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Weaphones™ Firearms Sim Mini

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Weaphones™ Firearms Sim Mini

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User Reviews for Weaphones™ Firearms Sim Mini

Cool would be cooler if...

Sooo I didn’t download this game much longer ago and it’s super good so far. My sister likes to play like nerf gun war sort of things except we use this app. This gave me the idea 💡 that you guys should add a feature this one or on future apps where you can sync with other phone and try shooting them with yours. I know you probably won’t read this but if you do please try to add this feature, and thank you

amandanurse2003, Apr 08, 2020
Awesome but could have some more things

This game is a realistic gun game with realistic effects, but there is something that would make it better. I think that being able to see the sights and able to shoot would be a pretty cool effect to have. That way, you would be able to see what the person shooting the gun would see. Please take consideration on this and if you could add, that would be great to have in your game.

Appppppppppples, May 14, 2020

If someone wanted a game that you could have a fun little virtual gun fight or virtual war this is the app I would suggest and long a few more guns when you first get the game instead of 5 guns please change the number of starting guns to 10 please it would be nice if you you changed the 1st pistol in the game to the black desert eagle. Overall it is the best gun game/App I ever owned. 😁😁😁😁😁

bobby samule, Jun 07, 2021
Look here plz

Personally it is the best simulation out there but one problem I was using the mini gun right and I kind of broke the game it's a minor glitch I know but every time I reopen the app the mini gun sound would be there and I re-downloaded twice and it was still there third times a charm to say and it worked but just saying otherwise epic

Darkslayer6, Jan 28, 2017
Awesome games, but can you add some guns and make the guns more customizable

I love this game but can you add guns like the PKM, and other types of machine guns? Also can you allow the guns to be more customizable? I would like to be able to take the USMG-60's forward handle off, and can you add an angled foregrip?

Geruda 1, Jun 23, 2021
Gun options

This is the best game/simulator I have ever had!!! You don’t have to pay for any of the guns or explosives. Honestly, everybody that loves games and shooting stuff this is the best game to get. It allows you to reload, shoot, add stuff on (like lights, lasers, and suppressors). You will never find an app just as good as this. Did I mention that this app has no games and no store so it doesn’t nag you after every shooting to get this game or that app. It’s just the best thing that I have ever gotten.🙂

gun options, Mar 23, 2019
Good but

At first I loved the app and it is really good but I have to give it three stars because of one problem, and it is a really big problem. After I play like one or two guns it kind of shuts off and I can’t play again and I quit and reload the app and sometimes I redownload the app and sometimes it still doesn’t work so if that problem is fixed I will give the game five stars but until then three stars

Kyrus30089, Aug 26, 2018
Noice game

Ok as a big gun fan I really like this game and all the features I just wish there was a feature where you can play with other people and I made up for that where if you find somebody that your playing with and you shoot them first they loose and if you get into a gun fight the first one to fire a shot directly at the other they lose and you can catch them off guard and it’s hilarious I just wish they added multiplayer

mike hoochie hary, Nov 21, 2020

I’m a big gun fan and own a lot of them. This is a great app but there are a couple of things that need to be changed. For example the tilt function. The flash doesn’t work right if my hand is covering it. I’ve tried and tried but I can’t tilt it the other way. Also there needs to be more options for guns. Other than that this is a good game.

ohyeahiamme, Aug 12, 2018
Nice high quality

This is obviously a labor of love. The attention to detail and animations are very good. It’s very fun to play around with and I like the effect of muzzle flash with using your device’s camera flash. I only wish the developer would include some Glocks, in particular the 19X. Overall if you are a firearm enthusiast this is a must have and it’s fairly inexpensive…$5.99 for everything except the wwii package.

PiHead, Mar 12, 2022


Welcome to the world of Weaphones™, the ultimate firearms simulator for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Blurring the line between digital and physical, Weaphones combines the two to create a fully interactive real world experience. Switch off the safety, load the magazine, rack the slide and fire, all without having the cops called on you.

Ergonomically designed, Weaphones fit naturally into the shooter’s hand. All the important controls are located within a finger’s reach. The ability to resize, flip, zoom and relocate the Weaphone assures perfect fit no matter the size of hand or screen. _______________________________ » Realistic Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects » Full Interaction and Control » Authentic Weapon Mechanics » Mini-Games and Accessories » Detailed Full HD Graphics » 100% Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference - Lefty Flip - Rotate 180° - Scale - Move » User Adjustable Variables - Unlimited Ammo - Auto Reload - Weapon Jamming/Overheating - Accelerometer Reloading - Camera Flash Shooting - Multi-Device Linking (e.g. C4 and Detonator) » Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”) » Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone » Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support » Social Media Driven Future Content _______________________________ Interactive Features: PISTOLS: » Trigger » Hammer » Slide » Magazine Release » Safety » Slide Release » Magazine » Flashlight » Laser » Suppressor » Optic » Mini Games REVOLVER: » Trigger » Hammer » Cylinder Release » Ejector Rod » Speed Loader » Revolving Cylinder ASSAULT RIFLES & SMGS: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Magazine Release » Fire Selector » Bolt Lock/Bolt Release » Magazine » Forward Assist » Stock » Sights » Dust Cover » Accessory (Laser, Vertical Grip) LIGHT MACHINE GUN: » Trigger » Magazine » Charging Handle » Safety » Receiver Cover » Belt Ammunition » Dust Cover » Laser » Carry Handle » Bipod SNIPER RIFLE: » Trigger » Bolt » Safety Lever » Magazine Release » Magazine » Mini Game SHOTGUN: » Trigger » Action/Slide » Folding Stock » Safety » Action Release » Shells GRENADE: » Spoon » Pin » Variable Timer CROSSBOW: » Line » Arrow » Safety » Trigger » Angry Bows Mini Game RPG: » Warhead » Charge » Safety » Trigger » Cocking Handle » Flip-Up Sights MINIGUN: » Safety » Trigger » Ammunition Belt C4: » Toggle Switch » Safety Cover » Fire Button » Charge 40MM GRENADE LAUNCHER: » Safety » Trigger » Barrel Latch » Action » Grenade _______________________________ What Some Of Our Users Are Saying: “Sets the bar high finally a 'firearms simulator' that isn't just a picture of a gun with a muzzle flash on the end. I'll never uninstall this app. “ - Wmkilgore (Google Play) “This game has got my eyes glued to the screen for almost 2 hours straight!” - codybeckham10 (iTunes) “Served over 25 years in various Military and L-E capacities, so any weapon you can name I've fired it. Realism is very well done… Love the addition of the laser and flashlight capability too. “ - JD (Google Play) “Weaphones is the most realistic gun simulator I've found to date.” - jon (Amazon App Store) _______________________________ » Please rate, review and join us on Facebook and Twitter to help decide what the next Weaphone should be. » Want to go old school? Check out Weaphones WW2: Firearms Simulator, just search "Weaphones"

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