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Hologram Gun 3D Simulator

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Hologram Gun 3D Simulator

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Denis Ivanov
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User Reviews for Hologram Gun 3D Simulator


I was in a bank when somebody jumped out of nowhere and started shooting (this is a joke) so I used a glock and saved the bank thank you for this app

Allan. Portal 1,2,3,4,5,, Mar 26, 2020

I can’t believe people think they are real can they not read!

Boss76380, Aug 08, 2022

I just robbed a bank with hologram whatever it’s called and I couldn’t be more thankful and I robbed a gas station yesterday and made $3 who needs a job when you have hologun (joke DUH)

Buzz-kill bzzzzzz, Nov 18, 2019
Guys really

Okay so number one what made y u think this would work I mean come on second it says prank it’s a joke not real so come on

dudeman619, Apr 11, 2018

It’s fake it’s not an actual hologram it’s just a picture it just used the camera which made it look more fake I thought you would point your phone up and actually see it in 3D yea no it’s not a hologram just a picture in my recommended point of view don’t get it it’s just a waste of giga-bites

elijah ruliva, Nov 15, 2021
This is so good

So first of all people clearly don’t have a sense of humor now a days like we all know its a joke. If you know you know and what i mean by that is that there is a thing called ✨sarcasm ✨ like we all know its but its fun to play along like its actually fun reading the 5 star reviews on how they robbed the bank or saved the bank its actually funny but i get it this is kid humor so i kinda get but don’t go yelling a 1 star review because “ people are so dumb like how can they believe this” if you read the description then you know. Im also curios about the people who actually thought there was going to be a gun like what you planning bro🤔🤔.

floweryyyyyy:)):);)3, Aug 14, 2022

I was try to calm in my home and man come with large gun 😱but hologram gun is larger😈 I shot really bad and he died 😂so now I’m on the run 🏃 🍆

Mmsae, Jul 21, 2020

I went up to my mom after she told me to wash the dishes and then I pulled up my dessert Eagle and I was like PUT YO HANDS IN DA AIR and she was like OMG NO SHOOT ME I did not do those dishes…I held her at gun point (joke lol)

Mr.Fartchel, Jul 22, 2022
Very Useful

Got me out of a ticket the other day, the cop ran screaming at me to “back up”, so i did.

NotArjun16, Apr 26, 2021
It’s unreal and fake

It’s not an actual 3D hologram.I thought that you would point your phone up and it would show a 3D hologram, but no. All it does is use your camera which makes it look even more unreal..it’s a waste of storage don’t buy this

shsjxndj, Nov 14, 2022


This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Hologram. Hologram Gun 3D Simulator Hologram Gun 3D - a simulation game where you can play on your phone like a 3D hologram Rifle 3D Gun, weapon . The game uses the camera for a more realistic effect!

Make fun and play your friends and loved ones! Thank you for playing our games! Leave us feedback and we try to make our games even better for you!

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