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User Reviews for Avianca

Great Service

Avianca gave me and my wife excellent customer service and went above and beyond for us regarding the issues we were having. Thanks again and I look forward seeing you again on my next trip to Honduras

Avianca flight 571, Mar 03, 2022
Does not work

I have changed my password 3 times in a couple days. The passwords work fine on a laptop but “are invalid” on the app. YES, I checked my imputa thoroughly. Takes forever to load. Keeps changing back to Spanish despite repeatedly choosing English. Many other problems with it. Three years ago it was great, now save yourself a partial headache and use a web browser. If you want actual answers from people though don’t count on it either via chat, WhatsApp or phone. The first two ask a bunch of questions & tell you they cannot answer the simplest question as they are training and to go to help which is what people do before resorting to “chat” or call the call center. Good luck getting someone on the phone nowadays.

Charrliez, Apr 07, 2022
Usability improved

I like the new colours. Icons. A lot easier than the previous one specially on the app check-in. Easy to check offers and research the previous searchesWell done Avianca. Please add a wallet and save usual passengers

EICHACON, Mar 09, 2021
It does not work

Does not work at all. I wasted my time trying to enter the flight info several times and when I was going ti select the flight it said there were no flight that day or it showed an error message. It was frustrating, disappointing and a waste of time. The web site does not work either. I tried calling the customer service but they never answered. It has been a extremely negative customer experience.

Luznur, Apr 18, 2021
Worst customer service ever experienced in my life

This airlines is the worst I have ever experienced in my life. They don’t care about passengers at all, in fact animals are treated better than the customers who are unfortunate enough to buy a ticket on this airline. I am cancelling my account with them and never using them again and encouraging everyone I know to stay as far away from them as possible. They make Spirit airlines look like the Ritz Carlton, and that’s not an easy thing to do. My red hat’s off to you Avianca, ciao!

Montgomerycnj, May 14, 2021
Getting better

Last year was a horrible experience! In the midst of the pandemic! But this year looks better in reference to how the airlines like Avianca are handling their business! I’d rather have a live agent than a computer generated program that only answers questions but you cannot really talk to!

Mt. 6:25, Nov 12, 2021
Worst Airline Experience Ever!

Customer service is extremely rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Their guidances are not clearly stated anywhere resulting in a lot of restrictions. They made me lose my flight for not having a physical COVID card (even though my picture worked for everywhere else), worst thing is, in Colombia I used the same picture at customs and they had no problem with it. The airline attendant just wanted a power trip and not allow multiple people on the flight.

Nicohg93, Apr 28, 2022
Poor app

You try and login, but it does not let you. Gives you wrong password error, but you can login online. You try and link to lifemiles, but it does not. You login to lifemiles and the issue is with Avianca app. Tells you no internet connection does not allow you to move forward. Poorly written app. Change profile pic, does not work. Truly a waste of your time. Avianca does not have employees, so NO service. Just bad all around.

Nolancan, Dec 12, 2021
Can’t do anything and no tech support

Downloaded the app per their suggestion in their email, to prepare for my upcoming trip. I can’t add my trip because every time I enter my reservation number and last name, they say it’s wrong. It works online on the website and through their WhatsApp customer service, but not on the app. Pointless app and was basically told on the phone oh well just use the website because we don’t have tech support. Awesome.

Ragzy10, Aug 02, 2022
The worst airline app seriously

Honestly completely useless app. There’s no integration of any kind of services into the app so every time you want to make a change it directs you back to the website which is horrible too. No way to make changes to your flight ( like adding seat selection) without having to rebook the whole flight. Absolutely ridiculous! Their customer service is nonexistent at this point. If you can avoid flying with this airline, you should. I’ve traveled with them before and it wasn’t as bad as it is now. I guess they’re cutting expenses everywhere and the customer is suffering as results. App is just a mess !

TheCustomerisdissapointed, Apr 07, 2021


Avianca app allows you to organize and modify your flights, everything from your mobile! PLAN YOUR FLIGHT • Find and book the destination that you prefer quickly and easily. • Access promotions and receive flights based on your location. • Explore travel packages with Avianca Tours and find discounts on lodging, car rental, insurance and more benefits. • Quickly check out our WhatsApp chat for information about your bookings. DURING YOUR FLIGHT • Check in smoothly, we'll let you know when it's enabled so you can do it. • Check schedules and the status of your flights in real time. • Manage your trip!

change your flight or modify your booking details. • Add services such as extra luggage, seat selection, Avianca Travel Assistance, and others. • Connect your LifeMiles account, check your miles and status of frequent flyer program. If you're a Gold or Diamond customer, you’ll have preferential attention on WhatsApp Elite chat.

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