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Bible KJV Strong's Concordance

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User Reviews for Bible KJV Strong's Concordance

Best FREE Bible app with Strong’s

I have several different free Bible apps on my iOS devices. This one is the best so far. Only a couple of minor issues. Sometimes when you tap the word to bring up Strong’s the text box is partially obscured by the top of the page. It usually closes the box when you try to move it causing you to have to scroll and reopen the box. Also, occasionally tapping the book of the Bible at the top of the page does not bring up the table of context. It seems to get stuck. Other than that, works great. I may actually order some of the extras that are for sale. It sure makes searching and researching much faster. I give the product a 4.75 (5 if you round up) rating and have already recommended it to several people.

icantbelieveU, Sep 21, 2019
Jairo’s Bible

Wow where do I start...everything at your fingertips. From maps, dictionaries and concordances to commentaries and my favorite feature is audio. I love to turn on the audio while driving. It has history, highlights, bookmarks, and notes as well as a one year reading plan. There are different languages to pick from and there is the ability to set the letters a certain color as well as the background. There is a wonderful exact word or phrase search too...it’s really above and beyond any Bible app I have ever had. They may soon also have Bible side by side...a truly awesome Bible app.

justified54, Sep 11, 2021
I use the Kairos Bible App every day!

This Bible app is excellent! The search capabilities are wonderful and their response to feedback is unparalleled! I had a request (regarding the auto-scroll feature) after a recent update and they responded immediately with clarification questions. Then they sent an app update within less than a month which included exactly what I had asked for! I know it’s not all about me 😉. So maybe others had requested this same thing. Having the commentaries and dictionary so handy is also a huge blessing. I really appreciate the developers of this Bible app and I’m thankful to have it!

JustMeShelley, Nov 27, 2019
Very Nice Bible App!

I have several Bible Apps on my phone and iPad and they all serve different purposes. I also search for new apps on a fairly regular basis to see if I can find an app that does something better than the I app I currently use for that purpose. I came across this app and it instantly became my favorite for the classic commentaries and dictionaries. The interface is clean and easy and the commentary and dictionary bundles were on sale for a very reasonable price. You can get many of these resources free in other places, but they are much more difficult to navigate. The low fee here is more than worth it for ease of use. The only thing I would recommend would be a second English translation to run with the KJV in parallel mode. Great resource, highly recommended.

Kedelaet, Mar 15, 2020
Outstanding Immersive Bible App

This is by far one of the best Bible apps. It offers a array of features and study & devotional tools, with one of my go-to features being the audio Bible and within it the ability to download the entire audio Bible so that the user can listen to it offline. I have Tinnitus and my doctor recommends her patients listen to an audio book in addition to using a Tinnitus Therapeutic White Noise Device that I use at night at bedtime to get a good night’s sleep. While I do listen to it during the dome at times. The Audio Bible makes for the best sleep in the world. And best part is you get to hear the Word of GOD as the Biblical Story unfolds and the direct Words of GOD as He speaks to the listener through the OT prophets, The Poetic Books and the Books of Wisdom, and in the NT as the Lord speaks through His own voice in the Gospels and the Apostles Epistles/Letters and Revelation. If faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of GOD…. Well need I say more. All said this app is a blessing. It’s an excellent tool as a tool in the ‘tool box’ for developing an immersion experience in the Word of GOD.

Matthyias, May 30, 2022
Loving this app

I am loving this app. Not only is it easy to use, but it includes additional options that I have not found in other concordance apps. I like that it gives not only the Strongs definition, but also includes information from another source to back it up. One of the options I really like is the “Occurrences” where I can see other verses that use the same original word. There is the ability to purchase Cross References, Commentaries, and Dictionaries too. I have not made those purchases, so I cannot comment on them; however, I can see where they would really complete a real study app.

Pam's 2 cents, Jan 29, 2021

I have used this app for a couple years now; it has been a blessing to my life. The commentaries are a wonderful option. The fact I have access to Noah Webster’s 1828 is definitely icing on the cake. I have only experienced one slight issue since using this app daily; which is to be expected. Unfortunately, what we have grown not to expect in this day in time is good customer service. I reach out for help with my issue; the response was fast, helpful and courteous...EXCELLENT customer service!!! You should download this app for your studies; don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Richelieu Holler, Jan 07, 2021
Love it.

There are a lot of different Bible apps out there, and I guess it just matter as to which one works best for you. This one seems to be just fine for me. I like the audio option, because it’s great to listen to while on walks or working out. The KJV is one of the oldest versions that there is. Some of those other versions actually have entire scriptures missing. Just look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me. I know the KJV is a bit difficult to understand, but that’s an easy fix with some prayer for some wisdom and understanding concerning Gods holy word!

Ron Caudell, Jun 17, 2021
Best translation

The 1611 authorized version of the King James Version of the Bible is the truest translation from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Read the history of how the translation was done in the preface and it will be clear why this is true. I have used this version along with a Strong’s Concordance in preparing lessons to give from the pulpit for years. This app is time saving for doing quick research in a moments notice. It can be used from anywhere without having to carry a Bible and large, heavy Strong’s Concordance book. The King James English seems a little cumbersome to get used to at first but with a little practice it becomes as natural as everyday American English.

THMaher, Nov 20, 2021
Accuracy easier

I’ve used this bible for about 10 years or so. I really I love the fact that you can define every word or that is almost every word and by doing so we get a better understanding of what God is saying to us enjoy the mode that has most words expounded by Strong’s Concordance. It helps factually instead of opining eliminating emotional help which can hinder. I became a Christian 45 years ago and noticed everyone had different bible versions in churches and various bible study groups. I decided to find out the best version in English. It took me three years to come up with the king James version. What helped me read it easier is I put a S in place of ETH, Changing speaketh to speaks, wallets to walks etc. sometimes the syntax gives me a little trouble so I play with it like, I went to the store instead of to the store I went. I’m not one for using commentaries because it’s nicer to figure out what the word is saying and even better with answered prayer. So that’s why I don’t use commentaries successfully all these years.

Tomazuki, Nov 21, 2021


"Where the word of a king is, there is power" (Ecclesiastes 8:4). You have just found the best tool to study the Word of God, the Exhaustive Strong's Concordance with the King James Bible and other languages to compare. This app is very easy to use, fast and intuitive, packed with a lot of great features.

We know you'll love it so much because it's the result of the work of many Bible students, with a lot of labour and love for the Scriptures. It's not just another Bible app, but your resource of study and relationship with Jesus. + No advertisements! + Audio in English, Spanish and Portuguese + Audio with text highlight and auto-scrolling + Parallel bibles for better comparison + Fast and easy access to Strong's Numbers + You can either search by Number or within the KJV text. + Greek dictionary and concordance. + Hebrew dictionary and concordance. + Real time Bible maps taken from actual GPS coordinates, with more than 1200 places! + Search & Study Tools: text highlight, underline, bookmarks and notes. + Search the current chapter with matches highlighted. + Many available text fonts and colors for easy reading. + Write your own notes using our Text Editor. + Fast access to cross references. + Bookmark any verse easily. + Auto-scrolling with adjustable speed. + Treasure of Scripture Knowledge titles. + Words of Jesus in red. + Old Testament quotes in blue. + Automatic sync your notes and bookmarks on iCloud. + Day reading mode and night reading mode. + Fast pinch to increase the text size. + Justify the text to left, right or center. + Share Bible verses. ***** 11 Dictionaries (In App Purchase) ***** 1) Webster 1828: Complete dictionary Webster 1828, with references to the King James Bible AV 1611. 2) Easton's Bible Dictionary: This dictionary is a reference work with 4,000 biblical enties of encyclopedic nature. 3) Hitchcock's Names: This dictionary lists the meanings of the Hebrew names that appear in the Bible (over 2,500). 4) Nave's Topical Bible: This is a topical concordance of the Bible, with references to over 20,000 topics. 5) Smith's Dictionary: The Smith's Bible Dictionary has thousands of entries explaining biblical words. 6) Archaic words list: The KJV isn't dificult to understand. Some words could be "archaic" and this dictionary has almost 800 entries. 7) Original Translator's Notes: This is the original KJV translator's foot notes. To access it tap the "dagger" symbol at the end of verses. 8) King James Dictionary: This dictionary contains more than 6500 entries specific to the King James Bible, many of them with passages, to better study the Word of God. 9) Hebrew English Dictionary (with Strong's Concordance, FREE) 10) Greek English Dictionary (with Strong's Concordance, FREE) 11) Thompson Chain-Reference: Dr. Thompson believed the Bible should be presented in a simple, but scholarly way. ***** 14 Commentaries (In App Purchase) ***** 1) Albert Barnes (1798-1870) Notes on the whole Bible. 2) Adam Clarke's Commentary and critical notes on the whole Bible, written from 1810 to 1825. 3) John Nelson Darby Bible translation notes and Synopsis on the whole Bible. 4) Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the whole Bible, 1871. 5) John Gill's verse-by-verse Exposition of whole the Bible. 6) Matthew Henry's whole Bible Commentary 7) Philip Schaff Commentary on the New Testament (4 Volumes) and Introduction to all books, 1890. 8) Scofield Reference Notes on the whole Bible, 1917 Edition. 9) Treasury of David by C. H. Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers" with comments on the 150 Psalms. 10) Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge on the whole Bible, compiled by John Canne, John Browne, Thomas Scott, Benjamin Blayney, Reuben Archer Torrey and others (1900). 11) Geneva Bible Notes. 12) John Calvin Commentaries. 13) Expositor's Bible. 14) Commentary on Revelation, by Horatius Bonar. Please contact us if have any questions.

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