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User Reviews for Smart Words Game

My favorite game

I highly recommend this game I have been playing for several years now. I was so upset when it didn’t update but so happy it’s back so please continue to update I really can’t live with out it. BEST GAME EVER!!

Cgtbnincdy, Nov 08, 2017
I love this game!

This game is great,highly recommended! I❤️playing against random people or friends. I don't have any trouble with it at all- I only had to sign in the very 1st time with Game Center. I'd advise you check your GC settings to see if it can remember you so you don't have to sign in every time.

[email protected], Apr 29, 2015
Awesome scoring!

I love having more letters for bigger words and getting rewarded for multiple syllables - getting big scores for words on more than just using the high-scoring letters makes this the scrabble-type word game I like the best. Game has been solid fun for me, and haven't had to wait more than a few minutes so far to get matched up with a random opponent. I also like that the chat stays between players, instead of just one game, so I can keep chatting when replaying the same person in new games!

Exorcyze, Feb 10, 2013
Amazing update!

This update is amazing with the scoring bubble while I am making my word. This is my favorite game. I love making a 200 point word...

Jansport JT, Jul 19, 2014
Fun scoring and ? Bonus

I love the scoring and hitting the random ? bonus tile!!! Great game and very addicting.

Jude Artist, Jul 20, 2014
No sound!

Good,challenging game, but annoyingly NO sound and dull colors!

Lainyann, Sep 16, 2014
Smartwords great game

Enjoy this word game very much and play with several who live within United States and we all have same crashing problems. You never can get into it and when you finally do, lucky if able to play three games in a row without crashing again. If bugs get fixed its to become one of the favorite word games of mine to play.

Lindacats6, Feb 13, 2013
Wants me to download a dictionary app?

I deleted this game a few weeks ago & reinstalled it today. When I tried to open it up, I remembered why I deleted it - when you open the app, a message comes on the screen that says I don't have a dictionary app on my phone, but I need one. It gives directions of what to click on when on the next screen, but that option does not come up! Very frustrating & I've tried doing about 5 other things to make it work, but so far, nothing. Please fix this problem! Other than this issue, I LOVE THIS GAME 😎

Pict wiz, Oct 14, 2013
Like the updated version!!

The updated version is much much better because it hardly ever freezes up like it used to all the time. Still could use some work on letter combinations, ie J's occur too frequently and often end up with several consonants that just do not go together. All in all though I do enjoy playing the game. I like the fact that I can be both players because I am not in to playing with strangers & don't hv friends that like this kind of game. Thanks so much to the makers of this game.

Txn2fl, Jun 18, 2013
The most useful real world educator of all crossword games...

This is by far the best to teach real world and academic verbal skills with its focus on longer and multi-syllabic words for bonus points. Words By Post is the only other game I know in genre that allows in game definition lookup for every word played (War of Words gives only rare definitions as far as I can tell). Weaknesses in the game so far are lack of chat, few but increasing numbers of users, and no shuffle or alternate boards (but the standard board is quite good for its edu-centric qualities.), so I hope lots of new players join and further in-game richness is added. I have added this game to my daily crossword game regimen of Word Colors, Sky Words, Scrabble, War of Words, Words By Post, Word Feud (for foreign language play) and Abble Dabble...

Wascalwywabbit, Dec 06, 2011


Score the most points ever with your friends by playing a Smart Word that has multiple syllables and is long in length. Smart Words advantages are: - More letters in your tray (9) to play longer and smarter words. - Better ways to score with a wider and taller game board layout (23x23). - Scoring accelerators for multiple syllable words and longer words such as PARTY, PLETHORA, or SOCIALIZE. - Strategically use your blank tiles like Z or Q and get the value of 10 points when you play it successfully. Game includes 4 blank tiles and ways to get more. - Random board tiles on the board such as ?

and ! will bonus you up to 100 points. - Abbreviations such as CA, FL, TX, NY, UK, and more will work in game play; giving you even more ways to score points. - Enriched with fast ways to learn; with instant dictionary pop-up on demand. - Integrated game center to compare scores and achievements with friends and others. Smart Words is an addictive, social, word game intended for all age groups to stimulate your intellect, compete with others, and learn new words. You can play at your leisure and multiple games will always allow you some stimulated fun at your fingertips. Don't miss out on all the fun with family, friends, colleagues, peers, and more to try out this challenging, competitive, and sophisticated word game. Start having fun by making a Smart Word today! World's favorite social, interactive, word game is now more exciting than ever! Join us on Facebook on Twitter. Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SmartWordsGame Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SmartWordsGame Additionally, please note that the game requires your iOS device be iOS 6.0 or later to take advantage of all the best features!

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