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User Reviews for Watch Faces ®

Watch face

It’s pretty cool you have a lot of brands to choose from but I feel like you should Drop the paying and put ads on the app so you still can make money but we don’t have to pay.

!¡?, Dec 19, 2021
Misleading and scam

Extremely misleading. It’s just a collection of wallpapers - a face is supposed to be dynamic but all this app has is a photo. They rely on people signing up for a free trial and forgetting to cancel it - this is such a scam. Edit: the developer responds with the free trial stuff. That doesn’t mean it’s not misleading. It counts on users to forget to cancel the free trial for this useless app and pay for the year long subscription - that’s the scheme here. So yes, it does trick users. It shouldn’t say they offer watch faces, they should say that they offer watch wallpapers.

Ajain16, Jan 11, 2022
*Only Wallpapers*

Didn’t realize it was only wallpapers and not actually watch designs itself like the default Apple Watch app. I only gave it 2 stars because of its flow. As it opens its prompts you to subscribe without actually seeing any of the possibilities first. There is a way to get past to view, but without realizing most would probably agree to pay. Then a bunch of wallpapers I seen were from watch faces with arms telling a different time and didn’t move…

AWholeLotaNope, Jun 21, 2022
Terrible and misleading

The watch faces that are able to “download” don’t work the way they’re intended. The example will show the different things such as weather, date, steps, and time but when you go to save the photo to use as your watch face, it downloads with the “example” still on the picture so you have a time and date displayed that is incorrect. Also you HAVE to have a subscription to even browse their app, even with a 3 day free trial I found this to be a very misleading app and I haven’t uninstalled an app so quickly

BagelFart, Oct 24, 2021
Dual time?

I only got this app because I want to add a dual time so I can use the military time for work and the regular time for me and as a reference and no option even the ones I can edit they don’t offer that option, they offer hr, weather, etc why can’t add two clocks and one being 24 hours and the other 12 smh pls help if not then I guess I don’t need the app

comochingounborrachoanoche, Sep 22, 2021
Pay only

I was not able to download and try anything without paying a minimum of a few days worth of subscription. I don’t know how it will look on my actual watch, so I take a pass on this app. Perhaps you could let someone customize a watch face and sell just that face. I would probably pay $1.00 per face if I could keep it without subscription.

Flyingbeau, May 20, 2022
Single purchases

Great app from the look at it,however it’d be nice to be able to pay for individual watch faces as another choice instead of a monthly/yearly subscription that may not be appealing.

gymtimerman, May 26, 2022
Just… 😤😤

I appreciate the amount of time that goes into making a watch face but why is 95% of the options “Premium”? There’s no way to filter the free ones only? I dont want to have to pay for a subscription. It’s like paying a monthly fee just to browse for images on Google/Bing

KingShadow75, Mar 17, 2022
This is literally a hoax

When you see a time 11:27 in the samples you may think this is a cool retro watch face. It’s not. It’s just an image of a click showing “11:27”. It will stay like that forever. You will get a “correct time” only on the upper right corner. This app build fake images of clock faces. They are static and do not change. They then superimpose the “right” time using the standard Apple “photo watchface”. In short. You’re paying for an image of “11:27”. I’m surprised Apple lets such hoax go on.

LeFroggie, Apr 05, 2022

It’s not a good look when there’s a huge typo on your second screen (iPhone Wallpappers). Also I couldn’t get even past the third screen without allowing the app to track my activity. “Help us improve your app experience by allowing us to track ads” uh, no thank you. This shouldn’t be a requirement to be able to use the app, even if I can just go into my settings and turn it off later. Deleting the app now. Best of luck to you and your “wallpappers”

Lyndsey Loo, Jun 18, 2022


You have never seen an Apple Watch Faces like these! Decorate your Apple Watch with unique wallpapers and themes! Weekly content updates will help you keep a positive mood.

You will find the categories Motivation, Flowers, Cats, Love, Water, Colors, Food and more. Here's how to make an IMPRESSION with the new look of your Apple Watch: - Select a wallpaper from the list and click on it - Set it up as shown in the video - Look at your watch to get emotions! Share this application with your friends! Please make sure your Apple Watch is paired with the device that has this app installed. Privacy policy: https://www.team2swift.com/privacy-printerapp/ Terms of service: https://www.team2swift.com/terms-printer/ For any questions or requests, please use our customer support form at: https://www.team2swift.com/

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