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User Reviews for Radish Fiction


I think that this app should not charge people such large fees to read books that would cost a fraction of the cost in a real book store. With how short most of the chapters are, it is ridiculous to have to wait 24 hours to have to read another equally short chapter. I enjoy reading these stories but it is starting to get annoying that i can’t simply read the book the entire way through. Personally I have used and still sometimes use a different reading app which I sometimes enjoy more because only a few of the stories cost coins and also the other app gives you the ability to leave comments which I enjoy reading because it allows you to know what other readers think. For example while reading a romance where the main character has two people chasing after them it is interesting seeing who people think is right. Even with the ability to receive 3 free coins each day which is enough to read one short chapter of only one of the books I am reading. That leads me to the fact that 3 is an odd number and i don’t understand why it can’t be 2 coins per chapter especially when the packs you buy are not even multiples of three. It is obvious the owners are more interested in putting extra cash in their pocket then giving the customer the experience the want and deserve. The only reason it isn’t a one star review is because there still seems to be good stories on the app.

1843743642653, Apr 15, 2020

Radish is by far my favorite sexy reading app I have tried. Lots of well edited stories. I am highly addicted to it. I would like to make a suggestion. I would love to be able to organize my library myself into 3 different categories. Currently reading, Want to Read, Already Read. I find myself adding so many stories to my library, it’s a jumbled mess. I also sometimes stop reading a book that is not fully released and move on to another “completed” story so that the chapters can pile up. I hate reading one chapter at a time when I am into a story. The one thing I get frustrated with is the slow release of chapters. I just want to sit down and read as much as I have time for. This is why I now try to look for completed stories first. But sometimes I don’t and often when I go back to finish a story later it is buried in my Library and is hard to find. Please add a feature to allow ME to separate the books in my Library to those 3 categories. Thank you!

AnnalisaStahler, May 25, 2020
Too expensive

I love reading and have no issues spending money on a book/series I am really into. This app is good, the stories I have read so far are good, and the grammatical errors are better then most apps like this that I have tried. The cost though is waaaaayyyy to expensive. I have already spent $50 and I am only on season4 of a 16 season book. This also includes all the time I have waited for my free episodes. It is outrageous. I think they would do better to give people the ability to purchase a coins cheaper even without free episodes. It feels gimmicky. I also don’t like that you can’t just keep reading in large sections with out constantly think about spending 50cents (about) per chapter. Also these chapter seem more equivalent to about 4-6 actually pages in a book. They are so short it is just digging for money. I really do enjoy this app, but I can not reason spending so much money when there are so many more options out there with just as good if not better quality writing, options, and apps.

Cluck, Dec 07, 2020
The app won’t give the free episodes it promises

I really didn’t want to leave a bad review and I have tried resolving the issue with customer service, however we’ve just been going around In circles trying to resolve my issue.I don’t mind paying for stories and some of the stories are quite good. However, the stories advertise when you read three episodes you will unlock a free episode. These free episodes, are never available. I have been back and forth with customer service (which by the way was very difficult to find a contact for) only to be told I basically don’t understand how free episodes work. I have even sent them screenshots showing how the title page clearly states the free episodes are available but when I tried to access them the app still asks for payment. The response I got was that I purchased the episode before it was available. How is it before it was available when it states “your free episode is now ready” and has an unlocked lock? Anyway the app is good even if it is a little expensive to read stories. I was really hoping a free episode every third episode would help to balance out the cost of the stories. So if you don’t mind being told you get an episode for free and then never get it the app is good and most of the authors are good but if it will frustrate you to not get the discount you are told you’ll get, then stay away. Unfortunately I am invested in four stories, at the moment, but I am not starting any new ones. 😢

Crunut, Jul 16, 2019
The billionaires surrogate

I also think that radish charges way too much to read their books. I started reading the billionaires surrogate and in order to see what the story is about from start I ended up paying almost $100 and I’mJust barely I would say past halfway. I really enjoyed the story and think that it is very well written by Jamie but gosh it’s awfully expensive which I will not be able to afford being on a fixed income so therefore I probably won’t have a choice but to cancel my subscription before the anniversary date at the end of March. Which is really a shame because I do enjoy your stories if there is any way you can just charge a lump sum per book that would probably be a lot better and I think you would have a lot more customers also I subscribed to the 200 coins per month for $9.99But because I was trying to read the book from the beginning I went through the 200 coins pretty fast and I did try to buy another 200 but it will not let me I don’t know why thank you

just memories, Mar 02, 2021
Love it! But..

I love this app! I read it constantly whenever I can and quarantine has got me bored. But I also feel like there really should be some changes. I feel that if this app should take out the wait times and coins and let people read for free. I only say this because if this happens more and more people will download this app. I was hesitant about downloading at first because I knew you had to pay and wait a while for stories and I’m also a big reader so I knew I would get hooked instantly. I just got the app about last week and the story I’m reading has almost 800 chapters, and the story still isn’t done! Which is incredible but I REALLY want to catch up because I know I’m wayyy behind. If the paying and waiting we’re taken out then you could get much more people downloading. I still love this app and will continue to read but I really think these things should be lowered at least because with 265 coins which is about 88 chapters, I could easily read that in less than a week considering how short a lot of the chapters are. And I love to binge read!

Misa Flinty, May 27, 2020
Hit or Miss

Most of the storylines I’ve read are great. Some are incredible! Some of the stories are great, but DESPERATELY need to be edited for spelling and grammar. Only a few I’ve read are ridiculously shallow and superfluous. One was particularly tragic; the grammar, spelling, and syntax distracted from an otherwise incredible storyline. My recommendation is to require that each story be edited by an admin (with a decent education, preferably) before it can be posted. Also, having to stop mid-story because the rest is only available by purchase is extremely annoying, and it has caused me to abandon a story more than once. I get that that’s how you make your money, but maybe have other ways to earn coins. Heck, I’ll watch three 30-second ads for the next chapter any day! Also, I’ve recently had issues with the app not allowing me to continue to the chapter, despite having met the waiting requirement. There’s no error message, just simply won’t go the the next page, and if I continue trying, even after a few seconds, it ends up freezing the app, so that I have to restart it. It’s only on one or two stories, though, and the rest are fine. So bizarre.

MommyKyLiera, Jul 26, 2020
New Update Won’t Load + Coin Expiration

I have no problem paying for books, but if I pay for something, I don’t want it to expire. Also it’s impossible to change my coin subscription within the app. I have to go through my apps app and it’s much too complicated. Also the new update makes it so that Radish won’t load? Not sure if this is just a network error, but it’s never happened before today. I’d like to be able to use my coins before they expire please. 🙄The only reason there’s three stars instead of two is because of the quality of content. Most of the stuff is good, but there’s a few books marked as historical fiction but are heavily inaccurate (as a history nerd I am not willing to sacrifice someone calling a person “dude” in the 1800s or someone claiming to be a suffragette decades before the name was coined just because of the plot). Another thing to add is that the chapters cost 3 coins each, which doesn’t really make any sense? It annoys me, they should make it 2. You have to buy coins in increments that are not multiples of 3? It’s dumb. The app developers seem to be focusing more on money than providing a good service.

Mrs.Worldwide, Mar 04, 2019
Decent. Could be better

Overall, it’s an interesting format. Some of the stories are excellent. Some are trash, and not in the fun sort of way. I don’t particularly like books that haven’t been completed. Some are so many seasons it’s insane to try and read them. I think the wait feature is fine BUT waiting an hour+ for a chapter you read in less than a minute is ridiculous. Chapters should have to be a minimum length or wait times should be shortened to 15-20 mins tops. Also I wish it had an Auto Unlock feature if it stays an hour. I don’t always have time to go in and manual unlocked ten stories every hour just so I can have 5 minutes of reading time later. Editing should be mandatory for stories published. You are charging people, be it time or money, for a product. I don’t expect perfection but when each chapter is riddled with basic grammar and spelling issues, that’s ridiculous. Lastly, coins should not expire. I should be able to save and use them when I want to on whichever books I want. Sometimes a story will require over 100 coins to unlock. I shouldn’t have to do that incrementally. 3 coins is a lot to unlock one chapter that may or may not only take 1 minute to read. And I have a very short time period to decide how to use them. It’s also very difficult to see which coins are still available and when exactly they expire in your history. I like it when the story will tell me exactly how many coins I need to unlock the remaining chapters.

Nickielynn02, Aug 21, 2021
Started out wonderful but recently became frustrating and aggravating

Hello my name is Bridget Escobar let me start off by saying how much I love The billionaires surrogate The title of the book alone drew me in And I fell in love with The book and the storyline right away only after reading a couple pages of the story I absolutely love the book. Unfortunately due to recent technical difficulties unsure if they have to do with my phone or the radish app itself I am no longer able to continue reading the book although my phone does have a feature built into it that allows my phone to read to me recently I have noticed that my speak screen feature will not work properly only with the Radish app. I would appreciate it if the people radish would help me figure out whether this technical issue is due to my phones having technical issues or if it’s a Radish technical issue if no one willing to help me find a solution to my problem then I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription to Radish and delete the app I don’t want to come to that so I would appreciate it if someone would help me please and thank you.

shortlyb, Mar 07, 2022


Radish is a magical world where you can indulge in thousands of the hottest bite-sized romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories. Dive into everything from supernatural stories of shape-shifting werewolves to romantic tales with billionaire bosses -- With Radish, there’s a story for everyone. What you will love about Radish: Spend endless hours reading episodes of free stories from your new favorite romance authors with daily updates Read Radish Original stories written by some of daytime TV’s TOP Emmy-winning writers Enjoy Chat Stories - text message conversations that will have you tapping your way through your favorite genres, including romance, fantasy, mystery, and more Join live interactive chat rooms where you can talk directly with the authors and other readers You can have exclusive access to this land of unfiltered fiction whenever you desire.

Looking for good romance books as a bedtime story? On your lunch break? Have a minute between classes? Dive in. Maybe even read a few episodes while the baby is sleeping. Jump into the story whenever and as often as you want -- your secret is safe with us, we promise. What types of binge-worthy stories can you indulge in? Meet Mina from our viral hit His Royal Appetite -- she just got fired from her job and thinks it's the worst day of her life until she meets a sexy stranger named Leo at a bar. After their hot one-night stand, Mina discovers he is not just “Leo-from-the-bar” -- he is Leopold Desmet, Duke of Brinovia. Looking for more than a one-night stand with a royal duke? Meet Caliana from the paranormal world of Torn Between Alphas. Faced with a financial crisis she has a choice: A) Borrow money. B) Find another job. C) Sell herself to the Alpha. Cali chooses C and offers her soul to the highest bidder. But Xavier wants nothing to do with the girl his brother found online. He’s an Alpha and her annoying presence has ticked off an enemy wolf pack who would like nothing more than to see Xavier—and now Cali—dead. Join college student Emily as she becomes the surrogate for enigmatic billionaire Colton Collins. She signed on to have his child, but was completely unprepared for the passion that erupted between them, and the dark secrets from Colton’s past. You can also jump into thrilling fantasy encounters, young adult coming-of-age stories, exhilarating horror adventures, passionate LGBTQ+ romances, and everything in between. Our diverse and award-winning authors have got you covered. Who is part of our amazing author community? We support and encourage writers from every realm. Read stories from New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling authors. Explore Radish Originals written by award-winning writers known for producing some of the most well-known, engaging plotlines on television - series such as Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and All My Children. You will also discover stories by emerging writers and unique creator-owned titles like Simone Shirazi’s global phenomenon fairytale retelling series. You can support Radish stories and writers by purchasing coins to unlock more juicy episodes. We also have a lot of fun in-app events where you’ll have the chance to win coins! Want to know more about our community and follow along for the journey? Radish Fiction was built with passion across oceans from Seoul → New York City. Terms of Service: https://www.radishfiction.com/terms.html Privacy Policy: https://www.radishfiction.com/privacypolicy.html Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radishfiction/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radishfiction/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/radish_fiction

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