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purp - Make new friends

  • Social Networking
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purp - Make new friends

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for purp - Make new friends

Team of purp

I was just having a normal conversation with Rafael owner of this app.. he’s a really nice person to talk to and he is always open to talking with you and listening to your problems.. keep it up and ur app will grow :) thanks for the 777 gemstone rafael!!!

anthonyroberts1390, Jun 27, 2022
Wouldn’t recommend,freezing during setup

I downloaded this app thinking it would be a nice way to communicate with other people online. As i was trying to create an account it froze while i was trying to put my name. I thought it was fine maybe a little glitch, but it wasn’t. I tried at-least 10 times after, trying to put my name in and nothing worked. I read others reviews and they’ve had the SAME problem… But instead of the reviews being recent they were from months back! So purp i suggest you work on this please.

BRANDON_beltregabruel, Mar 18, 2023
Just my opinion

This app is one of the best apps I’ve used for making friends but some changes should be made to the app about certain things like age,country,gems. We should be able to get gems like every six hours or something shorter than 24 hours and I think we should be able to change our age and we should be able to select the states we want to meet people from it would just improve the app so much more and really make it the best of the best and when making new friends there should be a thing saying they accepted u witch there already is but it disappears and then I forget who I texted already and who I didn’t do if you guys would make these changes it would be amazing thank you

caitlynn m, Dec 06, 2022
Updated review

App had a few issues initially, devs seem very open and receptive to feedback as features requested in reviews have been implemented such as messages and rewind features. Very glad to see this app growing with time as the developers actually care enough to listen to their users compared to other apps. Slight issue with fakes but that’s par for the course with apps. Looking forward to see this app really take off so long as it continues to be as user friendly as it has been.

Edgughibvdg, Mar 23, 2022
Gem sharing link

Devs the iv your friend link doesn’t do anything. I’ve sent the link to my brother and he downloaded the app and the number still said 0. I don’t have the time or patience to wait 24 hrs for only 100 gems. If there was an easier way to get gems that’d be great.

finesserm, Apr 01, 2022
add a texting feature

hello developers i’m writing this review because this is something that really needs to happen. We need a text feature so we can text new friends that we add before we get their socials, i think the texting feature will really make this app amazing

hdksjsnf, Oct 06, 2021
A few things could be added/changed

The app is great so far and I think it has some wonderful features but I’d suggest a few things. You should add something to where you can watch an add to get 20 gems or so instead of having to wait a whole 24 hours to start swiping again. I’ve also seen that many people are unable to change their age when needed. Like if they made their account and had a birthday, they have to put it in their bio instead. You should also add something to where you can filter out wether you’re looking for a relationship or not so you don’t have to keep filtering through people who do. I know it’s a friend making app but teens occasionally use it for dating. It’d also be nice if we could narrow down location by state if we wanted to but only as an option incase someone didn’t want that information out there. Otherwise I believe the app is great and these are just some personal suggestions I think you should consider.

i dont need a nickname-_-, Sep 03, 2022
Immediately banned, no response from support

(Doubt it’ll make a difference but since you’ve ignored every other attempt by me to figure this out, and I can see you actively respond to others on here, I’ve reported this app to Apple.)Opened a profile the other day, uploaded a single profile pic (of just my face), added some really basic, vanilla profile stuff (a couple interests, said I’d flesh it out if I kept using the app), and was almost immediately banned even though I did absolutely nothing more than what I just said. Hadn’t even looked at a single other profile. Hadn’t interacted with anyone. I got a notification from the app so I went to check it and was told that I’d been banned for ‘inappropriate conduct’. I contacted support by email (like it said to) and have sent 2 emails now, both of which have been ignored. Updating this just to say it’s been 13 days now and I’ve still not received any response at all about this. Bang up support, Purp. Another update. It’s been 3 and a half months and I’m still banned, still zero response from support. No option to try and make a new account.

jmwsw, Jan 05, 2023

I think it is a great app, I meet one person so far and I hope to meet more people in it. The only problem I have in the app is there is no way to get more dimands without paying or having friends download it. I have a suggestion to this tho they should let you watch an ad that will then give you about 20 diamonds for watching the ad.

johnjohn202020, Jun 21, 2022
Worst app ever

I was enjoying this app so much until I wanted to change my photos and it wouldn’t let me put the photos I wanted. They said that I violated the community guidelines. All I wanted to post was a photo of me flexing my arms and when I uploaded it immediately deleted it telling me I was violating the community guidelines. I didn’t put something sexual or that promote violence and I was showing my face as well. I’ve seen photos of guys doing it in some of their profile pictures. This app discriminates woman by telling girl can’t flex or can have big muscles. Anything “mascullar “ was immediately taking down by the app they also threatened me to take down my profile and banned me. Horrible app don’t download this !!!!

La_cupcake007, Jun 04, 2023


purp is the best place to make new friends from all over the world! Discover new cultures, meet new people and start your own adventure. You asked how?!

It's simple: 1. swipe right to send a friend request 2. get notified when they accept your request, 3. you two can now chat and see each other socials! Express yourself You can customize your profile by adding photos, videos, a unique bio or even going yolo and changing your profile colors! Earn Gems You need gems to send swipes. But they're super easy to earn: - share purp with your friends - check-in every day - make new friends on purp! When using purp, we ask you to follow one golden rule: always be kind. If you post inappropriate content or try to bully someone, you will be banned. tbh, this is just common sense! If you have an idea for purp or just want to give us some feedback, lmk by emailing [email protected] - -- purp is free to download and use! Additionally, users can subscribe to purp+ or purchase gems. You can read our EULA at https://purp.social/terms

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