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Lure: Interactive Chat Stories

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User Reviews for Lure: Interactive Chat Stories

Only 1 Con 💗

I love this app so much! I always use time calculators to calculate my next gem bonus. It’s a great way to always be on time if I don’t see the notification. The first story I read was “Eyes For my Stepbrother” and I can’t get enough of it. I love all of the stories in this app but the one con is that you need gems to read the next chapter of the story, even the novels! I used around 17 dollars on this app buying gems to try and complete stories. It was sort of worth it, the gems went down quickly. It is my fault though. I’m always sad when the chapter I’m on ends and I have insufficient gems to buy the next chapter. Therefore, I find a different story to read and spend my gems on. This is a problem because I try to only focus on one specific story to spend gems on then when I’m finished I can focus on another one. Unfortunately, I get too bored and spend them on another story. This stops me from buying the next chapter in the specific story I’m trying to finish because I can’t complete it if I don’t even have enough gems to buy the next chapter since I always spend them on other stories. I still rate this a 5/5 because I’m so invested in the stories. I just wish you didn’t need to spend your hard work to buy a chapter... would recommend if you like reading and plot twists.

BitLife - Oreo Panda, Apr 11, 2021
Good & Bad Aspects! 🤨

There are certain aspects of the game that I enjoy, such as the different types of stories & the gem system (I didn’t have to pay for any & I have over 600). The stories are also updated often, that really isn’t an issue for me because I’m also a writer & understand life gets in the way sometimes. Now for the bad part about the app, most of the stories give off Stockholm Syndrome vibes. I’m not gonna call them out but clearly you can see them, it does give the wrong idea to the younger readers, who may think that it’s normal, which it isn’t. I don’t expect you all to switch it over to childlike stories but at least be realistic about some of the things your authors are writing. In a normal world, you would NOT be in love with your kidnapper! To feature a story like that is very questionable & I will not be reading those type of stories. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It would be a perfect 5 star app if you’d be mindful of the stories instead of just publishing anything on your app for a quick buck. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Britt x's 2, Oct 31, 2020
Chapter releases & Gems

Honestly, this app has interesting and awesome stories. Enveloping you into the story and piquing you’re interest even more, to continue reading.But, if a new book comes out, there should be an every week, new released chapter. For example, every Wednesday, 2 to 3 new chapters of the story will be released on every Wednesday. There should honestly be a deadline because there is one story that I know about (don’t know if there are other stories with authors that do the same as the one I’m trying to read) that I’ve been waiting weeks (about to be a month, no kidding) for a new chapter and nothing is released. I don’t want this app to lose customers because I honestly believe it’s such a good app with great stories, but to be completely upfront, that’s how you lose customers.Hopefully, you guys can fix this. It would be much appreciated.Also, the reduction of gems would be nice. There are some people who can’t really afford to buy gems because they don’t have enough money. So, please, reduce the amount of gems needed to be wasted for each chapter and each picture & video. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and I hope you all take care.

Emythedreamer, Jun 20, 2020
Love it just wish for books to have second parts to them...

I love Lure, just wish it didn't take so long to get gems or even if you keep it the same amount of time but offer more gems then. Having new chapters not costing some much to unlock...12 gems each chapter is a lot. Would there be anyway to be able to write to the author or for the author to announce when new chapters will be updated, or if there will be a part 2 to the story. I love Devils Appetite! I was so disappointed when it ended and found out there wasn't another book on what happened to Selena and Nicolo. Was hoping there would be another story about their future.Is there anyway to put on here a way to message the writers or a way for them to make posts. To let us the readers know when new chapters are coming out and if there will be a second story. I just finished "In Love with My Kidnapper" I want to know if there is a second story or that was it...

Je7t1e, Dec 16, 2020
Why so expensive? Where are my gems going??

12 gems per chapter is too much considering it would take 8 hours to gain that many without paying. I wish the clock auto reset after 4 hours if you don’t check in. Also, I’ll watch videos to earn gems and they don’t stick! The app will say I don’t have enough when I do and if I close out of the app and go back in the gem I’ve earned just disappears. It’s also hard to exit a story sometimes. It won’t allow me to hit any of the top buttons and I have to force the app closed. The pictures you pay for are obviously not made for the story you’re reading and rather stock photos that are applied accordingly. One time the photo was intended to be someone’s home but was really a picture of the inside of a furniture store with random pieces of furniture everywhere including a bed right next to what would be a living room. I like the app but I know I’ll get frustrated and delete it eventually.

kencosmo17, Aug 25, 2020
Technically the WORST app I’ve ever used

Love the stories, but the CONSTANT bugs IN THIS APP ARE MADDENING. First, The gems displayed never match the gems you actually have. Then the fact that they allow you to get gems every 4 hours, but limit your ability to do so my putting a “no ads available” block up telling you to check back in 24 hours. The cost of gems is really high. But at this rate you can’t read more than a chapter every 8 hours or so and that’s without making any premium choices. on top of it, gems DISAPPEAR. On their own. Like POOF. The stories will glitch. Why would I purchase gems if I’m afraid they will disappear!! And this would not be a problem if it weren’t for the last reason this is the worst app ever… There is absolutely no way to contact anyone for customer support. I have never experienced this with any app ever, but there is no customer support whatsoever to be found. So you can’t reach out to get back missing gems or anything like that as you would be able to with other apps. Great stories it’s really too bad. But I have never wanted to reach out and punch the creators of an app so much in my life. My best advice is that you pay the subscription fee for an app like Galatea, where there is. I limit or control over your reading pace.

Kitryn1, Jun 29, 2022
Needs improvement

So I enjoy this app and I understand that you have to make your money somewhere but having to wait 4hrs for diamonds is a bit long. If I have to watch a full ad before I can even start to read an episode I just unlocked then I should get the option to voluntarily watch the ad for a discount on the episode like half the gems it would cost to read it. If I’m paying full price of gems for episode then I should get the option to skip the ad or the ad shouldn’t even be there at all. It should pop up and read pay x amount of gems for next episode or watch ad and pay half. Then once I’ve read a story fully through if I paid gems for some of my choices then I shouldn’t have to pay gems for those same choices again if I read the story again. Sometimes it’s like no matter what I choose too that the story is going to continue to read like I chose the other choice. I like the concept and stories but this app needs much more improvement before it would be worthy of 5 stars from me. There should also be a bigger variety of purchase options for gems. Most apps offer a .99 cent option as opposed to 1.99 for the smallest amount and for basically $2 I’m only getting 20 gems. Seems like a rip off. 20 gems should cost .99 cents for 1.99 it should be 40-50.

Kj1621, Jan 10, 2022
App is super buggy, the stories are great tho

I’ve had this app a little over a week and originally it was okay, instead of waiting the 4hrs I just bought some gems to continue to read but now that I’m not I’ve noticed that even if I check in EVERY 4 hours I either don’t get gems/tickets or I just get gems which is super annoying because you end up having to wait 4hrs to read 1 chapter because they only have the option of doubling ur 6 gems for 12 which covers 1 chapter and the other day there was an option to watch adds to get 2 gems and i used it a couple times and then it wouldn’t let use it anymore (which I kinda get still super annoying) and yesterday there was this promotion thing where I was supposed to be able to get 12 gems by signing up for stuff online but I never received any of the gems and all I got were scammers texting my phone like probably 12 of them, On the opposite side of things if you can work past the bugs the stories are super gravitating, very smutty 10/10

milopighoney041418, Oct 12, 2022
Hate to love this!

Reading an excellent story. However the fact I’ve paid over $40 dollars to read 15 chapters is ridiculous! Everything cost gems! To view photos, gems. Video? Even more gems. And to read the next chapter!? 12! I’m going through well over 60 gems in one chapter. Ridiculous. I didn’t even know there was a package until I just seen another review. But to pay that amount to read is absurd. I am so invested in this story that I’m forced to finish it. But after this I’ll be uninstalling if these prices don’t drastically change. I would rate this 5 stars or more if I could if it weren’t for the prices. You should really reconsider them. I spent 6 gems to see a pic of a girl laying on her bed doing nothing but staring off into space. I refuse to unlock anymore photos or videos! Please take these concerns into consideration from everyone.

momma82311, Jun 15, 2020
Don’t bother...

I’ve been using Episodes & Dreame to read before bed. I came across this app in a Facebook post, and thought I’d try it, as the story in the post caught my attention. It didn’t bother me too much in the beginning, to wait the 4 hours for gems. Then, I found that it doesn’t refresh when you miss that 4 hour mark. Therefore, wait 24 hours, and you only get the gems for 4 hours. Seemed like a pain, but could tolerate. Until last night, when I’d taken the time throughout the afternoon evening to check in/collect gems when I saw it on my notifications. After reading a bit, the baby stirred, so I left the app and tended to him. Once I came back, it showed 30 gems (which would’ve been correct) but it was frozen. When refreshed, it stated 1 gem. There’s no way in the app or anywhere I’ve found to contact support. I’ve bought gems a couple of times in my other apps, but I refuse to, in an app where they basically try to force you to buy them, or have no support system in place for glitches or issues. While I’m already into this story that I downloaded the app for, I’ll keep it and read until I’m done, then the app will be deleted. It’s too bad, really. Has some interesting stories, and I realize that it provides these writers a way to get their stories out, but this app is not the way. When you find an app that makes it difficult to contact support when/if it’s needed, it’s best to leave that app alone, and find another. I’ll be checking from now on.

Mystee Dawn, Feb 20, 2021


Lure features bite-sized chat stories told in the format of a text message conversations, like if you were watching somebody else’s messenger app texts. From suspenseful steamy romance conversations to creepy horror stories, Lure’s chat stories deliver traditional stories in a gripping, engaging new way that will leave you addicted – just tap to reveal the next message and watch the episode unfold! We’ve taken the fun of engaging with bite-sized content like Snapchat and have used it to deliver text stories in a way that is SNAPPY, SPOOKY, and ADDICTING.

Whether you want to squeeze in a quick read on your commute to work, don’t have the time to read a long story or you fancy experiencing 21st century storytelling at its finest, Lure has something for you. We’ve made reading fun, fast and thoroughly enjoyable – come and see what we’re about! New titles to explore everyday! By using Lure, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: https://lureapp.com/terms-conditions.html https://lureapp.com/privacy-policy.html

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