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Thomas Ricket
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User Reviews for Befuddled

Original popcap bookworm word game

I put off updating my iPad because I was afraid my Bookworm game would not work anymore. But a well meaning relative updated my iPad to version 11.4.1. Sure enough, Bookworm no longer works in the new version. I downloaded this game a few years ago, and it is my favorite word game. Now I cannot play it at all! Please update this game. Many others have been requesting this too. Wow Word and Befuddled are very poor substitutes for the original game that I downloaded.

2Kitts, Aug 27, 2018
Not random

I’ve noticed that I’ve seen the same starting pattern of letters come up more than once. It’s not really random.

Dave Heaton, Mar 05, 2020
Original Pop Cap Bookworm game

I can’t believe the original bookworm game is not available on my new, upgraded iPhone!! I refused to buy an other brand of phone except an iPhone because I loved to play bookworm so much. Several of my grandchildren loved to sit down and play it with me or by themselves. These new versions of bookworm are a poor comparison to the old version!! Please make the original version available again!!!

gramie_e, Nov 30, 2018
Addictive, challenging, and fun!

I love this game! At first it seems like just another version of Bookworm, but as you move up through the levels, different colored tiles are added for challenge. You gather a coin for each word you play, which can then be used to change tile colors, buy more tiles, scramble tiles, and so on. Of course, this depletes your coins, so you have to use these specials wisely. Some tiles are worth more coins, however, so if you strategize a bit - especially early on - you can amass quite a hefty coin bank, which comes in handy later in the game.You get more points for longer words, of course, and for words with the odd letters: J, K, Q, X, Z. (The developers integrated the U into the Q tile, BTW, which is a kindness.) I'm always trying to find the crazy long words that'll get me thousands of points, like "expediters" and "quavering."If you're a word freak like I am, get this game! It's utterly addictive.

IndieBusinessLaw, Aug 05, 2011
Thank you!

Thank you for the update!

IowaBrat, Sep 05, 2017
Nice Bookworm-type game, but without a SAVE option, it

Looking for a break from Bookworm, I found Befuddled. It's a fun word game that plays like Bookworm but has more strategy elements like bombs, extra tiles, changing the colors of squares, etc. A very fun game, but it has one fatal flaw - *no* save game.Without a save option, what's the use of struggling through levels to open up new power-ups, only to lose them when you quit? If I'd have know this, I wouldn't have bought it.Put in a save and I'll up my rating to 4 stars, but without a save, it's not worth my time.

Omen_RIP, Aug 21, 2010

Yeah! Changed my 1 star to 5 stars because volume's fixed! Great game like bookworm without story & characters. Can use coins (not real money) to buy scramble, bombs, extra letters, etc. & don't have to spend real money! You earn coins for end of each level. ***1 star comment: Can't stand the noise!!! Volume doesn't adjust through settings. New changes made me delete game. The blocks dropping sound is like nails on a chalkboard. I'll find a different game to play, one you can mute!

Rainbows4u2, Apr 20, 2013
Just right!

This app will not put you on the edge of your seat, teeth chattering, biting your fingernails the whole while. But I mean that in a good sense. This is the kind of app that is what apps were meant to be- great little time wasters, played in random two-minute spans at a short notice. Rather than an engrossing epic that requires far too much time, a simple game is a breath of fresh air. P.S. I'm surprised you read this far, really. Go do something productive.

Sluggite098, Jan 14, 2010
Befuddled Sound

I turn the sound off on all my games. For some reason Befuddled only lets you turn it down, but not off. It is quite annoying. There is no website for support.

Stephendpalmer, Dec 28, 2018
Can’t mute :(

I love the game, but it’s really annoying that there’s no way to completely mute the game. I’ve turned the volume to the lowest setting, but you can still hear the click-click-click of the tiles, unless I mute my phone. This makes it impossible to sneak play at work. Otherwise, an excellent game. I’ve been looking for a replacement for AlphaBetty since they aren’t adding new levels anymore, and this works. Challenging, strategic, and I get to make words of my own choosing with as many letters as I can. Well worth the purchase price. It would be 5 stars if it allowed me to mute.

TommysGal, May 16, 2019


BE BEFUDDLED! Are you a bookworm at heart? Befuddled is an all new word game that is a mix of puzzle games, crosswords, word search games, and much more!

If you ever want to relax to a word game that has no timer and lets you get lost in strategic thinking, Befuddled is the game for you. Form words by touching adjacent tiles in the grid. You can select tiles to the right, left, up, down, and diagonally. As you submit words, the used up letters in the grid vanish, and tiles fall down from above to take their place. When you reach higher levels, additional tile types (marble, jade, glass, and ruby) begin to fall, in addition to the original wood style. Words can only be spelled using a single tile type. SPECIAL ABILITIES - Small and Big Bombs - Change Materials - Buy Tiles - Move x2 Multiplier - Swap Tiles - Scramble Tiles - Kill Tiles By Texture Features: --------- * Addictive gameplay with no timer * 5 unique tile types with varied looks * Multiple kinds of bonuses * Many strategies and play methods * A tutorial system * Complete help menus * 4 difficulty levels * High Score and Best Word lists (separate lists for each level!) * Colorful tiles and animations * A dictionary of over 450,000 words * Tracked stats for each game ___________________________________________ Visit us at www.inertsoap.com

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