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Thomas Ricket
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User Reviews for Befuddled HD


Too many constraints in play at once. I want to make words, the longer the better, and I see them, but am blocked from using them by all the constraints. I really HATE having two different kinds of tiles on the board at once. It just gets in the way and I don't see the point--what does it add to the game? Nothing that I can tell. Open it up a bit more, and I'll give it more stars.(later) Went back and played some more, but eventually just gave up in disgust. Came back to take a star away. I really don't get the point of just making a game more and more frustrating to play until someone finally just quits. That's not challenge, it's just aggravating. Put more emphasis on rewarding longer/harder words, and less on making it progressively harder to make any words at all, and it'd be a way better game.Back to the hunt for a really good word game on my ipad. . .

Bewildered137, May 22, 2010
Like it a lot

It does crash a bit. It seems to send me back to the beginning of the level when it does.

font1095, Jan 16, 2020
Great game

Before the IOS8 glitch, this game worked beautifully and provided hours worth of entertainment— especially once the add-ons were purchased, at a very reasonable price. There is an assurance that the bug fix will prevent the game from freezing with IOS8 from the developer of this game, who is amazingly responsive to users. This is a highly recommended game for those who love word games.

Lover of game apps, Oct 11, 2014
Great Relaxing

I have come to enjoy this game as a relaxing mental challenge. I really like the fact that it has no time limit. It really, really needs an undo button. I understand why the creators don't put one in to avoid the advantage it could create, but hitting that scramble button with a 4,000 point word on the screen is very frustrating--and certainly not relaxing--and it's happened more than once to me!Still, this is a very fun and challenging strategic word game. Thanks to the developers. I look forward to updates!

MrFrynet, Jun 01, 2011
Needs updating

I loved this game when it first came out. Not so much now. Once the developers lost Open Feint, the game got much less interesting. They said they would replace it but they never have. Also, the algorithm is made so that it is almost impossible to make long words and it is frustrating to have three and four letter words because of this. I so wish Inert Soap would pay attention to this game and bring back what made it fun.

Pmzim2, Feb 23, 2022
Nicely done but needs some tweaks

Update: The game still crashes frequently. There are two things that seem to make the game crash. This could be a coincidence but I notice that when the game crashes in the middle of a board, I happen to have a new email in my inbox. It's possible that the mail client or something to do with device usage is conflicting with the game. In addition the game crashes frequently at the beginning of new boards either during or at the point of new tiles falling or immediately thereafter. Maybe this will help troubleshooting. I hope so because the game crashes way too frequently. This is stopping me from buying in game purchases so if you want more $, I highly suggest you fix this!!------------------So far this is my favorite word game for the iPad. The game's graphics are a bit plain but game play is fast and smooth. The price is nice and you get 3 levels from which to choose. If you want more challenging games you have the option to purchase them within the game. So why no five star rating? Well it crashes quite often and when it does it does not always save your progress so you are forced to redo some of your work. Additionally, the feature that allows you to look up a word is located too closely to the submitting your word so you frequently hit it by accident. They did a great job with the multiple game option which allows you to have many games saved so you can play multiple levels or have a game saved for all your family members.

ravyn007, Jul 15, 2010

Great mind challenge game. I enjoy figuring out new words for my vocabulary. With no time limit, I am able to stay calm and not worry about a stress causing time limit.I wish I knew what dictionary this game is based on. Certain words are not in the dictionary that I thought were fairly common like OVA. I have a science background but some simple science words are missing.

Shmeder, Jul 29, 2021
Liked it at first

I really liked this game at first, but I wish I had hadn't gotten sucked into buying the expansion pack. The only game included in the expansion that is significantly different is the alphabet game, which looked fun. But I've now played five alphabet games and each time one letter of the alphabet has been left off the board completely, even after using up all my coins to buy more tiles. This makes it unplayable. I feel a bit cheated.

TeenaKP, May 08, 2011
Love the new space

I've been a fan of the iPhone Befuddled for a while now, and had been playing it in 2x mode since I got my iPad. Now I'm hooked on this one -- my favorite two new things are the multiple simultaneous games, and the larger board sizes. And I'm even on the high score list since a zillion people don't have this yet! :)

TiredHappyDad, Jun 08, 2010
MAJOR upgrade!

I've loved the iPhone version of the game and played it since it came out. However, this iPad version puts it to shame!The new look is MUCH better, and unlike half the games out there, it works no matter how I turn my iPad. Best of all, when I share my iPad with my family, we can each have our own game running on a separate board. So far, I prefer Infinite mode so I can plan my words very carefully, but there's even a game mode for my friend's four year old who is just learning to spell. The extra game modes cost an extra buck, but this game is already a fraction of the price of Scrabble, looks just as good, and I can play it by myself without waiting on friends to eventually take their turn.I'm betting they'll raise the price once word gets out about this one, so I'd recommend getting it sooner rather than later.

UncleBuck12, Jun 13, 2015


Befuddled HD is a new, single-player word game designed for the touch interface of the iPad. With no time limits and up to five tile types, strategy becomes the name of the game. Form up to 16 letter words using only one tile type at a time.

Instant save and reload lets you play for hours or stop and return at a moment's notice. No waiting for other players or endless intro screens. Befuddled HD delivers all-new graphics and a customized interface with support for up to 9 simultaneous game boards and 10 different special abilities, all available with a single touch. An optional add-on brings 5 new games, each with their own rules. Play Alphabet Mode where you must use all letters to level up, or Kid-Friendly Mode, letting a younger audience spell words without worrying about where the letters are on the board. FEATURES: _________ - A dictionary of over 400,000 words - Game Center achievments - Offline high scores - Tracked word stats - 3 game difficulties, 8 with add-on - Help and tutorial screens - Multiple game boards at once - Quick save and load - Dictionary look-up before you spell - 10 special abilities including Bomb and Scramble - Colorful graphics and animations - Satisfying clinking sounds ___________________________________________ Contact us at [email protected] with any questions or problems!

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