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Z: Make Friends for Instagram

  • Social Networking

Z: Make Friends for Instagram

  • Social Networking
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Animet, Inc.
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User Reviews for Z: Make Friends for Instagram

Terrible. I’m scared!!

I tried deleting both of my accounts, and everytime I do so, I can still log in and see all of my previous data present! This is very nerve wracking and makes me feel anxious!! Both accounts are linked to the same snapchat and email address, I’m not sure what i’m supposed to do. I recently emailed customer service asking for assistance. Hopefully I receive an answer that is effective and helpful to my reoccurring issue. Will keep updated.

✌🏻️💕💘😏😂😍💓😋❤️💝😎, Jan 28, 2021

It’s a good app, but I put my notifications on and it will say on my lock screen Bae app such and such wants you your Snap. They work but when I go on Bae app it’s not there. It’s literally blank. I don’t understand, so please fix. I saw this really cute person on there and I can’t even tell if they added me or not.

IrarelyMakeReviewsSo, Feb 27, 2020
This app is amazing

Honestly this is my favorite app to use for adding people on snap it’s better then hoop and a lot better then wink but with no updates people don’t come back please update it add a new feature and promote more please 🙏🏼

jsjwowjebnw, Nov 09, 2021
Can we buy diamonds

I like this app way better then hoop or wink because it shows where the state they live in is not just the united states but can we add an option to buy ruby’s or whatever because i want to add more ppl then 10 a day

jueland17, Mar 09, 2021
Bring it back and Help

I really love this app more than Wink or Hoop because u can actually see what the state is not just United States, but with this new update I can’t see it anymore and it’s frustrating a little. Could u please bring it back? I also can’t seem to see the messages someone has been sending me, it’s frustrating because they just keep sending me messages and messages but I can’t see anything

LizzyLizBun, Jun 02, 2020
Why Can’t I Delete An Account?

Whenever I try to delete this app and the account, I can always access all of the data again when I go back to see if it actually deleted. This is frustrating because it means that this company still has my data even after I requested them to remove it. This is obviously not good. There needs to be a way to actually delete the account, data, and login method. I am using my Apple ID, and it doesn’t make me very comfortable knowing that this company still has it after I “delete” it from their app and databanks. This needs to be fixed.

Problems With Z, Feb 23, 2021
Unadds / Hookups

Everybody I’ve tried to add and talk to opens my snaps and they ask “how did you get my snap” then followed by an unadd. I really had hopes of trying to meet new people, but if this is how it’s gonna go, idk if it’s worth it. Be advised guys. This app can also attract people who look for meetups/ hookups, don’t fall for it. For one, people are charging HUNDREDS of dollars for it and, for two, why would you meet up with somebody like that? This is all my opinion and I’m just telling you what I see.

Simp2001, Sep 27, 2021

Great app i found many new people from it but i say you should add where you can save people that you found from swiping and the other thing where you just add them so if you’re out of gems and you accidentally swipe out of the app they will be saved

TheForces, Jul 18, 2020
Couple problems

I think it’s good because unlike the other apps like this (Hoop, Yubo, Wink) it gives you people in your actual state and not just the United Stated. Although I do think that if you made a option to watch ads for gems or do surveys like the other ones do it’d be way better

To narnia m8, Apr 09, 2020
This app is good but some improvement is needed

I’ve been using this app off and on for a while now and I can’t seem to figure out why my Bitmoji hasn’t updated. I can’t change it for some reason. And it’s hard for me to make ANY friends on this app because it doesn’t seem like I’m being noticed? I don’t know if the app is having some issues. But please help.

Videos all day long, Aug 17, 2021


Swipe right to chat or left to pass -> your instagram is privately shared to those you choose. Have fun making new instagram friends from all over the world, and meet some awesome people. You have limited rubies to swipe right with, so only choose people you really want to talk to!

This keeps the spam down, and so you know when someone swipes right on you, they really want to chat. You can earn more rubies by checking in daily or getting your friends to join the fun :) Go meet some new instagram friends! Prob? Question? Feedback? Love letter? Drop into our DMs: 857-626-6883 [email protected]

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