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User Reviews for La Biblia Reina Valera Español


God bless you guys for doing great job on this application, trust me that you are blessing many, many people including me. Please never give up soldiers there are some brothers and sisters bleeding on the ground and we need your help. Keep praying for us and later we will do it for others. This app deserves more than 10 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

achampsinceiwasborned, Mar 31, 2022
It’s amazing 🤩 my report

I love this app cause you can put something in notes like what you learn so i like it and I like it because is of god 😁😇👍🏻😉Problems with app*I don’t know but i put something in notes what I learn then I go to bible again and then I go to sleep when it’s day then I go to notes and I don’t see what I put and am confused 😐 🤔 😕 and I don’t want to offend the creator but is amazing this app but I just I am saying my problems with app 😉😅 and I don’t want you change nothing I think I am the problem and I am doing something wrong 😕What I want to say to everybody 😊❤️😇Read bible, do what god wants that you do, Don’t do something of the satan,Don’t worry iiiiiiiiGOD IS GOING TO KILL SATAN!!!!!Pray when you want to eat something AND GOD BLESS YOU :) 😃😊😇👍🏻

astri shop, Aug 22, 2021
The Wonderful Word Of God

Yes I love ❤️ The Word Of God but there is one thing. I only would like it if it were easier to get to the other Bible chapter’s. Let’s say I’m in Psalm chapter 2 and I want to go into Psalm chapter 99. I understand this is just like our Bible’s but if you put a where each book can be found and by pressing that it takes you right away. I have this in another Bible app.

byLizS, May 26, 2021
The word of God

I really enjoy having the Bible in my phone. This type of Bible seems to me like a traditional Bible when I turn the “sheets “ to another page. I like it. But at the same time, this Bible has others benefits like search, save favorite verses, content, etc. That are easier than a regular Bible. The best thing this Bible will not be old with broken or missing sheets . Thank you, and God bless you!!!

cjhdnxnxjkx, Jul 21, 2019
The Bible App

Hello! I love the Bible Application. I can easily find a passage. I have done multiple plans and you can also read the Bible in a year. They tell you what verses/books to study in order to finish the Bible in one year if that’s your goal. Also, you can find many plans for every season your are going through.. you can be followed or follow friends. You can share these plans or you can do them alone, privately. Many options. It’s a powerful tool. I LOVE the Bible App. Respectfully, Eunice Fuentevilla - García

Eunice Idiomas, Nov 15, 2020
Very easy to use and always available

Very easy to use and always available no lag. It’s available in Spanish and other languages . Has a search feature that’s great when trying to review a certain topic etc. I’ve had the apps for 4 years already, great app . No problems.

f bonilla, Apr 16, 2021
My Love For Jesus

I’m Very Grateful To God Almighty The Great I Am, In The Mighty Name Of Our Lord And Savior Of Our Beautiful Redeemer, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth And To The Holy Spirit Of Our Lord And God Of Heaven And Earth For The Blessing This App Has Been To My Life And How Has It Benefitted Me Because I Use Reading Glasses And With This App I Don’t Need To Have To Bother Having To Look For The And Convenience Because The Bible Is On The Reach Of My Hands And I Don’t Have Need Of Light For My Device Provides Me With The Light I Need In Case Of And Emergency. I Still Encourage The Use For Book Text Paper Bible Especially To Church Services. Glory, Honor, And Power Be To The King Of The Glory. The Great I Am, “Yahweh “ God Of The Glory. Glory, Hallelujah, Amen 🙏!!!

Fisherman Of God, Nov 18, 2020
Thank you

Thank you much for this application, is wonderful to have it, you can read it when you really need it, it doesn’t matter where are you, and specially for me I’m not good at memorizing, so guess what I just open the app and read... thank you GOD for people who care about your word and your children.

junamaesmo59, Jan 10, 2021
For whoever is my concern when we got the Bible in the cell phone

You can use it as much as you can morning afternoons or nights however you want to use it is very important to keep your life in a good shape and be in peace with God nothing can be more important enjoy the Bible very much and I had a good life God bless whoeverCan using one of the best thing they made enjoy everybody and thanks for the Bible app

luis herrera herrere, Jul 16, 2019
God is awesome‼️‼️♥️♥️🙏

Sometimes in different situations of my life I pray. Then I asked God to please talk to my heart to please help me out with anything that I might be going through, and through the pages of the Bible that is the word of God I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit talking directly to my heart making me feel better giving me advice do you know why this happened because the word of God is a life this is why no older book can change your life can consult you only the word of God I love to read it and I love to hear it you’re bless you don’t forget Jesus ,Die in the cross of the Calgary for you and me for our sins for whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life amen God bless you all

Mickey 🇵🇷🇵🇷‼️, Feb 24, 2021


La Biblia Reina-Valera. Antiguo Testamento y Nuevo Testamento. Lista de jefes (Antiguo Testamento): Génesis, Exodo, Levítico, Números, Deuteronomio, Josué, Jueces, Rut, I Samuel, II Samuel, I Reyes, II Reyes, I Crónicas, II Crónicas, Esdras, Nehemías, Tobías, Judit, Ester, Job, Salmos, I Macabeos, II Macabeos, Proverbios, Eclesiastés, Cantar, Sabiduría, Eclesiástico, Isaías, Jeremías, Lamentaciones, Baruc, Ezequiel, Daniel, Oseas, Joel, Amós, Abdías, Jonás, Miqueas, Nahún, Habacuc, Sofonías, Ageo, Zacarías, Malaquías Lista de jefes (Nuevo Testamento): Mateo, Marcos, Lucas, Juan, Hechos, Romanos, I Corintios, II Corintios, Gálatas, Efesios, Filipenses, Colosenses, I Tesalonicenses, II Tesalonicenses, I Timoteo, II Timoteo, Tito, Filemon, Hebreos, Santiago, I Pedro, II Pedro, I Juan, II Juan, III Juan, Judas, Apocalipsis La Biblia, que es, los sacros libros del Viejo y Nuevo Testamento.

Trasladada en español. La Palabra del Dios nuestro permanece para siempre. 1569, también conocida como la Biblia del Oso, es la primera traducción completa de la Biblia al español, publicada el 28 de septiembre de 1569. Su traductor fue Casiodoro de Reina. La Biblia del Oso es usualmente referida como Reina-Valera (RV) por haber hecho Cipriano de Valera la primera revisión de ella en 1602. La Reina-Valera tuvo amplia difusión durante la Reforma Protestante del siglo XVI. Hoy en día, la Reina-Valera (con varias revisiones a través de los años) es una de las biblias en español más usadas por gran parte de las iglesias cristianas derivadas de la Reforma (incluyendo las iglesias evangélicas), así como por otros grupos de fe cristiana, como la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días, los Gedeones Internacionales y otros cristianos no denominacionales. Traducción de Reina Casiodoro de Reina, monje jerónimo español del Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo, tras partir al exilio para escapar de las persecuciones de la Inquisición, trabajó durante doce años en la traducción de la Biblia. La Biblia del Oso fue publicada en Basilea, Suiza. Es llamada Biblia del Oso por la ilustración en su portada de un oso que intenta alcanzar un panal de miel colgado de un árbol. Se colocó esa ilustración, logotipo del impresor bávaro Mattias Apiarius, en la portada para evitar el uso de íconos religiosos, porque en aquel tiempo estaba prohibida cualquier traducción de la Biblia a lenguas vernáculas. La traducción del Antiguo Testamento, como lo declara expresamente Casiodoro de Reina en su “Amonestación del intérprete de los sacros libros al lector”, se basó en el texto masorético hebreo (edición de Bomberg, 1525). Como consideraba que la Vulgata latina ya había cumplido su papel y contenía errores y cambios, prefirió usar como fuente secundaria la traducción al latín de Sanctes Pagnino (Veteris et Novi Testamenti nova translatio, 1528), porque “al voto de todos los doctos en la lengua hebraica es tenida por la más pura que hasta ahora hay”, corrigiendo la versión masorética cada vez que se aparta de las citas del Antiguo en el Nuevo Testamento. Tuvo siempre a mano para resolver las dudas la Biblia de Ferrara (Abraham Usque y Yom-Tob Athias, 1553), traducción del hebreo al judeoespañol usada por los judíos sefardíes, que Reina consideraba “obra de la mayor estima”, “por dar la natural y primera significación de los vocablos hebreos y las diferencias de los tiempos de los verbos”. Para la traducción del Nuevo Testamento, Reina se basó en el Textus Receptus (Erasmo 1516, Stephanus, 1550), en la Políglota Complutense y en los mejores manuscritos griegos que en ese tiempo se conocían. Al parecer, tenía a la vista las versiones del Nuevo Testamento de Juan Pérez de Pineda de 1556, Francisco de Enzinas de 1543 y traducciones de Juan de Valdés.

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