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User Reviews for Bible and Strong’s Concordance

It Changed How I Read and Interpret Scripture

This concordance has brought great clarity of scripture. Since I have put aside my Americanized/western mindset, the concordance has helped and influenced me to read and interpret scripture from a Hebrew mindset. I study deeply now and go and search other resources to learn more. It is time for readers and followers of Christ to do what 2 Timothy 2:15 tells us “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. We must exegete the scriptures accurately so we know the original intent of the author or message.

AMSmith71, Mar 05, 2022
Nuances help with understanding

Our English language (American English) is difficult enough to learn, even though we’re born and raised here. (Enough is spelled like Though but doesn’t sound the same.) Terms in the Bible came from Hebrew, Greek (a little Aramaic occasionally) and were (are) translated into the “best” term by the person (people) doing the work. But often one word is chosen over another for various reasons (context, choice of translator based on his background and education). THAT is when STRONG’S Concordance becomes a vital resource to aid anyone reading a Bible who wonders what the “original” word or term means. It helps to know where else that exact word was used. Sometimes the term is used in multiple places with a nuanced variant translation from the Hebrew or Greek. These are enlightening “ah ha” moments for a person reading and studying the Scriptures. These are the “oh, yes, now I understand” moments that help a person have a deeper connection to Scripture. A Strong’s Concordance is a layperson’s “Bible College.” It is a useful reference resource for anyone who reads the Bible.

Auntie Coosa, Aug 02, 2022
Geat Tool, One Minor inconvenience

The app works great, and I resort to it often. However, it has one oddball quirk that slows me down every time; The app opens with the alphabet in squares, one of which you select to begin your search. Rather than continuing on that page, so that one can type in the rest of the letters of the word, it then switches to a default iPhone keyboard (on my iPhone 6), forcing me too change my gears, so to speak. It always takes moments for me to adjust to the different location and smaller keyboard, since my mind is on the search, and not on the page layout.My suggestion to the developers is that the input page either remain on the first page with alphabet in squares, Or that it start and finish with a default keyboard.That being said, thanks very much for a great free app and Bible tool which I have used and enjoyed much!Update: this continues to be my go-to.

DreddPirateRob, Nov 27, 2020
Not too successful yet

I haven’t figured out your alpha layout. If I’m looking for a book starting with a letter yes, but If looking for just a word like righteous in a glossary or Concordence, I cannot navigate to find. Thank you. And yet to find the stucartensia (Brown-Driver-Briggs, ie.) which I’ve heard give the Hebrew words. Our Hebrew teacher can tap on a blue word in your app website (thru our zoom class) and down drops a list of synonyms, but I haven’t found that yet, either. Toda raba/ Thank you very much!

habehrit, Mar 06, 2022
The KJV Bible with concordance!!

I love having this Bible in my phone! I can read fall the time keeping in touch with God and Jesus! It has the true and unchanged truth of the word of God! Strongs is the best choice if you are looking for the whole truth without any changes! Also, you can look up the meanings of words at a fingertip. It has bookmarks, new and Old Testaments, All you need to understand Gods word! The subject, the information of that chapter, and all the backup to understand the word. Verse by verse, chapter by chapter! At your fingertips on your phone whoever you are! Great app!! Jan Summers, RN Retired.

jjjSummers, Apr 26, 2022
Everything but...

First, let me point out how incredibly valuable it is to have the bible in this form. I am no linguistic scholar, but the option to view the original Greek and Hebrew add a depth of understanding that may be limited in a particular translation.Two items that may improve usability:- The ability to remove advertisements, either through a subscription or (ideally) one-time payment.- The ability to look up transliterated words in the original languages.

KC Sultan, Jan 17, 2021
Love this app!

I have this app one three devices. It's wonderful to use when you want to dig deeper into God's meaning behind the words on the pages of the Bible. The concordance is a tool every believer should have, and this app makes studying so much easier and faster than a physical copy. I have a couple suggestions. A back button, that would allow me to go back to the verse I was studying, would be a wonderful addition. Also, once I select a hyperlink concordance number, it would be nice if, in the window that opens, those concordance numbers would also be hyperlinked as well. In this case a back button in the window would be a great addition. Thank you all for this great study tool! I use your app every day, and it has grown my understanding of the word, and my connection to our Heavenly Father. God bless you all!

MrsDunn78, Dec 23, 2021
B.C., Calhoun county, Michigan Notary Public

The Only Bible I believe in reading and understanding the word that comes from my mother Louise the one who I belong to and the woman who owns me she also believes in the readings of the Hebrew Strongs concordance . It is the Bible that I base my education of fifty-four years from more than five different schools that I have attended since I was a child and I have four diplomas because of completing four of these schools, after my education I just recently decided on studying the words of the Hebrew Strongs concordance in order to effectively learn how to speak the original Hebrew language. I was Reasoning on a scripture that said that Jehovah’s once was the husband (neighbor) of Israel, Israel being the Wife of His before the two of them eventually divorced. So reasoning on that I thought it would be better than Good to know more about God and the Hebrew language of his wife.

noteree public, Aug 26, 2019
Easy Use!

This Bible concordance app is quick and easy to use ! It’s easy to look up the definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek words in both the Old and New Testaments. Also, unlike some traditional hand-held Hebrew and Greek concordances, in this app, the Hebrew and Greek words are inserted into the text (KJV) where they belong, giving you a visual of where the original words were in the text. Then, you can actually see what English words were used to translate the original words. What you’ll often find is that the translators often used some English words that were not in the original text, or had nothing to do with the meaning of a particular Hebrew or Greek word, though the translators meant well in trying to convey the meaning of a verse. However, you will still be able to get a better understanding of the original text.

Thaddeus78, Feb 23, 2022
Strongs Exhaustive Concordance

No serious student of God’s word, without having the ability to go back to what the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek will ever find out what was truly being said. Although the KJV is the best for the English reader is has glaring mistranslations, also some very questionable changing of what was originally written. The Strongs takes that problem and gets rid of it, but also in some cases gives a little insight into the whys, ways, and who’s. Knowing that Yeshua Christ Jesus spoke in parables, Father may have also covered some things intentionally for His own reasons. Having eyes they see not, having ears they hear not. It’s entirely God’s decision, same as while yet in their mother’s womb, Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated. Such great work, now on my monthly Drs appt I can my Companion Bible, but now I don’t have to carry my 3-4 lbs Strongs. Thanks so much. ><^> ΙΧΘΥΣ ✝️

Yehovihniccy, Aug 10, 2020


It's great bible study tool. Here you will find: Bible Concordance: Alphabet index of all words from the King James Bible (total in app 12839) ("the, and, of" are excluded - don't use them in search query) Strong's Concordance: Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries with information from Hebrew and Greek Lexicons. Use numbers in search query to find them.

Ex."2424" or "G2424" Excluded some Greek words which not used in the Bible - G1400, G1418, G2717, G3203-G3302, G4452 and G5104 All Bible Verses in concordance with clickable Strong's Numbers KJV Bible with Strong's: Clickable Strong's Numbers (show/hide mode) Audio Bible Daily Verses Canonical, historical and chronological Reading Plans for 1 Year, 180 and 90 Days Bookmarks/Notes/Highlights Multiple verses selection Synchronization between different devices (in your apple account via iCloud)

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