June Product Update: new A/B testing tooling for paywall experimentation

Qonversion Experiments

New A/B testing tooling for paywall experimentation

As we were crafting our new solution, Qonversion Experiments, we zeroed in on three crucial elements:

  • Simplicity and ease of use – because who says powerful tools can’t be user-friendly?
  • Flexibility – to accommodate every experiment that sparks in your mind!
  • Advanced analytics capabilities – your decisions deserve to be backed by granular and precise data.

Excited yet? Let’s dive into the benefits of Qonversion Experiments:

  • Identify Revenue Drivers – Test any element of your paywall to uncover what’s truly affecting your revenue metrics. Is it pricing, paywall UI, or even user onboarding behaviour? Now, you’ll know for sure!
  • Fast-Paced Experiments – Launch a series of experiments without releasing new app versions. Test, tweak, repeat – at lightning speed!
  • Safety – Test the waters and ensure your experiment-related changes are rock-solid before the A/B test is launched. A sigh of relief, right?
  • Granular Subscription Analytics – Slice, dice, and analyse experiment results to the finest detail. Every tiny element in the data is yours to explore!

But that’s not all. We’re all about simplifying your subscription work, so we’ve created a detailed guide with templates and tips for launching experiments with us. Think of it as your secret recipe to a successful experiment!

If you need help starting with Qonversion Experiments, please reach out our support team. Best of luck with your monetisation efforts!

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