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User Reviews for iGun Pro 2

Really good game but

So this game is a very fun and good game it gives me good info about the guns I was also wondering in the next update can you add a thing on the gun info that says if there illegal or legal? That would be nice to have because I’m curious and it also might catch more criminals because let’s say if you saw some dude walking down the street with a Ak 47 you could call the police and he could be arrested since ak 47s are illegal. Okay let’s gets into the no so great stuff about this game the games fine there is adds but not a ton it some people’s names. Some players have names that make me feel uncomfortable 😣 like this one guy i saw his name was school shooter😬🤭😰😱☹️😭😤😵 I don’t like names like that they makes me feel scared because people should not be pretending or actually killing people for real 😳😰🤭 I hope that they stop having these tragic incidents happen and I hope people stop saying killing is cool because it’s not it’s not cool it’s okay to be into world war 2 and military but don’t encourage violence I’m only ok if someone is killed and they are a criminal but not if there innocent im a 10 year old boy and I’m saying this STOP BEING VIOLENT

😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊🙂, May 31, 2023
Great game! But just one problem.

So I got this game in 2021 December and there were no problems with it. I was enjoying the game more than I expected. I learned more about guns than I used to. But just today I found something. Their was a bug in the game, it was when I open the Crates after the contests. I would open it and the coins would come out but it wouldn’t say how much it was. So I click my screen again and it’s not moving onto the next one. My phone was not frozen it was still working because I could see the thing above the coin sparkling. It also hasn’t given me anything that I have won and worked hard for. So can you please, fix this glitch/bug in the game? Other than that is is still a great application so I would still rate it a five star.

abby loves ROBLOX, Feb 28, 2022

I love this game so much the developers work hard and we have options to want a gun in the game and we can add some much stuff and you don’t have to take years to get the gun you want also I have 2 ideas also:-Gun mini games / You choose your gun and you can shoot targets at different ranges each target spawned you get more point depending where you and how many targets you hit (these stats can be edited if you want) 1st: 5000 coins 20 gems 3 rare stickers 2nd: 2500 coins 5 gems 3 uncommon stickers 3rd: 1000 coins 1 gems 3 common stickers -multi merging / you can make a que so like 1: 5 acrs 2: 3 Ak-47s 2 hi-powers and etc (also I need this added since I have so much copy’s of guns they make it up to 7 and it will take super long to merge each one.So yea 5 star game

bdaily, Jun 20, 2022
Amazing game!

I absolutely love their selection of guns! I’ve been out shooting a few times and when I am on my IPad, with shake to fire, I can simulate me shooting those guns I have or haven’t shot. Not to mention their very large variety of guns like my favorite, the Berret 50 caliber sniper, and there are at least 99+ guns (I think.) You can also put stickers and paint your guns along with creating your own colors to paint your gun, also with adding attachments like lasers, extended barrels, bigger magazines to hold more ammo when you shoot, suppressors, scopes, and even more! And lastly, you can go to the menu when you first start up the game to see the best gun designs people around the world have created, enter gun designing competitions, judge the results of the design competition, and in the store you can buy gun packs, sticker packs, and even set the recoil on the gun your shooting, force the guy to go full-auto, and even go into slow motion in the settings when your in the gun screen! (To force full auto, go into gun screen settings in the app and select “force full auto” then tap and hold the trigger down) This is the best shooting game I’ve ever played! I encourage you to download this app!

BEST gun application, Feb 02, 2022
Really good, but some things could maybe change

I really love this game and it's customization and competitions 'n stuff. BUT, I feel like progressing is a bit hard. Maybe too hard. Coins aren't exactly easy to get, and you can buy them with gems, but gems aren't easy to get, but then you can buy them with real money (I know, what's the point in making a game if you can't profit off of it, right?). I recommend lowering the price of upgrading weapons. If you want to buy cards, then those prices can stay the same, but upgrading the gun should be cheaper. I think the exp bar should be smaller. I'm only level 3 and I need 200 exp to level up. But in order to level up, you need to upgrade guns, so the two points are related. Hopefully y'all read this and take it into consideration. Good job :)

blyatface, Sep 15, 2017
We need more guns

This game is a great game but it lacks in the guns there are only 306 when we could have 500 I am not trying to rush you or push you verbally I am just asking like we could have the model 1889 or the Colt revolving rifle which has the cylinder or the Mares Leg we could have so many guns I voted for new guns months and years ago that we never got like the Model 1886 or 1889 I know that it takes time and effort to create guns and model guns but you still can put in more effort to make more guns. The game has lots of guns and you should take your time and effort to create I am not forcing you to create more guns I am not greedy about this I just want a couple more guns like 2 more guns we could have a way more popular game with many types of guns we could have a way better game. I know that it takes days and months to have to go through hundreds of ratings on guns that people want but for once make a gun that people suggest and want. This game could have been more popular, better, and fun if you made one gun from the suggestions of the thousands of people who have suggested for these guns but for a change make one gun that will be cooler or nicer it would make this game more fun step by step until this game is loved by the community and that will boost this game higher and higher and maybe once it will be at the #1 on the game chart in popularity and its different types of guns it would be so much more fun.

cacwgkfk, Jun 07, 2022
One of my personal favorites!!

Generic Message: iGun Pro has made such a mark on me as perhaps the best firearm simulator I’ve ever used. And when they brought the second version, I was blown out of the water! Coloring weapons, adding custom accessories, it’s truly amazing what you can do with this app. I definitely would recommend it to any gun enthusiast or someone who loves these kind of apps!My personal review: the second version of this app is awesome. I love that you can make your own paint jobs now and participate in contests! With that being said, being a “member” bothers me. You have a 7 day free trial, then you’re charged to use the app. I personally liked it when the first app had coins that you could earn, then buy the guns individually or in packs. If they brought back the coin system this app would be perfect. Still giving it five stars though, definitely a high quality app.

DaKingOfRandom, Nov 22, 2018
O my god I wrote a long review and it didn’t save plz read for my pain

Straight to the point. On the country of origin or used by filter, there is only Germany and n@zi Germany, but this causes problems if I am trying to find a ww1 gun from Germany, like, the c96 won’t show up for the Germany in a used by filter. I recommend adding a German empire as it lasted from 1800 something to 1918. Also, some filters are broken slightly. For example, if i use a game filter for battlefield 1, or ww1, the Thompson sub machine gun shows up. It was made in the 1920s!!! Also, on the voting for adding a new gun, I wish there was a way to see how many votes are needed for it to be added, and also a way to see how many votes the gun has already achieved. Also there are guns that say aren’t fully in the game, but there is no way to vote for it. I don’t know if that means it has achieved the needed votes and is going to be added later, but if not, it doesn’t make sense. Other than that AWESOME game.

fghvghjvhg, Jul 07, 2023
Good but there is things to be fixed

I like this app a lot but there are some issues firstly when you merge cards there should be a "are you sure?" Thing because when you do that you can’t go back I accidentally lost one of my favorite guns because of this. I also think that it should be just I tiny bit easier to get those ruby’s or Jems or whatever they are. I also would like it if there were packs like in the last game so that you can get guns and be assured of which guns you’re going to get. I also don’t think they should be like 2000 or 4000 or even 8000 coins unless it is a tiny pack they are packs they need to take a little bit of time and work to get. On that note I think there should be daily challenges. I don’t know if anybody that plays this game has played the game hill climb racing 2 but they have daily challenges that once you complete you get a reward that varies based on how hard the challenge is, that would be a nice feature I think.

Jacob r bush, Jun 12, 2023
Trading system is incredible, mostly

The trading system in this game is extremely complex and fun, but there should be some tweaks to the system. Sometimes traders are intentionally giving away duplicate cards of a higher rarity to newer players for free or for low cards. This then marks them as unfair traders or even prevents them from being able to press the trade confirm button. There should be some sort of manual toggle that lets the trading algorithm know that the player is intentionally giving away there cards or that they mean to have the trade like they are. For example, some traders are giving cards away for free, but even then they still have to choose a card from the other person. I think a button that says: charity or free trade should be installed so that people who want to give away cards and not get anything in return are able to do so. I’m not saying the system is bad, it’s in fact great and genius. I am however suggesting that you tweak the algorithm to allow manual control by the user. This is because a computer can’t reason or logic like us so it will think we have bad intentions if we trade for higher cards with lower ones.

JUSTSOFIERC, Aug 14, 2023


Download the most realistic and comprehensive interactive gun encyclopedia ever created! Virtually fire the top weapons of the world and customize your weapons with attachments, camouflage patterns you can create, and entering those guns into global design contests. iGun Pro 2: The Ultimate Gun Application is a game truly worthy of the iGun Pro Franchise!

iGun Pro 2 has everything that made the original great and builds upon the core features by adding several exciting new gameplay elements for users to enjoy: FEATURES • Collect guns to build and upgrade your arsenal with a continually growing selection of firearms, including grenade launchers. • Virtually load and fire your custom guns. • Become the ultimate gunsmith, creating the perfect weapon with a flexible attachment system that allows attachment nesting • Make each gun genuinely unique with a mobile-optimized, touch-friendly painting system with customizable colors, patterns and version slots that allow for unlimited designs. Create a realistic or creative pattern; it is your choice. • Win fame and get your design on the home screen by competing in design contests against iGun Pro 2 users around the world • Easily share your creations through text or social media • Make any design into a sticker • High-quality graphics for ultra-realistic simulation • Customize your guns and lay them out how you want to create the ultimate gun wall. The app has an ever growing collection of guns witch includes, rifles, pistols, handguns, machine guns, pdw, and will soon feature revolvers and rocket launchers as well. The App also works as a great reference app to your favorite 3rd party fps video games including COD, Battlefield, Battlefront, and PubG! Additional Information Privacy Policy: http://www.crimson-moon.com/privacy.html Terms of Service: http://www.crimson-moon.com/terms_of_service.html COD, Battlefield, Battlefront, and PubG are not associated with Crimson Moon Entertainment and are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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