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Dating App - Sweet Meet

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Dating App - Sweet Meet

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Dating App - Sweet Meet


It is full of ads and ads alone , click anything and ads would pop up ! Why can’t you reduce the ads? You can’t make us completely inconvenient because of your personal benefits alone!!!! Reduce ads and it would be one of the best dating sites!!!!

Amrey👑, Jan 03, 2023
Don’t even bother with this app

This app is nothing but a scam filled with endless ads, bots and lack of pretty much everything. All this app and developers want is money. I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in this app beware and be ready to be disappointed with it. Don’t say I warned you

batman122691, Sep 13, 2021

One of the most useful apps I've had since buying iPhone.

gggorun, Nov 23, 2020
Any real people’s also got banned here

This app is good but what I hated about it is they also banned real people’s Accounts I don’t know what to do about this I always open up accounts every weeks am tire of this

gjjabn, May 02, 2022
Love this app to death

I love it because I think it’s so fun to see how many fake profiles there are. I also love how it tries to scam you by saying you’ll get a free trial with gold premium but it actually will charge you. Basically this is a scam preying on those looking for love. Stick to tinder folks.

Imbatmanfoo, Aug 04, 2022
Too many ads

Too many ads. Lost interest in it very quickly. I don’t want to see ads when I switch from checking messages, checking my profile, or checking matches. One ad is fine, but after the third ad I instantly lost interest

jaulds1, Jun 05, 2022
Too many advertisements

All you do is watch ads you cannot look at the app for 15 seconds without an advertisement popping up it’s horrible. Don’t waste your time. I was literally on the app for five minutes and more then half the time I watched advertisements I don’t know how people are still on it.

Kaya82107, Jul 15, 2022
Advertising platforms problem

Stop advertising from one page to another page and moreover all the free Gold premium content they’re talking about is not free, they’re charging more money from cards.

lovedamin, Feb 06, 2023
Can’t even use it

Used to use this back in the day and enjoyed it. Now with my new phone whenever I try to download it it has apple tell me to verify with a payment method. I select my card and i get told to verify on repeat. I use this card for several other games and it work perfectly fine. This is the only free app that requires me to have a card of its choosing and not just my own. I can download anything but this.

MacPSarge, Jul 18, 2023
Pop ups

Worst app ever. So many ads pop up. If you want to go through the comments ads pop up first everytime. They need to fix that problem. You don’t need ads popping up everytime you need to read or see who liked you.

mriv65, Mar 10, 2023


Sweet Meet makes dating for singles easy and fun! Our free online dating app lets you meet locals and go on dates with them in real life. You see couples dating whenever you leave the house and wish that could be you?

Well, one of the perks of local dating is that you get to make quick plans after chatting a little, without too much effort from either party. No need to drive for an hour or get train tickets to a different city. Go grab coffee with your date, catch a movie at the local theater or get dinner and drinks after work; no need to be on chatting apps for weeks in a row! Matching, chatting, setting up dates - as easy as they can be. It’s Friday night and as you relax on the couch, you find yourself searching “Singles around me”? Need friends to travel with this summer? Or maybe you’re looking for a partner to build something meaningful. Well, whichever it is, you’re at the right place! Whether you’re looking for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend (or maybe even to find a wife or a husband) or just someone to chat and hangout with over the weekend, Sweet Meet has got you covered. Start swiping on our incredible selection of profiles today, and find true love with your soulmate or make new friends who are down to make spontaneous plans. Searching for love? Look no further. There are plenty of dating apps but Sweet Meet is the #1 dating app for relationship seekers. Today’s society may make you feel like wanting to find a family is silly or outdated, and you may have noticed that most chat apps are designed to find dates predominantly. At Sweet Meet, we value family and think you should be able to find yours. Girls, you can match with caring and amazing men on Sweet Meet and find a husband. Same goes for men! Start swiping find a wonderful woman you want to build a life with. Date with the intention to find a family! We promise you, even in this day and age, true love is not impossible to find. You could meet your soulmate today and build a real life fairytale with them! Create a fun social network. Dating apps don’t have to be used only to flirt and love and find new dates. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to meet new people either. We know making friends as an adult is not easy, when you’re out of school and everyone is busy with their own lives. That’s exactly why we’re here to help! Unlike other chat apps, on Sweet Meet, you can meet new people and find friends who match your crazy! Start chatting with your matches today, make fun plans and go on adventures with your new friends. What we forget sometimes, a soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. With a little help from our app, you can make new friends who can become family. Long story short: On Sweet Meet, we cover all the bases! Single dating guys and gals, adventurous souls looking to meet locals in your city and make friends, or men and women dating for serious relationships - we are here to help you find what you’re looking for. There are hundreds and thousands of users on our platform, so you can be sure that your match is out there. Let us be your cupid and your wingman - we’re exceptionally good at it! All you need to do is download the app on your phone, set up your profile with your favorite photos and a little bit about yourself, and start swiping. Once you get a match, message them to break the ice and start getting to know each other. Feeling a connection? Use the momentum to set up a date that could possibly mark the beginning of something wonderful! But you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ve got nothing to lose, so why waste any more time? Your future partner or best friend could be only a swipe away! Any town, any country – we embrace people from all over the world. We securely store your personal data. Please read our privacy policy and terms of service : https://sweetmeet.me/policy.html https://sweetmeet.me/agreements.html

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