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User Reviews for Klura

Thank you

To the dev who made a very fun game without spying on people’s data, thank you. To the folks who didn’t get to experience the game before the change, it was the very best word game you could find. Making sure to put in my 5⭐️ to say thank you. It looks great and you made it fun. Thanks for your hard work, including the hard work we never got to see.

4 months left, Feb 27, 2022
What a shame

I was really enjoying the Klura app as it was. 5 stars for previous version. Totally free, ad free, unlimited puzzles and a great interface. It’s really sad to see how these big companies can control what the independent devs do. Shame on them. Thanks to plataoplomo for providing it while it lasted.

chefjay, Feb 23, 2022
Thank you

Thank you for making a simple, polished, and ad free version of this popular word game. Sorry to read that the game had to be changed. Good luck to you in your future projects

DopeBro, Mar 04, 2022
Game is great 5 ⭐️

My only issue is with the keyboard. I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the keyboard is so small and centered, and my big pudgy fingers don’t hit the keys properly and I end up correcting my letters constantly. If the keyboard is enlarged to be the width of the phone itself… I’ll change my rating to 5 🌟instead of 3.Game is definitely worth downloading and is a lot of fun!! Maybe add some tile transitions for some pezazz!! ?? 😍

jetflicks, Jan 28, 2022
Great App

I originally downloaded in hopes it would be the word game but didn’t realize it had changed to just numbers. Despite that the app doesn’t disappoint. It’s too bad that big uncle corporations shut the word aspect down because the developer would have pulled it off very well. This has become my go-to when I just want to relax and keep my mind somewhat sharp, I appreciate the look of it as it’s clean and simple. Kudos

Morgan.Colson, Feb 23, 2022
One of my faves

This was one of the best word-le apps out there. No ads, no data collection, no IAP, just pure brainy fun and not just a daily word. I loved the continuous play. I feel bad for the creator and hope there will be a way to put the word game back. What was wrong with this one when there are others out there which are obvious knock-offs? Maybe, just change the shape of the boxes or something, then it won’t look similar. I don’t know, but I enjoyed this version and will miss it!

RedHat_Devo, Mar 05, 2022
Great Game :)

This game is so much fun. I love how you can continue playing and it’s not one a day. I also enjoy so so so much that you there are no ads! I wish more creators would do this. This game is such a great time passer or a fun game to play with your friends.

Toca Berry, Apr 09, 2022
Just a thought…

After reading the recently updated description and doing my best to think of ways to help in a new creative process, I have made a list of suggestions that might aid in possibly rebranding the app in a way that will make the big corporations leave it alone (and maybe make them tweak while their at it)… -spelling words backwards would be trippy and much more difficult to conceptualize -changing the colors and giving negative instead of positive feedback (wrong letters show only) -parts of speech (adjective, verb, noun) -themes (animals, colors, names, food) -varying word lengths for the above suggestions -timed puzzles -build your way up/down (letters automatically carry over) -letters given, change them to find the word Again, these are all just suggestions. I simply bring them forward in hopes that the innovation of commfolk may continue on and the monotonous and continual destruction of big corporations will end.

Willy140, Apr 29, 2022
Great Implementation

Simple interface with the option for both word of the day and random. My only suggestions are bigger keyboard and a simple score tracker (no leaderboards). I also love the confetti on solve, gives a little bit of dopamine each time.

wordus-update-fail, Feb 18, 2022
Good while we had it

Thanks for the game as it used to be. It’s interesting to hear the behind the scenes of what small developers go through. Threatened by big companies over elements of look and feel? Sounds about right. I imagine it’s zealous legal departments trying to prove to upper management that they’re needed. Who has time to deal with those people? Especially when you don’t have your own over bloated legal department. I don’t blame you. It was a good, straightforward game, though. Thanks.

Wubbee, Mar 13, 2022


Daily and unlimited play number puzzle! Will your reasoning skills be enough? Will you decipher the secret or will your brain melt trying?

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