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Sarah Pierce
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User Reviews for Word Search +

Great game app

I always loved the word search puzzles as a child and this app takes it to a higher level. There are choices for everyone's interests and ones to help children learn, such as the state capitals, Presidents, etc. I have it on my iPhone and iPad, and the app on my iPad is a larger puzzle with a larger word list than the phone. The Extreme setting is challenging, especially when you're dealing with short words. It's also fun when you do song or title searches, such as the 'Beatles' or Fairy Tale categories. I especially like this game as I can relax with it while waiting for an appointment whether I have to wait 5 or 25 minutes, and even if I'm not finished with the game, it automatically pauses, and I can come back to it later right where I stopped at the same time setting and finish it up. Great app and great fun. ❤️❤️

Beartraxn, Nov 12, 2017
Recommend It

Two new free puzzles daily. Have fun while increasing your skills in word recognition, pattern recognition, speed reading, trivia, and the like while racing the clock if you wish. Offers variety in customization, topics, degrees of difficulty (finding), degrees of difficulty (words), etc. My favorite feature is pressing/clicking on the items in the "search list" to lean more about the word. Can affordably block ads and buy new packs. Each pack has significant number of word search topic options.

Bouchatm, Sep 07, 2017
Great, reliable game

I had the abridged version for a long time, but then got distracted by a different word search puzzle. I became annoyed with it because of the numerous errors: misspellings and made up words. So when I returned to this game, I got the un-limited, ad free version.I couldn't be happier with this word search game. It has a wide variety of categories, and a wide range of difficulty levels. I am happy to find a reliable game--one that has correct spelling for words and doesn't put in words that don't belong (or worse, make up words).Unlike the other game I am happy to say this one does not try to increase word count by simply breaking a large word into several, while still using the large word as well.I highly recommend this game. Go for the full version after taking it for a spin. You'll be amazed at the number of categories.

EagleWolf47, Nov 19, 2019
Best Word Search thus far

After testing about ten variations of this age-old game via apps, I think this one stands out: the ads that pop up after a game is done are barely intrusive, the screen doesn't hurt my eyes, the choices between challenge levels range for various ages and levels of pleasure or intellect, the timer doesn't have to be on if you don't feel like racing the clock but just want to soak in all the different words and how they're spelled. Highly recommended. N.B. I bought puzzle packs 1, 2, and 3, wiping away the ads. The packs are inexpensive and totally worth the money. Complaints about repetitive words are laughable if you spend a few dollars and discover the many imaginative categories of puzzles this young lady has created.

ekelks44, Apr 25, 2017
No app support

I have been playing this game and enjoying it for quite a while, I’m now on level 645. I totally enjoy the daily challenge and I enjoy that these puzzles are timed so I can improve myself and try to beat my own scores. However in the last week it has taken me two or three times to get into the app. When I first tap on it it comes up on a blank screen, then I have to get completely out then try again to go back in. Sometimes it takes two or three tries. I don’t want to delete the app and re-download it because I’ll lose all I’ve done until this point and have to start over. I tried to go into App Support and all I got was a bunch of ads. No support. Thus the reason for the low star rating n

G-k234, Sep 30, 2020
Wonderful App

I use this app mostly for relaxing before I go to sleep. It relieves any tension and settles my mind down from all the issues of the day. I use it on my iPad because the app shows up larger and makes finding the words even more enjoyable. The apps helps me totally bring my attention to the present which is finding the words until whatever has gone on for the day is left behind and before you know it I’m ready to be off to sleep in my dreams. Also, I think it is an excellent learning tool for educational purposes such as remembering States and their capitals, foods, flowers, Presidents and recommend it as an excellent app for children to assist them in early learning development. I really enjoy it!

Jenell R, Mar 07, 2020

FINALLY a word search game that is actually like a traditional style of word search and not one of these dumb puzzle games where you don’t know the words you’re supposed to be looking for (Wordscapes and Word Stacks I’m looking at you 🤨)! There are a ton of free word searches to play through, of all different levels of difficulty so you don’t get bored or have to pay a ton of money right out the gate, and the ones you can buy are cheap, like the word search magazines you can buy at the magazine aisle in the grocery store. All in all a great game, A+, highly recommend! P.S. there are also cute theme options to choose from.

MamanAuren, Mar 29, 2019
Support is nonexistent

I’m looking for the ultimate word search game for my senior mother and we gave this a try. At first things seemed good but then she started complaining that she kept “ending up elsewhere”. It’s the d*mn ads. They are so misleading that she doesn’t realize it’s an ad and ends up in the App Store or elsewhere. I’m sick of this crap. I get that developers need money so make your revenue by charging for the app. Or offer an ads free in-app purchase. Most ad content is less than reputable content from crap companies anyway. I decided to contact the developer regarding my concerns but when I click the developer link, I am forwarded to a domain that is “for sale”. Here’s an idea. If you aren’t making money and have decided to give up on your apps, REMOVE THEM FROM THE APP STORE. Your reputation drops considerably when you can’t take the time to update your information with the seller. It would be one thing if the app was 100% free but it has in-app purchase options for puzzles. Who gets that money? Why do you deserve it if you’ve abandoned your projects? Seriously annoyed.

mfsinger, Nov 08, 2018
Love this word search

By far my favorite word search puzzle on the market. I paid for the full version a year ago to unlock all of the puzzles (and also ad-free play) and it is still my “go to” word search app today. The touch response is good, the variety of categories is better than most, the option to change difficulty levels, the highlight colors are easy to read, never crashes or lags, etc. I still think this is the best Word Search app available on the market and worth the download. Keep up the great work!

Ninjagirl.2244, Aug 22, 2018
one of the better ones

this is a fantastic word search. you can change the difficulty... and although I've only played on easy, I love the easy difficulty. it's super casual and not frustrating at all. while I know they have to make money... they sell "packs" of puzzles, and only give you 21 puzzles for free... you can keep replaying these puzzles, and the cool thing is, they will reroll the words to search for, and where they are placed. so it's BASICALLY a new puzzle every time... but still. I would prefer if there were as many free puzzles as there are payed ones. the ads are rare and nonintrusive. maybe a 5 to 15 second ad (mutable) after playing 3 to 5 or so puzzles. not bad at all. the look of it is super beautiful, I like the highlighter color choices, and the backgrounds are SUPER pretty. highlighting words is easy, and I love that about it, too. could use a little menu layout design improvement. it's not terrible... menus are just a little clunky. however, the layout of the actual puzzles is pretty nice.

skinnpuppy, Dec 04, 2017


Word Search + is word search plus trivia. Expand your vocabulary AND learn more about pop culture, food, books, sports, geography, history, films, art, science, and more! All our word lists were made by a person (me--Sarah!), and not by a computer.

It took a lot of time to come up with all 321 categories, but it was definitely worth it! I think you will find that our word lists are BY FAR the most interesting and fun. There are lots of ways to personalize the game. You can choose your own background, font, and pen color, or even use one of your own photos as a background. Try hiding the word list for an extra challenge, or turn of the timer and really relax. The words are hidden in a new and interesting way each time you play, so you can play your favorite categories as often as you want. The free version comes with 21 categories, including a massive SAT Vocabulary category with more than 4000 words. 300 more categories are available to buy, and there are also two new free sample categories every day. • Great exercise for your brain • 300+ categories (21 are free) • Two new "Daily Free" categories every day at 6 p.m. • Five puzzle sizes on iPad, four on iPhone • Customizable fonts, pen colors, backgrounds and more! • Tracks your record times and averages • Free SAT Vocabulary category with 4000+ words • New hidden word list challenge mode (It's hard!)

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