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User Reviews for Beekeeper - Digital Workplace

Notification alert won’t clear

I like your app although I am having issues when I open a notification or a posting, read it and then go out of the app. It still will shows that I have another notification even though I have opened the one specifically I opened it for. I love the fact that I can send a message to another employee that speaks a different language and I can get an answer back from them in my language.My company brought this on as a tool for the employees to see all notifications in their language. This is something that should be offered to any company that wants it.

#14 forever, Jul 08, 2020
I really like it

I recently deactivated my Instagram & Facebook for awhile. I mean I was only socializing with coworkers on there. But this app more than replaces that. Now there’s some stuff you can’t post obviously (keep it professional) but I dig it. I just found out about this app tho. My employer probably recently activated it. Plus I can get information to/from the higher ups much easier now.

Big Black Ram, Oct 23, 2020
Poor user experience

This app is just a thrown together UI that sort of works for small teams. The notifications are not informative. Just a name and a group “posted in” notification and list of notifications makes it difficult to know what’s going on. In a large work force, 100 notifications from 10’s of groups, only one of which you might be interested in looking at, and with no context to navigate with, is worthless. The mark as read function doesn’t work reliably because it’s trying to dispatch asynchronous work that seems to depend on you leaving the app open or at least staying on that tab. If you switch tabs and come back you still see those unread notifications until the asynchronous work completes.Overall this is just a horrible app which is useless.

Grwon, Apr 14, 2020
Awful in every way

The Keever is probably the worst app I’ve ever had in my entire life I’ve use all kinds of apps for all kinds of reasons I’m 33 years old with kids with a couple jobs a car a house and my own business on the side where I sell and buy streetwear/designer/sneakers/clothes etc. so I have about 40 applications on my phone and over the years I’ve probably tried or used 300–400 apps and this one is by far the worst one and I don’t have it by choice I have it because for one of my jobs which is MOD Pizza the group chats are through Beekeeper app I just found out the other day that all our messages are monitored and are stored in a database even if it’s a private message between an employee and another employee. Which I don’t know how that’s legal or why MOD Pizza or beekeeper feels that invasion of privacy is not a important enough reason to change the way their app is set up BUUUUUUUT!!! the second worst thing which is a very close second is that it lags incredibly bad like I’m talking about something that’s crazy important that needs to be said so the whole business in store can know about it immediately might not read it till they get in 30 minutes later or there’s been cases where I thought it was sent and people didn’t see my message for an hour and a half later

htownalexander713, Nov 20, 2022
All great except the login

I think Beekeeper has been a great addition to our retail workplace. It has replaced several departments logbooks and countless email streams. It’s really helpful to have all the different groups, to know messages go out quickly, and to know who has read a message and who hasn’t. The direct messaging is helpful too, when there are so many workers whose hours don’t overlap much with mine. My only problem with the app is how frequently I have to log back in. At least once or twice a week it has an authentication error and I have to go through the steps again. It seems like unnecessary effort to use an otherwise useful and convenient app.

josepheh, Jun 25, 2021
Good app, still wish it had some things

I use this app nearly every day for work. It’s actually a really well developed and effective communication tool, just a few hiccups here and there!Occasionally the profile pictures will “reassign” themselves which frankly isn’t much of an issue, just funny to see lolI DO however wish they provided two things:1.) the option to “react” to messages (be it to like, dislike, emphasize, heart etc.) as well as reply to specific message (similar to iMessage and WhatsApp) in a thread2.) the ability to send videos. This one is less of a “fun” thing and more of a thing that would be useful in the workplace.Not having access to coworkers numbers and being able to connect through this app is game changing, however when I’m trying to relay an issue (physical problem) to the operations/maintenance team it isn’t always feasible to articulate the issue via text, being able to send a video of the problem would be an incredible addition to this app.Over all though it’s a great app and serves the purpose EXTREMELY well

Noahprobz, Feb 11, 2022

The interface could use some smoothing out: when you type an “@“ it does not highlight the person’s name/flag them . To view a message in a stream (that came through on a banner announcement), there is an unusually long wait time for the system to update; It is not a swift update and display (like Slack). Our company has also had issues with messages not being sent, possibly due to connectivity issues. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee the message will be sent when there is proper connectivity (a la WhatsApp) , thus leading to many late notifications of messages failing to send at all. Lastly, notification badges are late to show up for messages already read and late to disappear. The whole app seems to lag. Not recommended.

notahappybee, Nov 23, 2022
Important updates needed!

Would be great if photos and links could be added in the comment thread. Easier options for posing content other than text in original post would also be amazing… ie, would be nice to be able to just copy and paste a photo from a website or other source to a post. The platform is good, but not as user friendly as it needs to be to fully engage all employees. Especially those not as tech savvy as others.

SH in LC, Sep 21, 2021
I like it but sometimes it doesn’t work

Everytime I’m off I turn the notifications off but when I return to work or I mute the notifications for 24 hours the notifications never come back so I never knew when I get a message or anything from the app.

shanta123love, Apr 13, 2021
Employee benefits….

Beekeeper has been so much fun for me . I look forward to reading all the new posts. It had been very informative and keeps me in the loop with the current Northwood events. Thanks for this wonderful connection with the Cheeca family and Northwood properties.I finally visited Naples Grande and enjoyed every minute of my visit. Managed to squeeze in Spa time. I’m definitely going back for a longer stay. Making the most of my employee benefits😎💯

Tropicalgurl, Nov 12, 2021


Beekeeper, the all-in-one Frontline Success System, is transforming the way frontline businesses work. Our mobile-first platform helps companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Empower employees with direct access to the people, processes, and systems they need to do their best work.

Companies around the world use Beekeeper to connect their teams, unify their systems and drive their businesses forward. Give your employees one place to look for shift schedules, paystubs, onboarding, training, tasks, safety checklists, announcements, and more. Use Beekeeper for: · Real-time Communication and Collaboration - use chats, streams, surveys, polls, and campaigns that close the loop with your frontline. Communication happens in real-time. And cross-team collaboration can happen anytime and from anywhere with inline translation. · Boosting Frontline Productivity - Replace paper and manual processes with modern ways to get work done. Digitize daily tasks, checklists, and forms to prevent mistakes and save teams time. Automate critical processes to improve your teams’ productivity. · File Sharing - share documents, photos and videos with your co-workers. · Shift Management - Mobile-first shift notifications built for frontline teams. Easily accommodate employee requests to offer shift flexibility. · Streamlining Employee Services - Extend existing HRIS systems so team members can access shifts, pay slips, & training – all from one app on their mobile phones. Services that used to take days can happen in minutes: from PTO requests and shift changes to onboarding or offboarding processes. Automate your workflow by integrating the tools and services you already use, including Workday, ADP, Microsoft Azure, SAP, and more · Obtaining Data-Driven Insights on Your Frontline - Capture data that used to be hidden in paper forms and spreadsheets. Managers make better decisions while offering the best possible employee experience. · Boosting Employee Engagement and Reducing Turnover - simple employee surveys let you gather critical feedback in minutes and make impactful changes. · Fast-Track Frontline Digital Transformation - Save time and IT costs with easy, out-of-the-box integrations, dedicated configuration support, and automated workflows. You can even create custom integrations or workflows with Beekeeper’s open API and suite of tools for developers. · Enterprise-Level Security and Compliance - your data and privacy are protected with state-of-the-art encryption. Made with love in Switzerland.

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