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yizhan ye
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User Reviews for Gun Building 3

This game is one I would not recommend

This games gun building mechanics are fun and you can make a real gun into a gun that comes to mind, thats until you get the details. The sounds sound like they were ripped off of a cheap gun soundtrack software, including the bullet sounds too. The movement is janky and the sensitivity is messed up as well. the enemies are so overpowered that it takes 20 million shots to kill them and worst of all, it wants you to pay for all the guns, except for the rifle category. The developer has never updated this game for 4 years, to say its 2022. Don’t buy this game if you want low quality and messed up ui plus mechanical difficulty. Thanks everyone, and I hope this gives you a picture of the game and its current status today.

123gfpo, Jul 23, 2022
My review.

It’s a fun game. But there is a lot of things that makes this game fun. There are also some things that are really weird about this game. For example the controls are weird. I would prefer a joystick over the original button. The other buttons should I have different icons. This is because when I try to shoot I might press the reload button. Or the something else. The graphics are great but not the best. The customization is awesome. The amount of attachments are insane. I love it. This game deserves more attention. I also wish that Israel of buying the rest of the guns you could earn them. Or some other method to acquire them. I love how you can immerse yourself into all these options. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a game like this over the other gun building games.

Bobaphart, Sep 17, 2020
Pretty good but...

This game is simple to use and fun because you can simulate the gun you make but there are a couple problems. The first is the amount of in app purchases. It would be nice if you would make lite versions of these weapons before someone buys it so they know what to expect. Another is the fact that there is no joystick in the game. The simple act of movement is hard to do because you can only go forward. The last thing is the customization. Majority of people don’t want to pay just for a mobile game only to get camouflage. I understand you need money but the fact that you must pay to fully customize ruins quite a few aspects of making your own weapons (I know that I basically already said that.) The last thing is the amount of guns you can make. You can make 8 of every weapon. Why not more? I’m not a developer so I don’t know if that’s possible. Anyways, if someone is wondering wether they should buy this app from me I would say you should.

Cheesey Oreo, Nov 30, 2019
It could be better

I really love this game! I appreciate the fact that they let you add so many attachments to the guns! This by far is one of my top favorite mobile apps! Don’t get me wrong I love this game but the problem that I have with it is that you have to pay for the other weapons. I want a game that has some adds over having to pay for the in game purchases cause I can only customize the rifles but I have to pay for the other guns and frankly, I want other weapons to customize! Edit: I would like to have more guns in each category, more attachments, more customization, more games, more ammunition types and more mags. Can you also add some rocket launchers in with the grenade launchers? I will pay for the guns because I get that you need the money.

gamerboy144590, Sep 14, 2020
good potential, big paywall

the game is very good, by far the best gun building app on the app store. i only have one big problem with the app though. now i realize that the creators need to make money and this isnt a multiplayer game so its not a pay to win situation, but $3 for a single gunpack?! if the prices for the gun packs would drop, i would LOVE this game. even if the gun packs still costed $1 and the all packs was $10 i would still buy them. Overall, its a great game. minor problems like the graphics and the small bugs should be easier problems to fix. just please reduce the prices and i would give this game a 10/5 if i could!

itsmeohboi, Jun 22, 2019
Better than the rest, but could be better.

I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, and as far as I can tell it’s only improved. There’s simply nothing else that allows you to take any gun and sculpt it to your liking. However, my gripes begin with more recent updates. Most, and almost all of the parts have little color matching. This really distracts the realistic look of the models, but a dark stock simply won’t work with a bright receiver. Next, many models have proprietary attachments that are on other guns, but not that which it was for. Finally, I can’t believe that the shooting range has been removed. I don’t like having to go to a game mode to set the recoil to my liking, and the shooting range was just fine. All in all, this app definitely is a 4 Star, but could easily be 5 star with some changes.

John KwiKwi, Jul 07, 2018
I. Love. It.

I've had this game for a while now and I never get bored of it! I haven't encountered a SINGLE ad and and I'm proud of the creators by not ruining their game with excessive ads, which I know is difficult in the phone game business. The only problem is that there is only one type of gun you have without buying them, but! It's ok though because they cost a dollar each witch is impressive for such a good game with so much to offer. I would say that this is a prime example of how phone games (and creators) should be like. Keep it up man, great work. I mean it

MERC907, Jul 08, 2018
This game is pretty fun and I have a recommendation

As you can see by the title I am a fan of this game. The only downside is that the payments are a little overkill otherwise it’s a great game. Also as you can see by the title I have a recommendation. My recommendation is game very similar to this but here’s the catch. Instead of guns you can use tanks from ww1-modern MBT.If you see this please put this into mind because I think the game will have great potential. I’m not demanding this but this is still a potentially amazing game and I will definitely buy it no matter the cost. Thanks for reading this review.

pin head patrick, May 18, 2019
Boy I wonder

Does anyone actually play this game anymore? Most of the comments range from 1-4 years ago and yet I’m here in 2022 wishing I didn’t have to buy nearly everything… But overall, the game seems amazing. Not as good as the newer games but very creative and cool because you can basically create… well… ANYTHING. Kinda… But I wish the game could get updated for at least a price drop for the other guns or maybe some free guns because I don’t wanna have to buy the guns for their prices right now… But I’m pretty sure this game is already super dead in updates so I guess this is just history then.

RawchL, Jul 05, 2022
please listen before purchase

First of all they revamped the movement system which was in my opinion worse than the one before. This was the worst though and it kind of minor. This game is not doing well first they replaced camera mode with a picture of a road and your character holding the gun you couldn’t interact with anything. This was fine as there was still a range and 3 games. Then the shooting range got turned into what camera mode turned into and camera mode was deleted. Then they removed the car zombie game and replaced it with a battle simulator. This would be fine if the battle simulator was good but it was not and you needed to spend 7 dollars to unlock units to use that the opponates got for free with the only thing to do being the battle simulator it more boring on top of this they removed many gun sounds. If you wanted to play camera mode you used to be able to play an earlier rendition (which cost money) but they made an update that bugged out the game and now I cannot play it. You also have to pay to get some guns this game was good and I wish above all to see the return of shooting range and camera mode the gun building aspect is great though. They have a support page but it hasn’t been updated in a while

xXXx thats it, Jul 09, 2018


Build your own guns! 1- Build & Fully Customise. 2- Create Animations: Reload, Pump-action, Bolt-action, Recoil. 3- Customise Sounds: Fire, Mag-in, Mag-out, Cocking. 4- Customize skin: Camouflage, Painting * Gun Building 3 let you create your own weapon in 3D, all the way down the inner parts. * Take your gun to the FPS game and modify your weapons. * Huge selection of parts and attachments. * Various camps for many combat situation. * All in realistic 3D.