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Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Whisper - Share, Express, Meet

I used to love this app

I liked being able to post about accepting and loving trans people for who they are.. i am a transsexual woman as well.. i was banned from chatting i think on Tuesday for some reason never explained to me on any level. My chat rating is very low because the majority of chats are comprised of men spamming me demanding nudes and when they don’t get what they want they rate me one star and block me each time without fail. As a solution i started ignoring all profiles labeled as male and other but this app will many times glitch out and say they are female instead, possibly to give these men a chance at being acknowledged at all. Someone was asking for all my social media and contact info so i asked them to take a selfie doing a nonsexual pose i request or id block them just so id know theyre even who they claim to be and maybe that was it? I met four people on there i can call genuine friends, including my current trans male boyfriend, but i now lost any chance for further connections with others using this app. Can somebody reinstate my account? Ironically there’s many people who regularly post transphobia/abuse on the transgender support page but they were never once banned and it’s consistently the same people every time for years now. There’s no rational reason i should have been banned.Edit: i can’t post, message or reply to anything actually. I’m deleting the app as it serves no purpose now

cardinalmockingjay, Feb 26, 2022
Deleting the app 4 times a day

The app is great and all and the purpose is really good for an app like this, but the only problem is that I have to delete and re install the app at least 4 times a day to receive any type of notifications, whether it be for chats, replies, likes on my post, anything...and when I do re install the app all my chats are gone, so whatever I was talking about with that person it's completely gone and no way to get it back...and another reason I have to delete it is cause whenever I post something it doesn't post, it shows for like 2 seconds then it's gone, when I go to "my post" it shows it posted but when I go and look at "nearby" it doesn't show up there like I never posted it...so o don't get any interaction for it at all...it's ridiculous that I have to delete an app so many times a day and still have it not work for me...the thing I'm most upset about is the fact that my chats are gone and I don't get notified when someone replies back to me in my private chat, so it's like if they did reply back and I delete the app once again to get it working I have no clue what they have said or they think I'mIgnoring them when I actually haven't, it's just this stupid app didn't give me a notification, and it deleted my conversation with them...so please look into this cause it's frustrating when you have such a good app but whatever this bug is, is making it very crappy very quickly..thank you

Concerned Whisper, Sep 01, 2017
Honestly the app itself is just horrible

Good luck using this app if you use any iPhone that doesn’t have a physical home button. Just to exit a group you have to close the app and reopen it because the back button is stuck behind the clock. Every time I open the app, there is a 50/50 shot of my groups loading and sometimes I have to close and reopen the app multiple times to get the groups to load. Messages don’t always notify you, and chats them selves have bugs where the message you send might just move to a few messages above where it should be after you send them. I’d not recommend using this app at all. I would stop using it myself but I like talking to some people there, but if you are a new user, don’t even bother. Oh, did I mention the only useful updates in years are… there are none. Literally no bug fixes or improvements like the update notes claim while the developers added annoying full screen ads (a la Kik) on top of the banner that you can’t get rid off on the bottom of screen, even in chats where you DON’T WANT ADS! Seriously, if I wanted ads in my chats, Facebook would have added them to Messenger chats years ago. Oh, and it’s considered a dead platform since there really haven’t been feature updates in so long. Liters it’s just the community of users who support it still. If I could build a newer and better platform, I would. Literally anything could be better than this app at this point.

Dakota Riley 1997, Apr 02, 2022
“Instant friend/help”

I enjoy the app, and have been a frequent user of it for the past few years. Looking back, it seems as if a good portion of the connections, and friends I made originated from this app. I love it because it’s open, raw, and vulnerable. I’ve been able to find purpose in helping, or trying to help, other users with issues or concerns they may or may not be going through. Not to say I’m a licensed therapist, but any help is better than no help. To be trapped with no way out, seems impossible. I do think it has almost everything I’d be interested in, except perhaps better advertising (more users), because I have noticed a trend of the same users per location over the course of time. I associate the app very quickly and easily with “if I’m depressed, want conversation, basically anything.. I at least have a quick or instant friend or distraction, to get me through any troubling period. I think, perhaps, maybe trying to get therapists on board, to promote it with their clients for anyone “socially awkward” might help. I noticed the new apps, I’ll look into them, but thanks for doing what you do. 👍

dB_Changer007, Jan 30, 2019
stop taking me out of the app

a friend of mine recommended this app to me and it’s been great and all — minus all the incredibly narrow minded people on it and the men all older than 25 who really only use this app to send pictures of their body to other people. it’s a great way to spread peoples’ thoughts but without an identity. i think it’s a great idea, but really it’s not being used in the way it should. also, it’s absolutely 100% frustrating to just randomly every 10 seconds or so i’m on the app to just be pushed out of the app and onto the App Store for some piece of crap app i don’t want to be on my screen. i think that is something that needs to be fixed very quickly, because it’s easily the worst part of this app. when i’m on whisper, i’d like to be reading peoples’ opinions and what they want to say to me — not to every 10 seconds be forced out of the app onto another app that was never given permission by me to be opened. and then I close the app and go back on to Whisper for it to happen right after. then again i repeat myself and am left alone for 10 seconds before it happens again. stop doing that. it’s very annoying. i can handle the disturbing ads about “finding people” with suggestive pictures but i can’t handle being pushed out of the app 50 times before i am done on the app. lately it’s been getting a lot worse and i would like to see something change or i’m going to be removing the app soon.

i just want this posted, Apr 30, 2018

Whisper has lots of issues. It likes to randomly close and force users into other applications. It will have periods of time that it will not update posts and replies. Some days your chats will work and others you have to constantly resend the message to get it to go through. The filter for “Whispers” is very random in what it allows to post with logic that people still haven’t discovered. Then there is the rating system and how the staff and/or algorithms will block users from ever chatting privately again because they swerve blocked by other users. Instead of having a temporary ban, it’s permanent. A user will need a new device with which to use the app on to have conversations but if they had ongoing conversations from their old device, those are forever lost. Anyone can block for a multitude of reasons at any point after both sides have sent one message so there does not seem to be any balance so that if users were trying to communicate and then the other person did not want to and blocked them, they can continue on. Reporting of your or others’ “Whispers” for a variety of reasons may also have an effect on this block in chat but I have not found anything from the Whisper team on this. Overall, the app needs help. Don’t expect to use it long term for conversations.

Jackodude666, Nov 26, 2018

There are absolutely no moderators or anything of the sort. Majority of the app is spam, bulling, abuse, or sex filled. There’s no way to block people if you haven’t had a conversation. There’s no way to hide people so you don’t see their posts. There’s no way to have an account. The app is tied to your phone. Example, if you delete your data and the app and redownload it, it still has all your information. There’s no way to delete your chat rating. There’s no way to get a new account on your device. There’s no way to filter out all the people that have been horrible to you. I get bullied and harassed for being nonbinary, black, and autistic on this app. People harass me for having a low chat rating and that’s because people don’t like the fact that I’m all these things. People are constantly posting and messaging hate speech and nothing gets done. I’ve had this app since high school. This app was helpful when I got my autism diagnosis and figuring out my sexuality and gender. Things started to make sense with the help of people talking things through with me. Mind you that was years ago before the spam and hate got unbearable. Now I can’t even go on the app without getting a migraine. Every time I’m on the app is some form of hate speech targeted at me, someone else, or a group of people. Not worth the headache.

K. Rig, May 15, 2022
Terrible People

I’ve been an on and off user of this app for over a year. The people on this app are terrible. If you’re a woman or girl using this app, expect to be constantly sexually harassed by desperate men wanting to hook up and get nudes. If you’re an orientation other than heterosexual, expect to be constantly bullied and see a slew of homophobic posts. 99% of posts consist of sex, trolling, drugs, and begging for money, food, attention, etc. While I am someone who has quite a thick skin when it comes to negative comments, and bullying, the amount of hateful, spiteful behavior from people on this app is enough to send the strongest person over the edge. There is absolutely no moderation when it comes to hate speech, sexual harassment, or comments such as “go kill yourself”. I found that every time I would go on this app, I would become angry, and it affected my attitude throughout the day. There are real predators on this app who go after under age girls. This app should NOT be available to children under 18. There are under age girls who make posts about selling nude photos. The people on this app make me sick, and this is not a form of social media that I would consider safe or healthy for anyone to use. This app is not used as it’s intended anymore, and the developers do not care about the users experience. If you want a good anonymous app to use, I suggest Reddit. Whisper is literal trash.

Lmjhcbcd, Sep 17, 2018
It's fun, but flawed...

The app is fun, you can find like minded people in the groups no matter what you're into! You can send pictures, you can post anonymous opinions or you can start a conversation or play "truth or dare" with a stranger! Whatever! No matter how niche of an interest you have, chances are that someone out there agrees! However, there are a few flaws. One being that you cannot make a post and post it to several groups who you have joined and who might be interested in what you have to say. Also, if you make a post, it is automatically posted to the "nearby" page. This is problematic because you may be trying to confess something embarrassing to a group you are in but then you end up telling everyone within a 15 mile radius who has the app too! Not good! Also, sometimes your posts will disappear from a group or you won't be able to see your own post on the nearby page or the page for your group but everyone else can see it. This is problematic because the app also will filter out certain posts based on language or because someone reported you but the app doesn't tell you that the post is gone. You just think that it's still there but you can't see it like some of your other posts that disappeared!

patricko1999, Jul 23, 2018
Terrible company policy

So I had been using the app for several years. I really enjoyed it but it started to get very buggy. So having experience in wireless I start to do basic troubleshooting like uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. But I noticed that all my information and such as still on the app once I downloaded it again. So naturally I thought it has some cache I couldn't clear. Then I put in a request to completely delete my account and selected get rid of all my information thinking this would clear all cache and fix the bugs I continued to have after installing it again. What I wasn't aware of if you request to delete your account you can never use the app again. I uninstalled again and again but every time I turn the app on it says failure to connect so I reach out to customer service. They told me since my account was deleted I can never return. I explained the situation and they said that once an account is gone it can't return. I said fine let me set up a new account and they said that isn't allowed. So now whisper will never work on my phone again and while they claim to have deleted my information they still somehow have my IMEI or something that makes it so they won't let me use the app. So they lied about clearing all my data. Which honestly is very sketchy. There is absolutely no reason they can't let me create a new account or recover my old one since they clearly still have my data.

Tylafer, Apr 01, 2022


Ever wondered what the people around you are really thinking? Whisper is an online community where millions of people around the world share real thoughts, trade advice, and get the inside scoop. “The experience of spending time on Whisper is unlike any other major social network: It's more raw, more moving...and yes, often more addictive.” - Mashable Chat directly with other Whisper users - it’s a great way to meet new people. Join the 30 million+ people who use Whisper every month; it will change the way you see the world.

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