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Color Therapy Coloring Number

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User Reviews for Color Therapy Coloring Number

Loved it???

Great app I would spend hours and hours coloring in great masterpieces but there are not a lot of great things as well. Once I was making something and finished and clicked the done button to post it then it froze I tried opening something else but then I realized it froze my whole phone!!!! When it unfroze it restarted the app and I looked and saw that it freaking undone all my work and didn’t even save it!!!! The very first time I got this app I realized you have to pay to get pictures that have stars and not just once you have to pay it monthly or weekly. But I like that you can color according on how you wanna color it but they should be more careful about where they place things because when your color a finger might slip and you press the button for the drag color so when you hopelessly drag you finger not realizing what happened the color you chose is half way across the coloring page. And earlier when I was talking about having to pay it’s not just the pictures it’s the colors to so if you do not want to pay you are stuck with limited colors and every time you accidentally move to a starred color it pops up that you should buy it. So if you made it this far do not download this app it may be great and everything but when you get mad because it did something stupid don’t act like I did not tell you it wouldn’t happen.

@jaeshae07, Nov 29, 2019
Amazing app!!

I have had this app since the first update version and since then it’s been my all time favorite coloring app! It’s very easy to learn how to use! On my old device I had access to almost every picture but I lost the password and email to it. Sadly on my new device I only have access to the free ish pictures when they first come out a day. After the next day they aren’t free anymore and you can only repaint it. Speaking of repainting I am still getting used to this option since I’ve had the app a while and this is a relatively new update. I prefer to actually color and my own pictures and make my own thing. However though I love the lightbulb button in the corner of the certain drawing it is because sometimes I can’t tell what a section goes to like if it’s the hair or the background. But the lightbulb button shows what other people have drawn to give you ideas for it and I love it! I also love that it’s kind of taken an Instagram approach to have accounts where you can like and follow people I think it’s really a fun and awesome idea so that people can see more of your art! Anyways sorry I made this a long ramble but I just love this app so much!

aleasha47, Dec 21, 2020
This app is awesome it’s five star

When I played this app I felt like I was in a total different dimension and right now I have an account and I already have 1.5 K hearts and people keep on commenting being like oh my gosh your paintings are so awesome and I just feel so happy is in this app I’m so glad it’s created and I hope they make more apps of this because it’s awesome I’m not kidding you should try it it’s awesomely crazy. Today when I use the app it just started to not work and I have to do 1 million things to get it to work so I’ll still keep it though but you Gotta make it better so I can work and it Hass to be awesome and when I say awesome it’s a perfect and I’m not kidding when I say it you should try this app if has difficulties don’t get so mad because it happened to me I feel your pain this app deserves the five star I gave it it’s spectacular I feel like I want to use this app all day so when I go to school I just keep thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it and today I looked at my hearts and I had 1,000,000.5 K views mean I mean heart trust me you Gotta be like me to get all those hearts baby . Oh my gosh today is app is totally not working so I might delete it tomorrow if I don’t catch up on work but I’ll I’ll try to keep it and I really hope I do not have to get rid of my account because my account is blowing up right now I keep getting heart by heart by heart by heart sorry if you have to read all this is the very long passage bye

Bells and whistle's, Mar 04, 2019
Really enjoying this app but...

I really like this app! But I don’t like how you don’t have access to all pictures, you really only have access to 1/5 of them. I’m not really loving how you can comment on others posts and that it’s social media but it’s ok. I love how there is no video adds! There is 1 thing, You usually start off with 50 coins I deleted the app and it restarted everything else but there were 0 coins? I think the yearly fee for if you wanted special accesses is way too expensive, I think 60$ for an app per year is a lot, even if it’s over the course of a year. I don’t like how you can only have certain pictures,tools,and filters without buying the add on’s. Although it is very relaxing, and fun. I also like how there are about 4 new photos released daily and you have those free, but only for that day. I would 100% recommend if you didn’t have to pay for things but I get that they need to make money somehow. One more thing, I don’t have the VIP extra paying add on’s to the app and the people who do, there’s look very good and professional and good because of all the things they are given with the deal they made. I still think it is a very enjoyable app but I would recommend a few changes. Thank you!

DOG LOVER!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶, Jan 04, 2021
Getting Slightly Impatient

I love this app, it’s nice to listen to calm music and color, but there are barely any pictures to color After a week or so of FINALLY making progress and getting most of the pictures in the CLASSIC book for free, you decided to go back to your selfish ways and refrain me from being able to color other pictures that aren’t worth me spending money on just to get your membership. I am getting a little cross, we should be able to color ALL the CLASSIC pictures, (and again I capitalize classic) for free. I hope you are able to actually read my complaint and give me a good reason for why you think we should pay for stuff that are literally classic, they are basic pictures that you won’t let us color. Which makes NO sense. I hope you don’t respond to me, with that mediocre auto response you do with everyone else and tell me you liked my feedback when I know you didn’t even freaking read it. I want a real response knowing that your going to fix this selfish mistake that you made just so you could make money off of people that just want to get away from their stressful daily lives and relax and will do anything to do so. Including paying for something that should be free and ultimately getting scammed. And if this simple, SIMPLE update is made... Then I’ll be sure to give you guys 5 stars. Thank you and please don’t even dare to give me a phony auto response, I want a real one from someone in your company. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Emoji94😜😺, Feb 22, 2018
This app is actually therapeutic. But lately...

Ok so, no joke, this app is great. I am not a bot, for the record. I really love listening to my fav audio books or music(my own not theirs) while I color. It has a great format and balance between free coloring pages and the VIP ones, same with the tools. But lately I haven’t been able to do anything. When I try to color something it goes black, then boots me off the app. I DID download the new update and it made no difference. This is frustrating because I love this app, besides reading, this is the only activity that can make someone like me(seriously ADHD, but really, sometimes I talk like an over caffeinated squirrel 😅) but I can sit still and be quiet for HOURS with this app. I recently found a way to make hair very realistic(kinda) and I think I’ve been improving. Please, Please, please, fix this. I know that this isn’t actually the first time I complained, bc last time The update deleted my unpublished coloring pages, but at this point I’m ok with some of them having to delete. I just want access to my favorite app again. Please see this and do something. Idk if other ppl have this problem, and I wouldn’t even write a bad review, I just want to use your app again. Thank you, T. Danner

ImissLoki, Dec 08, 2020
No longer fun😢

This is no longer the app to which I originally subscribed, and which I enjoyed immensely for a long, long time. Honestly, I was addicted, and really enjoyed coloring the first-class pictures it offered and the ease of navigation. I enjoyed the interaction with the other subscribers and loved the contests. Then it began to change. It was no longer the relaxing, coloring app that it started out to be. I was gone for about a week and when I returned, the app had been totally revamped and I began to have trouble navigating the site. Instead of a relaxing coloring app, it became very stressful just to find tools. While I did enjoy the tutorials in the beginning, and followed them faithfully, they later began to take on a different dimension, some of which were not to the least of my interest. The contests became more complex, and instead of simply submitting our pictures, we were supposed to vote for the works of others. In other words, I was now becoming not only stressed, but feeling bored with my options. I have never written an app review before, but I feel as if the developers need to know that they have quickly turned this long-running “relaxing” app into a stress inducing app that only can be fun and relaxing for a professional artist. Sad to say, but I have cancelled my subscription to Color Therapy, saying goodbye to my coloring friends there and moving on.

J. Kaaren, Mar 06, 2019
Great but…

This app is fun, but so much is wrong with it. First of all, the admin have WAY too much power and go on banning sprees. You can get banned for talking about mental health issues, violence (some people use this as a fanfic platform), etc. The worst part is that they don’t tell you why you got banned in the first place! They don’t tell you the rules on what you can or can’t post either. Second, it’s biased to the VIP users. 75% of the DTPs are vip users, and don’t get me wrong, they deserve it, but usually there are only two or three regular users who get it. The only free templates regular users can use are the daily ones that are only available for one day and the ones that are always free but those aren’t very fun. Finally, the membership is super overpriced. $15 a month comes out to $180 a year or about 50 cents a day. So if you want to actually be able to use the app, have fun paying enough to buy a week’s groceries for 3 people! This app is a cash grab. Usually on apps with a super expensive membership, there are no ads, right? Not with ColorTherapy! Ads. All. The. Time. ColorTherapy, if you want to keep you stop losing users, stop banning people for no reason. I don’t want one of your stupid auto replies, I want you to read this. Take it to heart. As for those thinking of getting this app, read the review a second time. Edit: so I got the price wrong sorry about that it’s actually 5 bucks a month not 15.

JayStarStudios, Dec 01, 2022

Ok this was my favorite coloring app ON THE PLANET!!! All the brushes and colors fricking amazing! But hears the thing, I already paid for a subscription before this new update (witch I HATE) took my subscription away and now I have to pay for stuff I really don't want to or shouldn't even need to! And I know your just going to tell me to go to your customer service and all that but its truly horrible that that's the only thing we can do! Look from one artist to another I get you have to pay for your drawers but why monthly? Why so expensive?! I loved it when I could just watch an add or just pay a nice reasonable price and go on with my day! Cause I dont mind paying! I love supporting other artists but with all the downloads you already have your getting money like crazy so could you PLEASE lower the price!!! Or just bring adds back, PLEASE!!!And just a note for you guys in the future, don't make us update the app ok? I'm really serious about that!!! It's just messed up! And if we do decide to update it, please list down below with all the new things in the app, that it will now be subscription based.Ugh anyways I LOVED the app and I really really hope you take what a wrote down in mind, have a good day, and please respond.

Juanita, WBCN, Jan 03, 2021
Great app… but I do have a few suggestion

This is an amazing app it has great daily contests amazing daily coloring pages and a nice selection of free coloring pages by the way I love the way you made the repaint tool so you can make your own art but also repaint other people’s art anyway I have a few suggestions first off could you make a tool where you can get rid of the lines because it is a bit annoying when I have to go to the publish page multiple times just to see what the lines look like and or maybe you could make it so the blank coloring page could be free second could you make it so we can earn the coin token things because I used mine up very quickly maybe we could like watch a video or if we got enough likes/followers/repainters we would get free coins also last one so I know you have making challenges for a long time but they don’t seem very original anymore for example one time I did a challenge called galaxy gown and like a month or two later there was a challenge called galaxy dress or something like that so yeah maybe you could try to make challenges a little different maybe. So yeah those are my suggestion this is a great app and I highly recommend you download.

Katie1183, Nov 18, 2020


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