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Superbook Kids Bible

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User Reviews for Superbook Kids Bible

Love superbook app is a little too much for an adult

I know I’m getting old when I can’t keep up with new apps…. CBN has been awesome creating Superbook, Superbook Club and Superbook Academy! The Academy is awesome. Kids can take Gizmo Notes home. In the notes there is an invitation to install the app. I keep telling our parents that Superbook is the only app allowed in our house during the week because of the daily Bible verses provided. But I wish I could point parents (as lost as myself) to fun games. Maybe a demonstration of what games are available on the app and website. The contest thing on the website for example, I was able to get the idea but as a parent it was too much that I gave up. Maybe an “advert” form showing parents what is available. 🙏 many thanks superbook and CBN for an amazing content!

ads231080, Apr 06, 2022
Superbook blesses us through Covid 19

This is an incredible app. Not only for my children but also for myself. Today I was able to share this w my sister in Christ and we were gratefully blessed & fellowshipped w my 9 year old twins. We watched the Bible movies and my twins were so eager to participate and share in everything we saw and learned! It made it so simple for all of us to learn and understand. I hope this truly blesses everyone the way it blessed us. Please everyone, stay home, stay healthy & be blessed. We do not walk in fear, we walk in faith. Let’s use this time to come closer to our families. This sickness that is trying to scare us is nothing. WE HAVE GOD!!!!! VICTORY IS HIS!!!! I love you all and remember, we’re in the middle of a miracle. Let’s thank Him! No weapon formed against us shall prosper🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Asmom28, Aug 25, 2021
I Am In Love❤️🙏🏽🕊⛪️

I’ve been wanting to have a kids Bible and this kid’s Bible is everything that I need I absolutely enjoy reading it I love that it reads to you and I love that has the option to pray as well I could also play religious games on it as well kids Bibles work so well for me you can understand everything so well it is so amazing I recommend you download this if you have kids this is so amazing for them to learn about God and Jesus Christ and praying and the Holy Spirit and everything like that will definitely be using in the future when I have kids The adult holy Bibles don’t really work for me too much so yeah I also recommend this Kids Bible for Ages 8-11 years old but I can be used for All Ages Just a reminder God and Jesus Christ Loves YIU They Died on the cross for your Sins and Rose up 3 Days later To make Us better people So don’t take His Love for Granted In Jesus Name Amen❤️🕊🙏🏽 Love You All God bless you❤️🙏🏽

chewy🌸, Jul 23, 2022
Amazing app for children

So, I, a 17 year old girl absolutely love this app and have been able to share in that love with my 6 year old sister. It has fun games to play to help you memorize the verse of the day; which those verses always seem so impactful to me. Likewise, they have a full season of free full-length episodes that are based on different stories of the Bible, such as David and Goliath or Daniel in the lions’ den. I definitely like the videos. Sometimes when I just don’t feel like I have enough to give to a Bible study, I watch these episodes, which are animated very well. This app even has the full Bible with different translations. It has features that allow you to look into different characters of the Bible, such as Moses, Jesus, etc. If they have a feature on the app that relates to any verse in the Bible, there will be an icon under the verse and it will take you to that feature. So, I listed a lot and have yet to try all of the features of the app, but let me remind you again, I’m 17 and I love it!! I’m sure any kid would love it and a good sit down to read the Bible, watch episodes or play any of the fun games on the app!

Critic roaming, Jul 24, 2018
Best animated Bible stories ever

My kids love these Bible stories. They are so accurate to the Biblical accounts. Basically the episodes contain Bible verses straight out from the Bible verbatim so that the more we watch, they help us memorize those Bible verses. Many kids’ Bible stories show bathtub Arks, but not this version. I have watched Storykeepers, and Saddleback Kids Bible Stories and others, but Superbook is most theologically accurate. I love the beginning song and the Salvation Poem at the end of each episode. They are so powerful. To see Hebrew used in the Old Testament and Greek used in the New Testament is absolutely amazing. I would give a million star as a rating if I could. They are also in many languages. The sad part is that the episodes are a bit expensive with each one costing from 15-25 dollars.

Dieumadore, Mar 21, 2019
A Christian Parent’s dream

When I played the first episode my girls (9,11) thought it would be too young for them. Before I knew it they were asking to watch it daily. I am skeptical of tv shows and am always wary they distort scripture, I was thoroughly pleased to see how biblically accurate the storylines are. Even Bible stories that wouldn’t normally be “kid-friendly” like Elijah and the prophets of Baal was presented in a way that was both appropriate and still aligned with scripture. The difference in my girls’ attitudes when watching this vs “worldly” shows is striking and confirms again the ability of the Word of God to transform our minds. I have recommended this to all of our friends who have children. You can finally relax knowing your child won’t be exposed to things that are against your Christian values.

I Love this app or hate it, Feb 01, 2021

I was skeptical at first but quickly found that this is truly a ministry because the app is not only free but the Bible story videos within the app are FREE to watch also and they are true to the Word. Now THAT is what I call putting you money where your mouth is when it comes to trying to reach others for Christ. PLUS it comes with a well illustrated plan of salvation that is interesting to watch and easy for kids to follow. I love that scripture is cleverly integrated into the story and kids learn what the Bible really says without ever realizing it-effortless scripture memorization for young minds. Another wonderful feature is that if you go into settings you can choose which version of the Bible you want available to your child(ren), you aren’t limited to the version that the developer used. We prefer KJV and we’re delighted to find it available. The app also includes many games and tools to support the Bible education children are learning through the videos. The quality of the art and the voice overs for the cartoons are exceptionally well done and as an adult I even enjoy watching them.

Lynn_S_Hawk, Jan 30, 2019
Spiritual App-etizer!

I’m not a kid, chronologically- but definitely still one at heart! I downloaded this app for my grandbuddies, but find that the morning scripture memory games, draw me into the Word first thing in the morning- whetting my hunger, much like a spiritual “App-etizer.“It makes it much easier to go on right away & open my Bible, or flip over to my You-Version Bible App, (and NOT get distracted with games, vids, or emails!) then go on to have my more disciplined, regular morning devo’s like a real live, “Disciplined Adult”! 😉Thanks for the healthy “Bible Snacks”... because when it comes to the Word of God- I have found that “hunger begets hunger”... and it’s good to be “eating” more nutritiously AND growing “hungrier” still!Plus- it’s fun to share these Bible themed games, verses, etc with my grandbuddies and help their hunger grow as well.

Mamma :D, Sep 13, 2018

This a great learning tool for children. My son takes pleasure in watching the videos and playing the games. He’s now had the app for at least 3 years. There videos start off with two characters, Joy & Chris, facing a challenge or life obstacle that then transitions to a story in the Bible. The story from the Bible will be similar to the actually challenge or life obstacle the children are facing, showing how to should respond. Superbook gives good examples of moral teachings. I highly recommend this for your little ones and for adults, too. For bible reading, you can use the audio feature and play it while driving, cleaning or just listen however you want. I like that the voice reading out-loud will sometimes get into character and there are some sound effects, nothing fancy but gotta appreciate it.

MsTinaG07, Aug 09, 2020
I would recommend SuperBook

My mom showed me SuperBook over a year ago now and it is amazing! It has the Bible in multiple different versions and can be changed into different languages. They have detailed descriptions of not only people but also places and artifacts. To make it simple they even have certain topics that you can look at like Jesus’s ministry and crucifixion. They have daily verses that have questions (and you earn points) fill in the blanks, as well as crossword puzzles. They have bible episodes that are from the Bible. They have games that are super fun. They have commonly asked questions about popular topics like God or heaven or the Holy Spirit. One of the questions is “What does God’s confirmation look like?” In the end it’s a good app to use for anyone even if you’re not a kid.

nprco, Jun 19, 2021


This FREE Kid's Bible app brings the Bible to life for the entire family with a full Bible, videos, images and engaging interactive games. Featuring thirty nine (39) full-length, FREE EPISODES from the Emmy nominated Superbook series including David and Goliath, The Ten Commandments, Daniel and the Lions’ Den, The First Christmas and more Bible stories! Some of the episodes included in the Superbook children’s Bible app are: • In The Beginning • The Test! • Jacob and Esau • Let My People Go! • The Ten Commandments • A Giant Adventure • Roar! • The First Christmas • Miracles of Jesus • The Last Supper • He Is Risen • The Road to Damascus • Revelation • Jonah • Joseph and Pharaoh's Dream • The Fiery Furnace • Rahab and the Walls of Jericho • Esther: For Such a Time as This • John the Baptist • Paul and the Shipwreck • Job • Noah and the Ark • Gideon • Peter's Denial • The Prodigal Son • Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Other aspects of the Superbook children’s Bible app include: FUN BIBLE GAMES FOR KIDS • Play more than 20 fun Bible games • Includes Trivia Bible Games, Word Bible Games and Action Bible Games DYNAMIC CONTENT WITHIN THE BIBLE • Videos and interactive content embedded within the Bible, so kids can easily interact with each chapter of the children's Bible. • Biblical answers to hundreds of questions that are common to children. • This free kids Bible app also includes profiles of people, places and artifacts found in the Bible.

ENGAGING VISUALS • 39 full-length, free episodes from the Emmy-nominated children's Bible animation series - SUPERBOOK. • Dozens of dynamic video clips from the SUPERBOOK animation series. • Images of Bible characters, places and artifacts enhanced with detailed biographies. • SUPERBOOK Club members can watch over 50 episodes from the SUPERBOOK series. INTERACTIVE BIBLE ENGAGEMENT • Take our Daily Bible Quests – a collection of game challenges that feature an encouraging Bible verse of the day. • Find Biblical answers to questions that are important to kids – questions about life, heaven, Jesus and the Bible – in the SUPERBOOK Q&A Contraption. • 17 fun Bible games that you can download and play anytime, anywhere • Choose the right answer in an engaging Bible trivia game – important questions for kids with fun Biblical answers. • Try to find all of the hidden words in a challenging Word Search game. • Decode Bible verses before time runs out in the exciting, new Bible Verse Scramble game • Experience a kid-friendly sharing of the Gospel message. PERSONALIZATION • Take notes and attach them to Bible verses. • Favorite/bookmark Bible verses that you like. • Highlight passages with multiple color choices. • Add your own photos within the kid's Bible, so that you can make a personal connection with a verse. For example, if you want to remember to pray for a friend, you can attach a photo of that friend to a verse, which can remind you to pray for them, or maybe you’ve photographed an incredible sunset, so you can take that photo and attach it to Genesis 1:3 where the Bible shares about God creating light. • A complete collection of your notes, favorite verses and personal photos can be accessed from the My Stuff area of the children's Bible app. • You can also choose different fonts and font sizes, change your screen to have a cool black background with white letters and trade out the background of the home screen to different images like heaven or the temple in Jerusalem. OTHER FEATURES OF THE SUPERBOOK BIBLE APP FOR KIDS • The SUPERBOOK Free Kids Bible App includes multiple Bible versions plus audio for the New Living Translation. • A search function that will allow you to search the Bible or to search features and interactive content within the kids Bible • You can also email your favorite verses, personal photos with related Bible verses and your notes to friends. So download the SUPERBOOK kids Bible app and get ready to start the adventure of a lifetime!

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