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User Reviews for Words Alone

Almost perfect.

This really is a great game. If anyone wants to use it to improve their scrabble play, please be aware that the word list it uses is probably not the one you will use playing the board game. Many words are absent from the official dictionary, for example, and the best I could find if the word list it uses does not have even rudimentary definitions, or other justification for its inclusion, let alone information on who compiled or maintains the word list.This isn't so much a complaint, as I suspect this is some nonsense involving copyrights, et cetera, but I would love to have a dictionary like version of the words the game deems acceptable.

Apokyon, Aug 17, 2015
Bonus Hog Problem

I love this game and have been playing it a long time. I only have two achievements I had not achieved until today, one of which is Bonus Hog, cover 50 or more bonus spaces in one game. So, today I did it. There are a total of 65 bonus spaces and I counted, repeatedly, that only 15 were left uncovered; yet the Bonus Hog achievement is still locked. That hurt my feelings. I worked so hard to accomplish that, forsaking high scoring to get there. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again. Wish this had worked. 😞Still love the game. I’ll give 5 stars when that is fixed.

BmoreRobin, Feb 09, 2022
Review of words alone

I like the game because I don't have to wait for a partner to play.I do NOT like the music you add. Please turn it off, as it is so distracting and difficult to concentrate. Thank you.

Cathytynan, Dec 30, 2014
Almost Perfect

This is a game perfectly suited to me in that it is easy to pick up and play for as long or short as I like, the format is great, and I have yet to encounter a glitch. I started out playing words with friends before my son in law showed me a cheat AP people use to win those games (really?!). So I love this ....can challenge myself by trying to up scores knowing I do not cheat! It is e only game I play as well.

FilbertCornelius1, Nov 18, 2017
Worthy option

Wanted a scrabble-like alternative where I didn’t have to play against another person/computer. This is the best option I’ve found. Playing alone is great, the challenge is using all the tiles. Love it but:Sometimes the only tiles that come up are all vowels or consonantsAfter you win it doesn’t automatically start a new game Wish the dictionary had all the scrabble words

GammaGyrl, Jan 06, 2018
Love it! BUT.....

Show the score before playing the word so one can decide to change it to try to get a higher score word. Then I will give it 5 stars.

Kathypk, Mar 13, 2016

I love this game. Like others I agree that playing against yourself is just as challenging as competing with other, and frankly allows me to go at my own pace when I have time. It is great to be able to play for a few minutes or so then pick up later. If you like Scrabble, you should like this game.

Majorcak, Jul 15, 2015

All though people that play on IPAds do’nt see the multiplayer button, it’s still fun anyways! Can you get to 400!? It’s ultimate! Check this out and when you start try to get to just 250. Or ATLEAST 200 or something around 150. Check your level! Are you a noob? That means your best score was only up to 100. Or are you a ametur? Than your best is 200. Or a PRO!? That means you’re best is 300! Or a HACKER!?!? That means you got that ultimate achievement I said! 400 points! Can you get to it? Than tell me in your comment! BYE!Thanks for reading 🙂

overgaag, Sep 14, 2020
Great for use during flights

Since Internet access is not needed, this is my favorite app to use when flying.

Segments., Nov 06, 2014
Best word game period!

Playing against yourself is a lot harder than it might seem. To end a game using all of the letters and seeing the confetti fall is quite an accomplishment. In other word games it is hard to find an opponent that isn't using a "helping" service which takes away the challenge of the game.

The Stock Maven, Nov 06, 2014


==================================== THE ULTIMATE SOLITARY WORD GAME! ==================================== Addictively fun game play that will keep you coming back for more! Words Alone is a tile-based game that can be played at any time; no waiting for anyone else to take a turn and no data connection required. The objective is simple: use every letter in the game by consecutively building words horizontally and vertically while trying to earn as many points as possible.

But don’t let this simplicity fool you-- keen strategy is needed to continually improve your personal high score or top your friends’ score. The game board features letter and word multiplier bonus squares scattered throughout; cover multiple bonuses in one play to really rack up the points! -------------------------------------- Feature Highlights: -------------------------------------- - Easy to use tap and drag zoom-able game board interface - Polished high-resolution graphics - Personal high scores list - 23 different in-game achievements! - Two Game Center leader boards (High Score and Wins) allow you to show-off your skills - Many customization options to control sound levels and auto-zooming behavior - Supports background music so you can listen to your favorite tunes while playing - Tracks different statistics such as total wins, best play, total words formed, as well as a running average of points per play - High contrast letter tiles for enhanced readability - Exciting in-game animations and bonuses - Universal app that runs seamlessly on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad ----------------------------------------

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