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Manmohan Garg
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User Reviews for Quordle

Fun & Challenging!!!

I really enjoy this app! I enjoy having my morning coffee & playing a few games before starting my day. I wish there were puzzle boards with other length words to choose from, though.

AngieQ7, Aug 02, 2022
Fun logic / word game

I love this game. It’s basically a logic game that also tests vocabulary. The paid version has a simple, clean UI with no ads (except for the ones from the developer prompting me to write a review and to check out their other games).

Chasechiasson, Jun 23, 2022

This game is nothing short of humbling because you think you have it made and your correct 50% less of the time and you think but it’s a good way to learn new words and to check yourself at the obvious ones that you should’ve known very fun!!!

chipmunk-rox1620, Jul 14, 2022
Good game but…

I love this game and play it all the time but I have an icky feeling the maker is a sexist male Trump supporter. I’m looking for new games to replace this game even though it works well and is a clever game.It could be entirely coincidental but the answer “SEMEN” and “ TRUMP” come up way too often for my sensibilities. Really? Of all the 5 letter words that I never see used as answers but I get semen and trump regularly.

Heatherlovesboo, Jul 26, 2022
Love game but doesn’t fit on screen

I love this app but I can’t fully play because it doesn’t fit on the screen on my iPhone 12 mini. It cuts off most of the last letter on the 2 games in the right side of the screen. It doesn’t give the option to scroll either. Can you fix this so it fits smaller phone screens?

JackFlash99, May 03, 2022
This game is so hard

I never even played wordle. I have now done three in a row mauahahhahaha I am beast. Sadly words are not same from person to person so I got my partner playing but we were disappointed to discover we could not compete as the words do not match. Maybe there should be a daily quordle with the same words for everyone?

Jadxia, Jun 09, 2022
Fun for a wordie

This is a fun game and I have past hours in the hospital playing this thing. Some of the words repeat predictively but not too many. I always love it when new and interesting words pop up. I’ve actually only learned one new word after 300 and some games but it’s really a fun game.

LiebeRon, Jun 06, 2022
Always resistant..

I’m such an old lady.. I’m always resistant to joining in on new fads, always late to the party… Always yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN!” I finally gave in and I must say that this is the best stress reliever.. I get to shut my brain off and not think about school and the assignments that I have to get done. I really needed this.

p1vs_v1tra, Jul 20, 2022
Fun and easier than Wordle

Words are less obscure than some in Wordle. It’s fun to get results of input toward four targets at the same time. You can play anytime and multiple times per day if you want. I think I’m hooked!

RW Ret., Jul 31, 2022
Enjoy New Logic Word Puzzle

I remember playing this as a pencil and paper game with the hidden word folded under, but now you can try to solve four puzzles at once! I didn’t know it could be this intense yet so fun! I got my sister playing as well; and she’s a bit more selective when it comes to games, but she too really enjoys Quordle!

Singsing Dok, Jul 14, 2022


Quordle - Challenge your mind to guess 5 letter words in less than 9 chances. Download the Quordle word game and challenge your mind to guess 4 different 5 letter words in 9 tries or less. Millions of users are enjoying the Quordle puzzle game and posting their results on Twitter and WhatsApp.

You can build stats and streaks by guessing words correctly. You can share your final beautiful Quordle game patterns and scores with your family and friends and challenge them to beat yours. This Quordle game not only entertains you but also helps in brain training. Quordle is one of the best word puzzles game which is super easy to learn but can challenge you hard. People who like games like scrabble, crossword, wordle, nerdle or just about any word game, will enjoy Quordle unlimited word game. How to play? • Guess the 4 different hidden words in 9 chances • Submit valid word in each word guess • Each guessed word applies to all 4 words • Get the color feedback from each word guess • Green means the letter is is in the word and at the right spot • Yellow means the letter is in the word but at a wrong spot • Gray means the letter is not in the word Features: On this Quordle word game, you get access to the following features: • Statistics - Track your progress for each word puzzle • Past Plays - Check your past performance • Dark Mode - Play in dark mode Benefits: • Brain training: Guess correct letters and spell words • Easy to learn: Challenging free word puzzle for lovers of any word game • Relaxing: Get in the zone while looking for the right word. • Learning: Learn new words and train your brain to beat the game! So download and play this unlimited Quordle puzzle game to challenge your brain anytime, anywhere! Inspired by web app Quordle by Freddie Meyer. Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/quordle-privacy Icons from Flaticon - https://www.flaticon.com/

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