to set up new polls, getting the same message every time. Imagine the consternation among 12 avid Mah Jongg players to find several of the same message in their inbox. Please help keep the tiles clicking, and me as facilitator! (Oh, wait, maybe I should just get fired and let someone else handle this....)

avlmahjongg, Apr 21, 2019
Loss of functionality

I’ve not used Doodle for at least a few months, so the new app icon was unfamiliar. Unfortunately, the new (absence of) functionality was, too. I could not create a poll in the iOS app but accepted its suggestion to open the webpage (so it knows it can’t). There, I could create a poll but could not resize the time slots. Awkwardly, I could grab them and make the fixed duration earlier or later, or even move the day. But I needed a longer time slot. Undaunted, I kept practicing with short taps, long pushes, touching just the = at the bottom, and deleting with the X corner of the event. Frustrated, I booted my laptop and completely recreated the event, since I did not save it with the wrong time slots on my iPhone. Finally, that worked! However, checking status of who has favored which days does NOT work on my iPhone. Only the first 3 of 6 days offered shows on my screen and scrolling right does not work.The iOS app seems a placeholder, which is odd in 2022. I get it in the first year of iPhones that app developers were still figuring out how to port to smartphones. But that ship has sailed. If Doodle comes clean and says, “We do not support iOS, please use a laptop” that would be efficient and I’d find an alternative scheduler. Please, Doodle, tell me if you’re returning to the iPhone!

iPad 1 legacy user, Apr 12, 2022
Completely Unusable As of Now

I used Doodle a number of years back as a way to build schedules out of peoples’ availability. I recently decided to begin using it again for a different job, but upon downloading the app, it is COMPLETELY unusable. When you open it, it just sits on the open/loading screen, and doesn’t enter the app. I have tried this multiple times, as well as having others try it, and they all have the same issue. To my understanding, the website is functioning fine, but the main appeal is that people can access it quickly on their phones.One star until this problem is fixed.

JaceFromMars, Dec 19, 2017
Amazing but...

Synchronization is key. The Desktop and mobile are not connecting, it feels like I’m working in two different accounts. My mobile app does not let me view the booking calendar. IOS does not sync with the desktop. However, the mobile syncs with many calendars. It would make sense for at least the calendars to sync with the desktop. That way if I book on the desktop it will have all my events. Doodle has been my go to app for all scheduling and it seems like I will have to look for an alternative.

Manati354, Feb 10, 2021
From Great to Garbage

This app used to be my go-to for scheduling on the iPad, iPhone or Mac. Over the years they have gradually made it less fun and more sterile/corporate, and recently Doodle pushed out an update that totally destroyed the UI and made Doodle an exercise is frustration. Problems: (1) The app doesn’t allow you to schedule group meetings in it anymore!(???). This was the main feature before… but now it just opens a webpage in Safari. What!?!? If it’s just going to do that then why even bother with the app at all? (2) Formerly freemium features are now behind an invisible paywall that keep prompting you to upgrade to pay every time you click. Ironically, I *used* to pay for Doodle, but given this really irritating new interface I wouldn’t recommend paying them. (3) It won’t connect or login over VPNs meaning there are times you can’t get on it at all (coffee shops, etc). (4) If you have a content blocker enabled you will have to disable it for this site, but the issue is that the web UI without content blocking is a nightmare of flashing ads and pop up’s. Overall, I hate Doodle now. Hopefully your mileage will vary.

MrSteveee, Apr 13, 2022
I recently updated doodle and now it doesnt work

I used doodle weekly for the last year it was great for organizing 60-70 ppl and letting them know about a weekly practice group. It helped me keep in touch about time, location and dates. Everyone participated when and if they could by signing up or declining each week. I am very dependent on the app to bring ease to organizing my practice group. Recently though about the same time I updated the app It has become inaccessible due to an “SSL error and no secure connection to the server” and I am no longer able to connect to doodle. I am not even able to contact their support link. I was surprised when this review let me express my situation. I am at a loss as to how to contact them or repair the situation and restore this great tool to my daily toolbox.

playwelltogether, Nov 22, 2017
Please give us the old Doodle

I have used this app for several years for scheduling Pickleball. The chart was easy to see the full schedule and people could look at it and determine how many players we had for specific days. As the administrator, when I schedule the dates it automatically counts me as available for all the dates. That is just ridiculous. Just because I’m scheduling it does not always mean that I am available. Plus it now hides my response. It is also requiring people to put an email addresses before being able to connect to the poll. We didn’t have to do this before. No one in my group of 20 is happy with the changes. It has become much more cumbersome. Seems to have gone backwards rather than improved. Please give us the old doodle back. Or maybe give an option to choose which one to use.

RoBu21, Apr 18, 2022
New Update is way less user friendly

I absolutely loved Doodle. I use it for scheduling date nights, weekend getaways, board meetings, and play dates. Unfortunately, the new update has made it very frustrating. It’s not nearly as user friendly and more complex to understand. It was seamless before so I really hope you’ll convert back to the old way. If you did, I’d be giving you a 5 star review. I have always shared how great this app is with family and friends but I don’t feel good about doing that at this time.

Striner22, May 29, 2022
I used to really like it

I have used the Doodle app for a while and loved how easy it made it to schedule time slots with friends. It was optimized for mobile, allowed me to see my calendar, and schedule with friends through text. Simple, clean, easy.Unfortunately, I logged in today and everything is updated. I have to go to a web browser to do the time poll and it’s really hard to see the days and times and my calendar. I can barely click to create a time slot and I can’t drag it around to update the times, etc. it is now difficult to use for the one task it was really good at before. Just sharing my frustration so you know how great it was and why I deleted the app.

Theknoxtree, Apr 13, 2022


We’re just checking in to let you know that we’ve heard your concerns and we’re working hard to upgrade the app and fix any existing issues. If you’re having trouble using the app, feel free to reach out to our Support Team. They can help you solve any issues you might be having: https://help.doodle.com/hc/en-us Seriously easy scheduling for any type of event—all in one app.

Just pick what kind of event you want to schedule, set it up, send it to participants and let Doodle handle the rest. Say goodbye to all the back-and-forth and no-shows. The Doodle app lets you send times for appointments, team meetings, and even share your rolling availability. See who has responded or booked a time and have us automatically send the event details after booking. Doodle makes scheduling happen—without the hassle. DIFFERENT WAYS TO SCHEDULE 1. Booking Page - share your availability with a link 2. Group poll - share times with multiple people and find which time works best for everyone. 3. 1:1 - propose times to meet with one person and let them book what works best. HOW IT WORKS 1. Set up your event and choose from Booking Page, group polls, and 1:1s. 2. Add the details, location, and video conferencing if it's remote. 3. Set up your availability or add times for group polls and 1:1s. 4. Create your event and then send your Booking Page or invite to participants. They pick what time(s) work for them. THE BEST FEATURES - Group polls: The fastest way to find the right time for a meeting without having access to people’s calendars. - 1:1s: Meet on your terms: select multiple times and let participants book what fits their schedule. - Booking pages: Let clients, co-workers, and more book time with you instantly. You define your availability. - No ads: Keep it professional for your participants with ad-free scheduling. - Custom branding: Delight your marketing team by putting your branding on every invite or booking page. -Deadlines and reminders: Get the most responses or make your invites time-limited. - Video conferencing links: Automatically add video conferencing to every booked remote meeting. HOW TO GET STARTED - Download the app and create an account. We’ll take you to our website to do this. You can also start a trial. - Take Doodle for a spin: Hit the create button (the + button) in the top right to create your first invite or booking page. - Add the times or availability and details. Create then send the link to your participants. - Is it a group poll? Make sure to close the poll after everyone has responded and we’ll email them all the details. - Automatic calendar syncing: Avoid double bookings and keep your invites and booking pages always current. LOVING THE APP? Make sure you leave a review. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can make it even better. NEED HELP? We’re here if something breaks or you can’t figure anything out. Head here for how to’s and to contact Support: https://help.doodle.com/

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