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imoji: AR Voice Changer Emojis

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imoji: AR Voice Changer Emojis

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User Reviews for imoji: AR Voice Changer Emojis

Good game

So if I were you I would get it by like almost all the games that usually have it they would have like a free trial I don’t really like those so I’m like I kind of mad about that but everything else I think is cool you could create your own character this also happened to me I was dry I did Ariana Grande‘s voice of Barack Obama and then when I went to go do another one it didn’t let me for some reason they kept telling me to do a free trial so yeah that will probably happen to everybody else that will get the game.

😎🎊😃, Feb 12, 2023
Annoying and glitchy

The app previews make it sound like this game is great. To be honest though, it really doesn’t work-at all. When I click the world button, it kicks me out. There are a lot of stuff that can’t be accessed. The voice changer works but I can’t hear a thing when I play the video I made. The app could be way better and I have a few suggestions for how to make this a better app. First of all, please fix all the glitches. If this cannot work then fine but please make things more accessible. I also consider adding new emojis to the game. Thanks for everything.

Blava Bluebird, Jul 13, 2023
Doesn’t stink, but...

IF PLANNING TO GET APP, READ BELOW!So, I don’t wanna sound mean to the app developers, but this app isn’t very good. What I mean by that is, you only have so many voices to do without a subscription, and it isn’t fair to me, and the other people out there who can’t pay for it. He voices I tried, Donald Trump and Ariana Grande seemed to work, but those are the only good ones. When you created a character, I can’t figure out how to make a animal( a problem on my side probably) but I would like to know how to. If your planning on downloading this app, be prepared for only a couple voices, and when you click the world, only a couple options for making your characer( hair, head, etc).Overall, I give this app two stars, only because of the limited voice options you can do without a subscription, so please change that or at least make a free trial. Thanks!Georgia

christmas girl12, Mar 30, 2021

So i tried AR and you cannot even change it from the shark, unless you have VIP. so i Tapped the X out button, and it said i need a VIP membership to X out? So, I deleted it, and i redownloaded it, and on the recording thing, it did not even play, and its funny, you need a VIP membership to do almost anything in that app.And, i know its not your fault, I’m sure its just a glitch and i know you work hard and are just trying to do your job, so i am very sorry about the un kind words i may have used throughout this reveiw, Unlike some people, i dont call the developers stupid, this would be a great game without that glitch, so if it ever get fixed, i will gladly redownload this app, And i will probaly enjoy it! You people are brilliant, and i would love to see more apps like this!Sincerely, Gaming_girl. ❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀

game lover163, Jul 22, 2020
Hate this game

Is the worst game I’ve ever played it’s impossible to play without paying money and which I don’t think it’s fair because the game is crap it’s self I paid for this membership and it didn’t even get much better the editing is horrible it doesn’t look anything like you even if you put the perfect hairstyle color and everything I think I’ll together this is the worst app I have ever downloaded even when I did pay for it it doesn’t get much better and if you’re looking for an app that you don’t have to pay for don’t come here this is a place that I hate a lot and I would never ever get this app again.

hErMiOnE hArRy PoTtEr FaN, Sep 05, 2020
Good but...

This is a great Game. The game is free so that is great! But when I made it sound like Ariana Grande and a few other ones it didn’t really sound like her but it still sounded similar to her but you do get to customize what you want to look like in your emojis pretty cool. So yeah the game is good but it doesn’t sound exactly like them but it’s still good. By the way I hoped you liked my review😀

JJWBP, Jun 10, 2022
I likening it so far but….

I like it it’s just that I don’t want to have to have the 3 day free trial on my fav animal and have to come back on my iPad on the 3rd day.Just to let you know I want you to read this bc I I want to let you know, that if you get the 3 day free trial and if you don’t come back to your iPad on the 3rd day it will charge you for a week and make you pay thank you for reading this!

lovelyfox05, Dec 04, 2021
So bad.

I got this game thinking it would be great and when I started playing I noticed how glitchy it was even though my WIFI is strong and everything else was working fine. If you get this game and you think you are gonna get to do so much funny voices stop thinking that because almost all of them you have to pay for and the quality is not even good. Also every time I tried to use a voice I would get like 30 second ad and it was for the premium or something that you have to pay like $20 for. I really think that most of the people that rated it good are bots because I went through and most of the reviews were rating it horribly and I agree but some how, EVEN THOUGH this is a horrible game and a lot of people think so it is a 4.5. HOW? It is so BAD. Do NOT get this game. 😡

oof potatoe 12234, Jun 17, 2021
Big fail👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

I am so annoyed i an going to be a YouTuber and I wanted to find a voice changer and something to coverer my face an got bored so I downloaded this and it was annoying it wouldn't turn me into a dog sl I tried a cat and it fail so I put a mask on so it would cover my face not this 😷though and I talked loudly and I was using Billie (forgot her last name sorry) and I didn't hear it at all I turned my volume all the way up and it still did not work and at that point I hot fet up and I have a short temper and I am probably gonna wait on the youtuber thing for years but I give it 1 star

Rockmonster921, Feb 06, 2023
Horrible fix it 😡

So my daughter was playing this game and every time she would pick a voice and get an animal it would kick her out of the app and everyday when she plays this she complains that it keeps kicking her out and I need to get vip just for a shark emoji and when I tried the same thing happened and this game is so glitchy and not fun cause my internets fine and I restarted it 3 times and it still didn’t work please fix this Memoji was way better but they deleted from the App Store I had and I didn’t have any other ones so please if you do I would give it a 5 but now this is how it is

spoild mjlk, Mar 17, 2023


Turn your face into 3D emojis and speak to make your voice to sound like famous celebrities! You can choose from dozens of voices and 3D emojis, record clips and share them with your friends, as well as personalize your own human AR emoji! Deep learning is used to animate your face and transform your voice, for the ultimate entertainment and video app!

Capture your emotions on different AR emojis, including a dog, cat, dragon, dolphin, robot, wolf, unicorn, giraffe, parrot, panda, bunny, bird, girl, and boy. You can customize! Change your hair, face, eyes, skin, nose, and lips, with different styles, shapes, and colors! More face avatars and voices on their way. Photocreds: https://www.imoji.life/photocreds Terms: https://www.imoji.life/terms Privacy: https://www.imoji.life/privacy Note: The app is for entertainment and parody only! No affiliation to real world persons. Payment and Subscription Information Go premium and unlock access to all avatars and modifications for $9.99 per month. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged for renewal on the last day of the current period. Subscription automatically renews monthly, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can can cancel at any time by going to Account Settings.

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